Wednesday, January 24, 2018

"Antebellum Evangelicalism" is the Fascist Sect of Trump Supporters w. Theological Roots in Slavery

The thoughtfulness  of Southernleveller’s  Politicized White Fundamentalists of the U.S. Religious Right vs. "True Evangelical Faith"  inspired me to write this short diary to clarify the Evangelicalism of the likes of Franklin Graham and Tony Perkins.  His diary described:
. . . giving “mulligans” to Drumpf’s adulteries and other immorality and defending him as “godly."  These folk, who also supported pedophile Roy Moore, are not “evangelical,” which means “good news centered” (referring to the good news about Jesus of Nazareth).….. 
 I even decided to give this particular religious brand a name: “Antebellum Evangelicalism”.  It was in fact the  Southern Evangelical movement that broke away from the Northern movement in the early 1800’s over the issue of abolitionism.  Remember, mainstream Evangelicals originating in Europe were profoundly against slavery.   One of their most well-known spiritual leaders was John Newton, the slave trader who had made that extraordinary conversion experience and later penned the beautiful and sublime “Amazing Grace”.  This is who the Evangelicals were.  The Black Evangelical movement in the U.S. represents the legacy of this spiritual tradition.
But Southern white Evangelicals broke away and created their own theology.  It was one of riffling through the Bible looking for literal citations of slavery from societies of 2,000 years ago. It did so in order to claim that Christianity justified slavery.  These churches repudiated “love thy neighbor” Christianity for any verbiage they ripped out of context in order to justify the existence of bondage  in ancient society. This presumably meant that God justified the institution.
Recent DNA evidence also reveals that what we politely call “chattel” bondage was actually sexual slavery in the antebellum South. Sexual assault and forced impregnation of female slaves was endemic to the institution. Slave owners, some of whom were clergy, sold their mulatto daughters to brothels when finances were tight.  This thriving trade was known as the “fancy girl market”. 
The moral authority (or lack thereof) in such a system was one of patriarchal amoralism. The patriarch defined reality. Right and wrong, truth, reality, versus fake was a function of the patriarch’s declaration.  If  he said that a mulatto child with the same color eyes and dimples was not his, then his wife demanded apologies from anyone who would have besmirched his honor.  The patriarch decided which sex acts the community would condemn as scandalous, according to his political or personal agenda. Truth was defined according to the dictates of the patriarch.
In searching for answers to the behavior and thinking of Trump’s supporters, a  person can quote the Bible if they wish. But patriarchal amoralism, not the Bible, not Christian teachings,  is the foundation of this Evangelical sect.  After slavery, it justified the lynching of blacks, segregation, and the vile hatred that we see being fanned today in such churches.  Being patriarchal and authoritarian, it has never in America’s history supported nor nurtured the values of democracy.  Thus  Its “religious” leaders convey the theological values needed to prepare its communities for fascist rule.  This thread has always existed within American society.  It is not new. It is not superficial. It will not disappear. America made a moral compromise at the beginning of its existence. Every century or so, the reality of it gets thrown like acid into our faces. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Al Franken & Conyers Should Go When 53% of White Women Stop Supporting Donald Trump

Let me explain what “white skin privilege” means from my vantage as a black feminist.  It refers to having the space to cultivate “delicate sensibilities” in a world that demands focus.  I’m not referring here to upholding or failing to uphold ones values of fairness towards all human beings. What I am talking about is a repeat of what gave us Donald Trump in the first place.   Apart from anti-feminist white women, there were Progressives who felt that the female Democratic candidate wasn’t pure enough.

White women can weave in and out of reality in ways that people of color cannot.  Neither Al Franken nor Conyers are pedophiles.   When Trump resigns, they can resign. In the meantime, prioritize your battles. Otherwise you’ll get confused, worn out, and when you’re needed most, you’ll be vacationing in the Caribbean.

