Sunday, August 2, 2015

State Department Human Rights Office a Racist Sham

Whose Human Rights?
Have you ever noticed that the only so-called violators of human rights are non-white nations? And yet the United States has for years tortured prisoners at Guantanamo and used its police powers to summarily execute unarmed American blacks with impunity?  The fact that police arrested a six-year old in Georgia for throwing a temper tantrum in kindergarten was even justified by the police chief  as  "assault and destruction of school property".

I believe in human rights. What rational person doesn't? But this business of squandering millions in taxpayers money to investigate only those countries whose skintones don't match that of the American majority is raw bigotry at its worse.

But surely the world is better off with the U.S. monitoring human rights abroad however imperfectly done. Is it? In the Mideast, ISIS goes around beheading innocent people on Youtube videos, having convinced some in the Islamic world that it has "the moral authority" to adjudicate good and evil in others. Its energy would be far better spent engaging in a few moments of honest introspection. And so would ours.

This is why I am launching a campaign to shutter the State Department's Human Rights Office. The U.S. has lost its moral authority to threaten Burma, Turkmenistan and Guinea-Bissau with sanctions after we've just finished killing 200,000 Iraqi civilians in a war that violated the Geneva Convention.

Our approach to human rights is little more than a moralizing ponzi scheme. Closing the State Department's  Human Rights office might at least be a start in opening our national consciousness to a painful  truth.  Human rights like any other charitable impulse begins at home.

In America, Whites and Terrorists Get Trials While Cops Execute Unarmed Blacks on the Spot

Have Americans Become Human Rights Zombies?
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