Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Scheme is Secretary of State Tillerson Hatching with the Kremlin in Russia Tomorrow?

The Trump Administration narrative is that Russia is both enraged at the U.S. and shivering in its boots, since we lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles on an empty airfield in Syria last week.  The story coming out of the White House further suggests that our Secretary of State is a man of courage, who is even willing to risk life and limb in the face of Russian hostility by traveling to Moscow to negotiate who knows what since he'll be travelling without the usual entourage of State Department staff and reporters.

But what's a person of normal intelligence and a functioning moral compass to read into the current situation?  The Kremlin hacked the presidential election, and pushed for the appointment of Secretary of State Tillerson,  first and foremost to get the sanctions lifted, which have had a devastating effect on the Russian economy. But as of yet, the White House has not been able to pursue that goal because of the FBI's investigation of Trump campaign collusion. However, a new opportunity has arisen. Last week's Sarin gas attack has allowed Trump to appear to distance himself from Putin, who supports Syrian President Assad.  The situation has even given Tillerson an excuse to get on a plane for Moscow.  If our Secretary of State returns this week with some version of a deal in which Assad is removed from Syria and Russia is rewarded for their efforts by the U.S. lifting of sanctions, then we'll at least know the truth.  Trump was in on the Sarin gas attack that killed the Syrian children, regardless how authentic his emotional display of shock and horror may have appeared..   

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Did Trump Collude with Putin to use Syrian Gas Attack as a Means of Rewarding Russia with the Removal of Sanctions in Exchange for Forcing Syria's Assad to Step Down?

Why is Secretary of State Rex Tillerson traveling to Moscow next week?  I thought the U.S. and Moscow were supposed to be on chilly terms after President Donald Trump bombed the Syrian airfield? Admittedly, nothing much was destroyed other than the 59 U.S. tomahawk missiles used to attack the facility with, and at a cost of $70 million.  The runways are still being used by planes that continue to bomb civilian targets in Syria.Also, Tillerson's trip to Moscow is coming at a time when U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley who last week announced that she could work with Bashar al-Assad is now proclaiming that he must be gotten rid of.    Of course he does, but not if it's merely a smokescreen to do what the Trump Administration promised Putin for putting him in the White House in the first place. And that is, of course, to get those damned U.S. sanctions removed that are such a drag on the Russian economy.

And this brings me back to the FBI investigation that is closing in on Trump and his White House colleagues.  It is not merely related to election campaign collusion with Russia, but possible payments to Trump campaign figures, who would be paid generously to get the U.S. to lift sanctions against Russia, which is costing that nation's economy billions of dollars.  The sanctions had been imposed after it invaded the Ukraine and annexed Crimea.  The stakes are not only high for the Russian economy.  Payouts to individual members of the Trump campaign, who used their influence to further Russia's agenda, have also been estimated in the billions.  I hope the FBI is able to complete its investigation before Trump, in his impulsive ineptitude, launches World War III.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nikki Haley's Fall from Governor to Donald Trump's Tramp

Haley Still Became Trump's UN Ambassador
Maybe I'm being sexist. After all,  if our United Nations Ambassador were a male, I wouldn't be using the word  "tramp".  But I also wouldn't be asking: "how can you as a mother even face your children over the breakfast table now that we've also seen the photos of Syrian babies killed in gas attacks you provoked?" The Syrian president launched the attack after Haley boldly announced last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority".  So he decided to test those boundaries with this  horrific Sarin gas attack on his own people.

Sensible folk, not blinded by forever lost coal-mining jobs or white nationalism, have known for sometime that Donald Trump is a narcissistic psychopath.  We've known that he lacks the cognitive skills to be president of the United States. But what was South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley's excuse for joining his Administration?  She had until this point been a successful Indian-American Republican, who had refused to endorse him during the bruising presidential election fight.

And now, just two months into the man's presidency, look at this woman's fall from glory.  Since Trump refuses to accept the blame for anything, alot of it is now falling on Haley's head for this gas attack that killed scores of people, many of them women and young children, whose little bodies lay strewn along the streets in the Idlib Province of Northern Syria, with those still alive, foaming at the mouth from the toxic gas.   After all, she boldly announced at the U.N. just last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority."  