Monday, September 25, 2017

How Trump Relinquished His Moral Authority to an ESPN Commentator

An informal show of hands in my History of Black Women class  settled the question. President Donald Trump had just lost his moral authority to speak on issues of racism and white supremacy and transferred them to a young black ESPN commentator named Jemele Hill.  The fact that the President might be wholly unaware of the transfer was immaterial.  The question I had posed to the class was this:  “Whose victimization by white supremacy and racism would make him or her a better judge of its corrosive aura: President Donald Trump or ESPN commentator Jemele Hill?”

While the question might have seemed lopsided to some, that’s how moral authority works. It is not codified in writing, like the U.S. Constitution or our legal codes. It is based, instead on what are perceived to be lasting truths, exercised by those who’ve earned the privilege to be respected in that domain.  What had Jemele Hill done to earn that authority apart from publish a series of tweets in which she had called the President a “white supremacist”  and what had he in turn done to lose it, other than attack ESPN and demand that she apologize?

Ms. Hill had performed a breathtakingly simple act of courage. She had announced a truth that President Trump had for eight years denied, double daring the media and politicians to contradict.     The evidence grew longer, nastier and ever more preponderant with references being made to Mexican immigrants as rapists and murderers and a Latino judge as unfit to adjudicate Trump’s legal case and the list continued to grow. Trump was a leading figure in the birther movement, declaring America’s black president a Kenyan imposter. He had demanded to see Obama’s college transcripts, suggesting the president wasn’t smart enough to get into Harvard law school. The New York businessman  also asserted that the President’s acclaimed memoir, Dreams from My Father had been ghost written. When not fixated on Obama, Trump bought an $86,000 ad calling for the execution of black youths for the Central Park rape, a crime they were later found innocent of having committed.

In venues across the nation where black women congregate, conversations turned bitter.  President Trump’s attack had gone too far, re-opening old, ancestral wounds. His tweet had mimicked the voice of a patriarchal master dismissing a black woman ’s experience of racism as a lie, for which she deserved to be smacked down.   After all, the patriarch owned not just her world, but the English language as well.  Words could only mean what he said that they meant. Human behaviors could only be given the interpretations that he imposed on them.

But Jemele Hill had not backed down. She had liberated the English language from the lexical dictatorship that had held it hostage. If President Donald Trump fit even the most narrow textbook definition of a white supremacist, then he was a “white supremacist”.

  America’s over-arching problem is not racism, but cowardice.  A nation that allows its Commander-in-Chief to threaten the livelihood of a young woman for saying in a tweet a moral truth written in the hearts of her community, is a nation that will have unconditionally surrendered its leadership of the free world.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

How Saddam's Parrot Led Me to Safety From Trump Jr.'s Business Ethics & a Cosmic Cataclysm

Jim Currie's latest novel Saddam's Parrot
What if you woke up one Saturday morning and learned that the Texas University where you taught (and where some of your students still bedded down in homeless shelters on account of Hurricane Harvey)  had just paid Donald Trump jr. $100,000 to give a thirty minute speech on Ethics. Struggling to understand the mindset of the higher rung of the state’s educated elite, you would then have to face the lower rung’s reaction to the news that the Earth was on a collision course with a mysterious Planet named Nbiru.  When it comes to the magical realism of actual life, there’s no place like the Bible Belt to contemplate apocalyptic gore.

 Instead, I padded into the kitchen, grabbed myself a lemon gingerberry Kombucha, and curled back up in bed with author Jim Currie’s latest novel Saddam’s Parrot.   Years back, this same author had transported me once before out of harm’s way.  That time, I sat on the floor of a hut in Futa Toro, Mauritania, reading The Mindful Traveler and contemplating whether a trek into the Sahara would  take me where my soul needed to roam.   Jim Currie came through this time as he had those many years before with flying colors (as for that last trip, I ended up in a lively disco, dancing the nights away in neighboring Dakar — the soul’s ways are indeed mysterious).

