Saturday, August 8, 2015

In America, Whites and Terrorists Get Trials While Cops Execute Unarmed Blacks on the Spot

Is America a Police State for the Underprivileged?
Regrettably, my patriotism has for years blinded me to the actual functioning of the American justice system. A foreigner who murders innocent civilians at a marathon, gets an agonizingly long and expensive trial. A white narcissist kills a dozen people at an Arizona movie theater. The nation follows the trial with bated breath. But when an African-American loses control of his car and crashes through the window of an auto showroom, or fails to show a permit to sell cigarettes he is branded a "thug" and executed on the spot. etc, etc. In fact, 19 year old Christian Taylor had a sense of presentiment so unsettling, that a week ago he tweeted: "I Don't Wanna Die Too Young" but he did anyway, at the hands of a police trainee. (Click here).

Okay, so life is what it is and sometimes the most valuable action one can take is giving an honest label to reality as it is experienced. America is a democracy, governed by the rule of law, for the privileged but little more than a police state for the most vulnerable members of society.

 I'm in no position personally to change the militarized violence targeting blacks. But I can damned well protest my tax dollars being wasted on America masquerading in global forums as a paragon of human rights.

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