 Thus far our President's reaction to the attack has been policy-less blubbering about those poor little innocent babies and Haley has made a 180 degree turn from last week and is now calling Assad "a war criminal" having just a few days before insisted that the U.S. would work with him.

Lady, I would find more professional dignity from pole dancing at a strip joint than representing Trump at the U.N. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch Having Trouble Hiding Religious Fanaticism

Donald Trump and Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch
In the portion of the Senate confirmation hearing that I heard yesterday, Judge Gorsuch explained that the "deeply-held" religious beliefs of the Green family, who own the for profit Hobby Lobby corporation should supersede any religious beliefs held by the 13,000 employees,  to whom their health plan was denying contraceptives.  I'm not a lawyer. But the whole interchange was beginning to remind me of plantation slavery.   Of course we all know that if the Greens sold their company to the Khan family whose deeply held religious beliefs required that women wear the hijab, Judge Gorsuch would have a different but "deeply-held" opinion on the matter. This man is as fake as Donald Trump.  The only difference is that he expresses his phony constitutional originalism with the polish of a man having a higher IQ than our president.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Evangelical Trump Supporters Despise Muslim Immigrants for Reasons Having Nothing to do with Terrorism

Evangelical Trump Supporters Resent Muslim Professionals
While Trump Supporters demonize Mexicans, the people they really resent with a passion are Muslim immigrants  Despite remarks to the contrary, this has nothing to do with terrorism.  But it is about fear.  Non-college educated whites are frightened by Middle East and Asian immigrants who are better educated than they.   The doctors, engineers, and scientists from the Middle East do not insist that the earth is 5,000 years old nor that evolution is immoral nor that their children should be homeschooled by parents whose knowledge of mathematics and the natural sciences never went beyond high school.   In short,  Muslim professionals do not face the theological barriers that hold Evangelical Christians back from pursuing medical, engineering and scientific careers.


Thursday, March 2, 2017

In Jeff Sessions Scandal, GOP Behaving Like the Silent Spouse of a Child Molester

Dems Call for AG Jeff Sessions' Resignation

I'm not accusing the entire GOP of running a pedophile ring. But I am accusing the Republican Party of exhibiting the same moral sleaze that we so often find in the silent spouse of child molesters, whose obliviousness to their child's distress borders on complicity.

Last night the Washington Post came out with a bombshell of investigative reporting.  Attorney General Jeff Sessions denied under oath the two meetings he had with the Russian ambassador during the 2016 campaign.  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters this morning:
"(That) the top cop in our country lied under oath to the people is grounds for him to resign.  He has proved that he is unqualified and unfit to serve in that position of trust."

The list of Democrats who are now calling for him to step down has in the last several hours has ballooned.  Most Republicans lawmakers are tiptoeing around like a child molester's spouse, having nothing whatsoever to say.   Those members of the GOP leadership, like Jason Chaffetz, chair of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee and Ohio Senator Rob Portman, who have been cornered into making statements are making the gentile suggestion that the Attorney General merely recuse himself from participating in the FBI's investigation of Russian involvement in the 2016 presidential election. Texas Senator Ted Cruz, on the other hand, dismissed the  growing scandal as a "Nothing Burger." on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”  But Sessions not only lied under oath about meeting the Russian ambassador, but he was also the person who injected Carter Page into the Trump campaign. Page was forced to resign in September 2016, after it was learned that he maintained close ties to Russian intelligence.

In 1986, Martin Luther King's widow, Coretta Scott King, wrote a letter to Congress detailing the kind of human being Sessions was.  At that time he was being nominated for a federal judgeship. In it, she stated that the then Alabama Senator “lacks the temperament, fairness and judgment to be a federal judge.”

But in order to recognize such a character flaw in the Attorney General, Republicans would first have to confront their own flawed moral code.   

Friday, February 10, 2017

Is Trump Fomenting Terrorist Attack to Justify Failed Muslim Ban?

Would Donald Trump actually instigate a terrorist attack against Americans in order to justify the  failed Muslim ban?   "You betcha".    Nobel-prize winning economist, Paul Krugman, wrote a stunning piece in today's New York Times, articulating the backdrop for what had become a recurring nightmare of mine.