 Saddam’s Parrot, is beautifully written, funny and even poignant in places. The book is, admittedly, steeped in politics -- the talkative African grey parrot once belonged to Saddam Hussein, ended up in the George W. Bush White House, and harbors secret information worth killing for — but this book’s politics is a more transcendent experience without being super-earthly in anyway.   As a dutiful Kossack, I’m as steeped in the stuff as anyone.  Yet there is something so expansive about Currie’s world of people, a parrot, and sublimely intelligent and self-aware elephants.  Oops, I forgot to mention the centrality of elephants in this story.

And see, that’s my point.  Practical circumstances immerse me in a day-to-day world peopled by Trump, his ugly-hearted minions and the disintegration of the fragile democracy I call home . But this book helps me escape my self-confinement, because as important as our nation’s current crisis is, why should Trump define my entire existence,  when the world is so vast and full of wonders bestowed on us by nature, even though they too are at risk of annihilation.

Currie does a good job of weaving a story that clears the mind of daily White House twitter shrapnel.   Even the main characters in the book, a coincidental bunch of friends living on the fringes of San Francisco life, remind me a bit of our Dailykos community, (not that we are “fringe characters” hum...)  but  in the sense that  we have come together as ordinary people with shared values, who are learning ways of empowering our community through collective action, encouragement and supporting one another.

Saddam’s Parrot is not a big book. But it is an inspiration for someone like me, who feels so easily beaten down by the zombies of  neo-fascism as they creep across our landscape.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Thank You Jemele Hill, Let's All Begin Calling the Man in the White House by His Rightful, Well-Earned True Title

White Supremacist Donald Trump
I'm so glad ESPN commentator, Jemele Hill. raised the issue.  "White Supremacist Donald Trump" comes across as a far more authentic honorific for the man who today occupies the White House than prefacing his name with the mere title of  "President".


Let's Talk About Sarah Huckabee Sanders REAL Problem with ESPN Commentator Jemele Hill

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that ESPN commentator Jemele Hill should be fired for calling President Donald Trump a racist.  Alas, Ms. Sanders problem is that she is a throwback to a frustrated plantation mistress but without the slaves to boss around.  So, that might be why she's picking on Jemele Hill. The woman's telling the truth and everyone knows it.  Are we, the American public supposed to pretend otherwise.  Are we supposed to forget how Mr. Trump entered presidential politics by claiming that President Barack Obama was a Kenyan imposter.  Trump stuck with that lie until he gained the White House.   Bytheway, no one fired Trump from his shady business dealings for calling President Obama a racist.  So, why should ESPN fire Jemele Hill for saying the same of Trump?

And if you're curious about Ms. Sanders' propensity for seamless lying, it's a fascinating story that harkens back to the culture she inherited from her antebellum ancestors.  White plantation mistresses in those days were socialized into a way of processing reality in which they mimicked whatever truths the patriarch told them to mutter. Donald Trump is the patriarch of Ms. Sanders plantation these days. But in olden times, it sometimes meant claiming that the young 'colored' butler bore no resemblance to her own son even though he too had green eyes and a mole over his left eyebrow, if you get my drift. . .

RELATED POST: Huckabee Sanders-Poster Child for Something even Uglier than Racism that Arose from Antebellum South

Monday, August 14, 2017

Now that Trump's Support Base Has Shrunk to White Evangelicals and Neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, VA
Now that President Donald Trump's support base has shrunk to white evangelicals and neo-Nazis, it's inevitable that some Americans will conflate the two constituencies.  In this way, the president will bankrupt the moral authority of white evangelical Christians as surely as he has bankrupted his businesses.   It will take some time for the full impact of this collapse to be felt within that community. But that trajectory is inevitable.  

With 90% of white Christian evangelicals having embraced Trump's presidency, their moral leadership of the cultural wars  will soon diminish to little more than an irritating buzz in the nation's outer ear.  In this fast-paced society of ours, people can become easily confused. Why should they take the advice of flag-waving neo-Nazis as to when life begins, or who should be allowed to marry whom, or who for that matter should be allowed to use which bathrooms?   Evangelicals, if they look hard enough, might find a lesson or two in the Bible about the rewards of tying one's fortunes to a thrice-married, casino-owning, pussy-grabber.  

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Trump Has Just Solved a Conundrum Historians have Struggled with for a Century

As a historian, it is difficult if not impossible to teach American history, without at least one student each semester asking in wide-eyed incredulity, the same damning question.  "How could slavery have existed and flourished in the Antebellum South, given that it was so inimical to the democratic values upon which American society was built?"

My answers are seldom adequate because young people are trying to connect what experiences in their own lives would help them to understand Americans' acceptance of such raw brutality?  How did Southerners justify the institution?  How did Northerners, for that matter, justify the justifications of Southerners before the Civil War?

Well, alas with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency,  we're living the answer.  But please don't get me wrong.  I'm not suggesting that Trump's bungling, his treasonous ties to Russia or brutal immigration policy might in any way add up to the unspeakable evils of slavery.  But what I am suggesting is this.  The people who make the biggest moral claims are invariably the ones who accept the most jaw-dropping moral compromises.  It was the well-mannered, gentile Southern aristocracy, who examined naked slaves on the auction block like beef heifers, sold slave children from their mothers when money was tight, or worked the field hands until they dropped dead in the cotton fields. Their Confederate Christianity accepted the status quo, as did their confederate moral sense of right and wrong. Their confederate schools taught them to disparage reason in favor of pseudo-scientific theories about racial hierarchies, where the universe placed them at the top and their slaves at the bottom. These people lived in a confederate world so jerry-built on fakery and filled with lies that they truly believed the slaves loved their station in life, and would take the Confederate's side when the Civil War erupted.

Trump's presidency is an abomination of a different sort.  But like the confederacy of old, it is built on fakery and flim-flam.  The man is a corrupt businessman, who has bankrupted every business he started. It appears that he became entangled in money laundering for the Russian mob when American banks would no longer lend to him.  International intelligence reports claim that he has been compromised by Russian President Vladimir Putin.  And yet the Republicans in Congress as well as his supporters have refused ever since Trump entered the presidential campaign  to demand that he release his income tax returns. The daughter and son-in-law are selling their wares from the White House porch.  This is the behavior of a crime family.  The "First Lady" refuses to perform any but the most minimal duties knowing that her husband, who is on tape as a "pussy grabber"  will probably be serving penitentiary time before she even has a chance to hang the gold-threaded curtains in the bathroom.   Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Speaker Mitch  McConnell know that Trump is a pathological liar as do the other members of the GOP.  They realize that he is precipitating a constitutional crisis by attempting to obstruct the FBI's investigation of Trump's collusion with the Kremlin.  But they tiptoe around everything, the dishonesty, disrespecting the rule of law, compromising the government of the United States for the sake of the Russians.

My point here, is that Trump's supporters, the Republican controlled Senate and House of Representatives didn't just pop out of nowhere.  They've merely been in the background, waiting for an opportunity to be heard.  This is neo-confederate America.  Anti-immigrant nativism, plays a role and police state racism.  But the larger picture is one of authoritarianism, a yearning for fascism, a strong man dictatorship. That is the true legacy, the fake worldview built upon comforting lies that allowed slavery to thrive, which America never did get around to dismantling.      

Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Did White Evangelicals Get Sucked into Trump's Amoral Tribalism?