My anxiety-level shot up even further, when I read Trump's latest tweet:

This is how authoritarian leaders consolidate power.  It's the kind of behavior that his friend Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin is known for.  It fits the apocalyptic style of Trump's white nationalist Security Council advisor, Steve Bannon, as well as speaking to the gullibility of the President's supporters.  And of course we all know Adolf Hitler's story, in which he used an arson attack on the Reichstag building (German parliament) in Berlin on 27 February 1933 as a pretext to suspend all civil liberties and consolidate his own dictatorial powers.  

So, what's to be done about such a diabolical scheme, known in security circles, as a  "false flag operation"?  The Republican controlled Congress will do nothing to stop the president from ripping to pieces the last remnants of our nation's system of checks and balances. Neither can the FBI be trusted to foil such an attack, given Director James Comey's trance-like embrace of Trumpism.     

We're all just sitting ducks, waiting. . .  waiting. My only hope is that the nation will wake up and impeach Trump before all hell breaks lose.   In any case, please don't say you weren't warned.

Monday, January 30, 2017

ג'ארד קושנר ואשתו איוונקה טראמפ נקלעו לתפקיד המביך של כיבוס גרסת הבית הלבן להכחשת שואה

English Translation

בשבוע האחרון ג'ארד קושנר ואשתו איוונקה טראמפ זכו לכיסוי תקשורתי רחב בשל היותם יהודים שומרי מצוות.
מאמר ב-TMZ שפורסם באתרים רבים (בתשלום), הודיע כך: איוונקה טראמפ וג'ארד קושנר - הרב נתן לנו אישור לחלל שבת בזמן ההשבעה בערב שישי. כמה נחמד. אבל לא ראיתי או שמעתי מילה מהזוג על נאום יום השואה של אבא דונלד טראמפ. הוא לא ציין את המילה "יהודי" אפילו פעם אחת, ולא נתן שום אזכור לנושא האנטישמיות.

הדבר אינו מפתיע בהתחשב בעובדה כי הנאום נכתב על ידי היועץ הראשי של טראמפ, סטיב באנון, העורך לשעבר של האתר ברייטברט המזוהה עם לאומנים וניאו-נאצים.

מאוחר יותר מזכיר העיתונות של טראמפ, מר ספייסר, פרסם ציוץ בו הכריז כי טראמפ "זוכה לשבחים על הנאום". אבל אתרי האינטרנט היחידים שהביעו תמיכה בנאום ולא הוקיעו אותו בתדהמה היו שני האתרים הניאו-נאצים, הדיילי סטורמר ו-Stormfront.
דיוויד דיוק, לשעבר ראש הקו-קלאקס-קלאן, גם כן שיבח את הטון הכללי של הנאום.

הזוג האופנתי הזה לא יכול לרקוד בכל החתונות. קושנר ואיוונקה טראמפ אינם יכולים להתפאר בהיותם יהודים שומרי מצוות, ובה בעת למלא פיהם מים כאשר התפקיד המכריע ששיחקה האנטישמיות בטבח של יהודים בתקופת השואה נמחק מהשיח הציבורי.

Jared Kushner and wife Ivanka Trump Stuck with Embarrassing Role of Sanitizing White House Version of Holocaust Denial

Jared Kushner and Wife Ivanka Trump Silent about WH Holocaust Denial
In the past week, Jared Kushner and wife, Ivanka Trump have gotten alot of publicity for being observant Jews.   A TMZ article has appeared on numerous (paid) sites, announcing: Ivanka Trump & Jared Kushner -- Rabbi Gave us a Shabbat pass for Inauguration Friday Night.     How nice.  But I haven't seen nor heard a peep from the couple about Daddy Donald Trump's Holocaust Day speech.  He did not mention the word "Jew" even once, nor was anything relating to "anti-Semitism" noted.

This is not surprising given the fact that Trump's principal adviser, Steve Bannon, former editor of the white nationalist and Neo-Nazi website Breitbart wrote the speech.

Trump press secretary, Spicer, later sent out a tweet proclaiming that Trump "was being praised for the speech".  But the only Internet sites found applauding this "polite" version of Holocaust denial  were two neo-Nazi sites, Daily Stormer and Stormfront.  Not surprisingly, David Duke, the former head of the Ku Klux Klan, liked it as well.