So. . . what is amoral tribalism?  It is a moral system that defines what is right and wrong in terms of its utility to the tribe and vice versa.  The difference with the standards that many Americans would identify as being moral behavior can be seen in today's political landscape.  Most white Evangelical Christians are Trump supporters, who have until now propagated a moral system based on the Biblical authority of the Ten Commandments. But how then do they accept, tolerate and make excuses for what we are now being faced with as the Trump crime family reveals itself and its cronies. What we see unfolding is lying on a pathological level, stealing, treason, money laundering, sex trafficking and the various and sundry other vices that crime families and money laundering syndicates engage in.   The "fake news", "nothingburger" statements made by Republican Congressmen, the consummate amoral tribalists themselves, now sound ridiculous as ways of shielding the Trumps from their own trashy lives.

So, now back to the question of  how it is possible that white Evangelicals might support the Trumps.  The operative term in all of this is "tribalism".  The enemy is multiculturalism.  President Barack Obama was the Great Satan.  Immigrants are a malignant cancer.  Police shootings of unarmed blacks is what it has always been, a way to feel safe and in conttrol.  This particular demographic is especially vulnerable.  Believing that the planet is 5,000 years old places a ceiling on the opportunities to get a college education (even though many wouldn't want to) and it precludes the freedom of thought needed  to pursue careers in science and technology.   In actuality it is "white Evangelicals on Sunday" following their "white tribal leader on Monday through Saturday night".  

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Is the Women's Movement Stagnating Because We Ignored the Tougher Enemy

Kellyanne Conway 
Fifty-four percent of the white women in America are Kellyanne Conways. They voted like her, think like her, rationalize racism and sexism like her.  Ms. Conway is their poster lady.  She conveys their priorities, which is keeping "their" men in power.  She reflects their values, which is twisting reality to suit their needs.  Their family values are predicated on letting men behave like baboons so long as America's racial hierarchy remains in place.   Until feminists open their eyes to the fact that white nationalism in America is not demarcated by gender, our movement will continue grasping at thin air. 

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Near Sinking of Naval Destroyer by Container Ship Major Catastrophe for U.S. Navy

Damaged Naval Destroyer after Collision
I may not be a naval buff, but even I can see last night's accidental ramming of the U.S.S. Fitzgerald by a Philippine container ship as a catastrophe and public relations nightmare for the U.S. Navy.   The captain has been airlifted to a naval hospital and seven sailors are missing.  The merchant ship that nearly sunk the American vessel sustained only minor damage.
Container Ship Collided with Naval Destroyer

Just from my civilian's untrained view, how is the military going to justify having the American taxpayer hand over $1.5 billion a pop for building destroyers when they can be sunk by container ships?  I don't know how many warships our Navy has, but the last time I checked on Google there were about 16,900 bulk carriers plying the world's sea lanes.   

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Forget the Debate about Columbus -- FOX News Helped Me Discover America

I don't know why it has taken me a lifetime to punch through the mirage. But I'm grateful that this moment has come. For, it has given me a deeper sense of peace than I've had since Donald Trump won the presidency.

I was at an upscale supermarket this morning, and FOX news was playing in the cafe area.  I didn't bother to complain to management as I usually do.  I'm the interloper, having chosen for various practical reasons to make Texas my home.  In any case, I was watching the lies prance across the screen, interviews with Trump's pals about what a low life ex-FBI Director Jim Comey was, etc.  And then I realized something. This is Russian television, or any banana republic's television station that so happens to be broadcast in English.Nobody goes to journalism school to broadcast propaganda.  Why are we (regular Americans) even allowing banana-republic propagandists on our television-waves?  That's when this awesome little insight struck.  

America is both a democracy and an autocracy, with that latter sub-system nestled behind a flimsy curtain. And that is what our nation built on slavery has always been.   The liberal democratic superstructure's job is to  speak for the whole, and to squirrel the de-federalized autocracy in the attic like a slightly disreputable relative.  That's what so-called "states rights" is actually about, the autocratic, authoritarianism, anti-democratic soul of many Americans (but fortunately JUST less than a majority).  Their political core, that is, "the Dixiecrats" were over time allowed to bounce back and forth between the Democratic and Republican parties.

But what we have now by fluke of circumstances is the de-federalized autocracy having come down from the attic and temporarily taken over the democratic superstructure (DC) , which was never supposed to happen.  The two were supposed to co-exist, with the DC doing all the talking on the national and international stage.  

Yes, yes. yes.  I finally get it at a gut level.  Donald Trump and his minions have always been with us.  Maybe that authoritarian strain in the American national character could have been stamped out after the Civil War or maybe it was just too large.  In any case, as we watch our nation disintegrate before our very eyes, at least we can say we knew what happened and why.     

Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Scheme is Secretary of State Tillerson Hatching with the Kremlin in Russia Tomorrow?

The Trump Administration narrative is that Russia is both enraged at the U.S. and shivering in its boots, since we lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles on an empty airfield in Syria last week.  The story coming out of the White House further suggests that our Secretary of State is a man of courage, who is even willing to risk life and limb in the face of Russian hostility by traveling to Moscow to negotiate who knows what since he'll be travelling without the usual entourage of State Department staff and reporters.

But what's a person of normal intelligence and a functioning moral compass to read into the current situation?  The Kremlin hacked the presidential election, and pushed for the appointment of Secretary of State Tillerson,  first and foremost to get the sanctions lifted, which have had a devastating effect on the Russian economy. But as of yet, the White House has not been able to pursue that goal because of the FBI's investigation of Trump campaign collusion. However, a new opportunity has arisen. Last week's Sarin gas attack has allowed Trump to appear to distance himself from Putin, who supports Syrian President Assad.  The situation has even given Tillerson an excuse to get on a plane for Moscow.  If our Secretary of State returns this week with some version of a deal in which Assad is removed from Syria and Russia is rewarded for their efforts by the U.S. lifting of sanctions, then we'll at least know the truth.  Trump was in on the Sarin gas attack that killed the Syrian children, regardless how authentic his emotional display of shock and horror may have appeared..   

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Did Trump Collude with Putin to use Syrian Gas Attack as a Means of Rewarding Russia with the Removal of Sanctions in Exchange for Forcing Syria's Assad to Step Down?

Why is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveling to Moscow next week?  I thought the U.S. and Moscow were supposed to be on chilly terms after President Donald Trump bombed the Syrian airfield? Admittedly, nothing much was destroyed other than the 59 U.S. tomahawk missiles used to attack the facility with, and at a cost of $70 million.  The runways are still being used by planes that continue to bomb civilian targets in Syria.Also, Tillerson's trip to Moscow is coming at a time when U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley who last week announced that she could work with Bashar al-Assad is now proclaiming that he must be gotten rid of.    Of course he does, but not if it's merely a smokescreen to do what the Trump Administration promised Putin for putting him in the White House in the first place. And that is, of course, to get those damned U.S. sanctions removed that are such a drag on the Russian economy.

And this brings me back to the FBI investigation that is closing in on Trump and his White House colleagues.  It is not merely related to election campaign collusion with Russia, but possible payments to Trump campaign figures, who would be paid generously to get the U.S. to lift sanctions against Russia, which is costing that nation's economy billions of dollars.  The sanctions had been imposed after it invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea.  The stakes are not only high for the Russian economy.  Payouts to individual members of the Trump campaign, who used their influence to further Russia's agenda, have also been estimated in the billions.  I hope the FBI is able to complete its investigation before Trump, in his impulsive ineptitude, launches World War III.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nikki Haley's Fall from Governor to Donald Trump's Tramp

Haley Still Became Trump's UN Ambassador
Maybe I'm being sexist. After all,  if our United Nations Ambassador were a male, I wouldn't be using the word  "tramp".  But I also wouldn't be asking: "how can you as a mother even face your children over the breakfast table now that we've also seen the photos of Syrian babies killed in gas attacks you provoked?" The Syrian president launched the attack after Haley boldly announced last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority".  So he decided to test those boundaries with this  horrific Sarin gas attack on his own people.