This fashionable couple cannot have it both ways.  Kushner and Ivanka Trump cannot parade around as observant Jews, while remaining silent when acknowledgement of the role played by anti-Semitism in the slaughter of Jews during the Holocaust is being erased from public discourse.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Why the Clintons Should Follow Congressman John Lewis's Lead and Skip Trump's Inauguration


At first, I didn't see anything wrong with Bill and Hillary Clinton attending Donald Trump's inauguration.  After all, there is something to be said for honoring the traditions that mark a democratic transition rather than the kind of seizure of power we see in crackpot dictatorships. But then civil rights leader and United States Representative John Lewis said flat out that he did not see Donald Trump as "a legitimate president".  Trump responded on Twitter with an attempted put down of Lewis's congressional district, calling it "crime infested", "falling apart",  and "horrible".  But it backfired. Lewis's district, to the contrary, includes the busiest airport in Georgia, the wealthy suburbs of Atlanta, the Center for Disease Control and prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology.

This Twitter exchange was a bucket of ice-cold water being dumped on my head.  And it woke me up from the daze I had lumbered around in since the election. Rep. Lewis is offering the leadership so many of us yearn for during one of the biggest crises in the history of the American presidency.  

There is something so ugly and mishapened about Trump being inaugurated for president,  that someone has to take a stand.  What has bothered me about this election is that no one in the Democratic Party has repudiated the Trump presidency.  Everyone has watched its legitimacy unravel. But the only political response was Democratic politicians saying vaguely  "unkind" things about the president-elect.  That is until John Lewis showed the courage to stand up and say what we all know, while showing the path the rest of us must follow. Trump is not America's new president. He is a cunning impostor and we should not pretend otherwise.  

Michelle Goldberg has written a powerful argument in Slate entitled: Democrats Should Follow John Lewis' Lead".  She observes:

Nobody knows where this is all going. Democrats particularly are in a difficult position, because they want to uphold basic political norms, but doing so alone, while the other side shamelessly flouts them, puts them at a constant disadvantage. The peaceful transition of power is a cherished value of our democracy. But it’s not the only value, or the highest one. It should not require us to sleepwalk into authoritarianism. If the price for preserving our democracy is pretending that our would-be god-king-emperor has clothes, then it’s already rotted beyond repair.

We're not talking here about a potentially bad president. We're talking about a man, who did not earn the right to sit in the White House at all.  Every day, we are rocked with a new disclosure about Trump. Aside from the fact that members of his staff coordinated with the Kremlin to bring Hillary Clinton down, he is probably being blackmailed by the Russians as well on account of sexual and financial improprieties.  The president-elect ignores  the possibility of ethics violations by refusing to let go of his businesses.  Trump intends to use influence peddling from the White House veranda to make himself the first multi-trillionaire.

If Hillary announced that she and Bill were no longer attending the Inauguration because of Trump's shameless and unpresidential denunciation of the city of Atlanta and Rep. John Lewis on our MLK holiday, the unraveling of Trump's legitimacy as president would begin.  Everyone is waiting for leadership, for someone at a level comparable to that of the Clintons with the moral courage  to take the first step outside their prescribed political roles and protocols .

Bill and Hillary, don't attend the inauguration.  As for the rest of us, we shouldn't even watch it on tv. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Join the Boycott of Kellyanne Conway Media Interviews

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's "Propaganda Minister" 
I was inspired to action by a diary on DailyKos entitled:  No, Seth Meyers did not show us how to deal with Kelly Conway. Keeping her off TV is how to do that.  

So much is horribly wrong with the incoming Trump administration, that it is easy to sink into  paralysis rather than actualize our angst and shame at this fascist takeover of America.  However, we need to laser-focus our actions if opposition to this illegitimate Administration is to have any voice at all.

The noted Watergate investigative reporter, Carl Bernstein, was right about Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway when he called her a propaganda minister.

The DailyKos diarist, betaclone noted:
 Even by cable news talking head standards [Kellyanne Conway] is shameless. There is not now nor will there ever be any true journalistic value in putting her on television. She exists as nothing but a megaphone for propaganda who will not respond to any journalistic norms or even direct questions. She seems to eschew the notion that she should answer ANY questions, even seemingly benign ones that pose no political threat to her boss. The message to television programmers could not be more simple: You are nothing but an outlet for the word salad I have prepared.