Sensible folk, not blinded by forever lost coal-mining jobs or white nationalism, have known for sometime that Donald Trump is a narcissistic psychopath.  We've known that he lacks the cognitive skills to be president of the United States. But what was South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley's excuse for joining his Administration?  She had until this point been a successful Indian-American Republican, who had refused to endorse him during the bruising presidential election fight.

And now, just two months into the man's presidency, look at this woman's fall from glory.  Since Trump refuses to accept the blame for anything, alot of it is now falling on Haley's head for this gas attack that killed scores of people, many of them women and young children, whose little bodies lay strewn along the streets in the Idlib Province of Northern Syria, with those still alive, foaming at the mouth from the toxic gas.   After all, she boldly announced at the U.N. just last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority."  

 Thus far our President's reaction to the attack has been policy-less blubbering about those poor little innocent babies and Haley has made a 180 degree turn from last week and is now calling Assad "a war criminal" having just a few days before insisted that the U.S. would work with him.

Lady, I would find more professional dignity from pole dancing at a strip joint than representing Trump at the U.N. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch Having Trouble Hiding Religious Fanaticism

Donald Trump and Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch
In the portion of the Senate confirmation hearing that I heard yesterday, Judge Gorsuch explained that the "deeply-held" religious beliefs of the Green family, who own the for profit Hobby Lobby corporation should supersede any religious beliefs held by the 13,000 employees,  to whom their health plan was denying contraceptives.  I'm not a lawyer. But the whole interchange was beginning to remind me of plantation slavery.   Of course we all know that if the Greens sold their company to the Khan family whose deeply held religious beliefs required that women wear the hijab, Judge Gorsuch would have a different but "deeply-held" opinion on the matter. This man is as fake as Donald Trump.  The only difference is that he expresses his phony constitutional originalism with the polish of a man having a higher IQ than our president.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Evangelical Trump Supporters Despise Muslim Immigrants for Reasons Having Nothing to do with Terrorism

Evangelical Trump Supporters Resent Muslim Professionals
While Trump Supporters demonize Mexicans, the people they really resent with a passion are Muslim immigrants  Despite remarks to the contrary, this has nothing to do with terrorism.  But it is about fear.  Non-college educated whites are frightened by Middle East and Asian immigrants who are better educated than they.   The doctors, engineers, and scientists from the Middle East do not insist that the earth is 5,000 years old nor that evolution is immoral nor that their children should be homeschooled by parents whose knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences never went beyond high school.   In short,  Muslim professionals do not face the theological barriers that hold Evangelical Christians back from pursuing medical, engineering and scientific careers.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

In Jeff Sessions Scandal, GOP Behaving Like the Silent Spouse of a Child Molester

Dems Call for AG Jeff Sessions' Resignation

I'm not accusing the entire GOP of running a pedophile ring. But I am accusing the Republican Party of exhibiting the same moral sleaze that we so often find in the silent spouse of child molesters, whose obliviousness to their child's distress borders on complicity.

Last night the Washington Post came out with a bombshell of investigative reporting.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions denied under oath the two meetings he had with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 campaign.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters this morning:
"(That) the top cop in our country lied under oath to the people is grounds for him to resign.  He has proved that he is unqualified and unfit to serve in that position of trust."

The list of Democrats who are now calling for him to step down has in the last several hours has ballooned.  Most Republicans lawmakers are tiptoeing around like a child molester's spouse, having nothing whatsoever to say.   Those members of the GOP leadership, like Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who have been cornered into making statements are making the gentile suggestion that the Attorney General merely recuse himself from participating in the FBI's investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, on the other hand, dismissed the  growing scandal as a "Nothing Burger." on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”  But Sessions not only lied under oath about meeting the Russian ambassador, but he was also the person who injected Carter Page into the Trump campaign. Page was forced to resign in September 2016, after it was learned that he maintained close ties to Russian intelligence.

In 1986, Martin Luther King's widow, Coretta Scott King, wrote a letter to Congress detailing the kind of human being Sessions was.  At that time he was being nominated for a federal judgeship. In it, she stated that the then Alabama Senator “lacks the temperament, fairness and judgment to be a federal judge.”

But in order to recognize such a character flaw in the Attorney General, Republicans would first have to confront their own flawed moral code.   

Friday, February 10, 2017

Is Trump Fomenting Terrorist Attack to Justify Failed Muslim Ban?

Would Donald Trump actually instigate a terrorist attack against Americans in order to justify the  failed Muslim ban?   "You betcha".    Nobel-prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, wrote a stunning piece in today's New York Times, articulating the backdrop for what had become a recurring nightmare of mine.

My anxiety-level shot up even further, when I read Trump's latest tweet:

This is how authoritarian leaders consolidate power.  It's the kind of behavior that his friend Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin is known for.  It fits the apocalyptic style of Trump's white nationalist Security Council advisor, Steve Bannon, as well as speaking to the gullibility of the President's supporters.  And of course we all know Adolf Hitler's story, in which he used an arson attack on the Reichstag building (German parliament) in Berlin on 27 February 1933 as a pretext to suspend all civil liberties and consolidate his own dictatorial powers.  

So, what's to be done about such a diabolical scheme, known in security circles, as a  "false flag operation"?  The Republican controlled Congress will do nothing to stop the president from ripping to pieces the last remnants of our nation's system of checks and balances. Neither can the FBI be trusted to foil such an attack, given Director James Comey's trance-like embrace of Trumpism.     

We're all just sitting ducks, waiting. . .  waiting. My only hope is that the nation will wake up and impeach Trump before all hell breaks lose.   In any case, please don't say you weren't warned.

Monday, January 30, 2017

ג'ארד קושנר ואשתו איוונקה טראמפ נקלעו לתפקיד המביך של כיבוס גרסת הבית הלבן להכחשת שואה

English Translation

בשבוע האחרון ג'ארד קושנר ואשתו איוונקה טראמפ זכו לכיסוי תקשורתי רחב בשל היותם יהודים שומרי מצוות.
מאמר ב-TMZ שפורסם באתרים רבים (בתשלום), הודיע כך: איוונקה טראמפ וג'ארד קושנר - הרב נתן לנו אישור לחלל שבת בזמן ההשבעה בערב שישי. כמה נחמד. אבל לא ראיתי או שמעתי מילה מהזוג על נאום יום השואה של אבא דונלד טראמפ. הוא לא ציין את המילה "יהודי" אפילו פעם אחת, ולא נתן שום אזכור לנושא האנטישמיות.

הדבר אינו מפתיע בהתחשב בעובדה כי הנאום נכתב על ידי היועץ הראשי של טראמפ, סטיב באנון, העורך לשעבר של האתר ברייטברט המזוהה עם לאומנים וניאו-נאצים.

מאוחר יותר מזכיר העיתונות של טראמפ, מר ספייסר, פרסם ציוץ בו הכריז כי טראמפ "זוכה לשבחים על הנאום". אבל אתרי האינטרנט היחידים שהביעו תמיכה בנאום ולא הוקיעו אותו בתדהמה היו שני האתרים הניאו-נאצים, הדיילי סטורמר ו-Stormfront.
דיוויד דיוק, לשעבר ראש הקו-קלאקס-קלאן, גם כן שיבח את הטון הכללי של הנאום.

הזוג האופנתי הזה לא יכול לרקוד בכל החתונות. קושנר ואיוונקה טראמפ אינם יכולים להתפאר בהיותם יהודים שומרי מצוות, ובה בעת למלא פיהם מים כאשר התפקיד המכריע ששיחקה האנטישמיות בטבח של יהודים בתקופת השואה נמחק מהשיח הציבורי.