Leslie Salzillo had this to say:
It started with Anderson Cooper of CNN’s 360 calling out Kellyanne Conway Wednesday night as she tried once again to deflate and deny the truth. It’s her thing. But it’s been a trying time for Conway especially after the latest information regarding her boss’s Russian ties leaked out this week. The special  counselor to Donald Trump (who specializes on how to be a better liar) is quite good at her job. But her gig seems to be getting harder as the media’s intolerance for her bullshit grows.

It is not that Ms. Conway is worse than Donald Trump himself.  It is rather that this cruel woman is more vulnerable, thus a good place to start.

Check the TV schedule. If Kellyanne Conway is slated to appear, refuse to watch the program. (And send an email to the station explaining why).  When newscasters, late-night comedians and their advertisers get the message that a penalty will be applied to putting this woman on the air, they will stop inviting her.  It is not that you might miss even the tiniest sliver of genuine news in listening to her deflect.  After we retire Kellyanne, we make a shared decision regarding who next to target, and move on from there.  

Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump Implicated in Russian Money-Laundering Scheme

In the Fall of 2016, The Financial Times of London came out with an investigative report, which detailed Donald Trump's ties with the Russian mob.  It explained:
Ever since a series of bankruptcies left banks unwilling to lend to him, Donald Trump has been on the lookout for partners willing to fund the buildings that bear his name.
The report traced Trump to an alleged money laundering network based in the former Soviet Republic of Kazakhistan.  The operation, according to the report laundered hundreds of millions of stolen dollars, through the purchase of luxury apartments in a Manhattan tower owned by Trump and several other partners.

The story seemed too preposterous to be taken seriously, then.  But alot has changed in the past three months in terms of how many Americans' now perceive Trump.   All of a sudden the puzzle pieces are fitting together. What motivates the man's puppy-dog ties to Russian dictator Vlaldimir Putin are finally becoming clear.

 Further details on this developing story can be found at under the headline:  Donald Trump was bailed out of bankruptcy by Russia crime bosses.  Click on this link only if you have the stomach to face dirty secrets the soon-to-be President of the United States has been hiding.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Congressional Dems Exposed for Being as Morally Compromised as Trump's GOP

 It may have been an unintended consequence, but Congressional Dems have just exposed themselves like any run-of-the-mill (but cloaked in a Calvin Klein trench coat), flasher might.  When it comes to political pet peeves, Democrats' unconditional support for Israel's descent into fascism, is as ugly, brutal, irrational and amoral as their Trump-led GOP fixation with abortion, Obamacare,  Muslims and illegal immigrants. Ouch!

In struggling to come to grips with Hillary's electoral defeat, maybe I should draw some relief from the Democrats in Congress.  They are howling like hyenas over President Obama's failure to veto the UN censure of Jewish settlements and Secretary of State John Kerry's frank admission that the settlement issue is the most serious barrier to achieving a Two-State Solution in Israel.  For all their legislative compassion at home, Dems in Congress can be just as ruthless and racist in foreign crises as Donald Trump's Republican Party. What a gut-wrenching (but spiritually clarifying) insight. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Israel May Be Flunking a Test of Biblical Proportions


Is God Testing Israel?
Maybe God really did give the land of Israel to the Jews as its Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, claims. But He would have done so as a test. Will they earn the moral right to keep it?

What we have now is Israel being  "infected by the seeds of fascism," according to former prime minister and defense minister, Ehud Barak, who made the statement during a TV interview last May.  The beleaguered nation has decided to build even more Jewish settlements on Palestinian land after suffering a humiliating censure by the United Nations Security Council. Of course their self-destructive anger, fueled by the stresses of living in a zone of habitual conflict is justified. But its rightful target is Adolf Hitler for the Holocaust that killed six million Jews and even  the nations of the West (including the U.S. -- read the saga of the S.S. St. Louis) for slamming their borders shut to European Jews fleeing German genocide.  These survivors of the Holocaust were given no other option than to resettle in Israel.

As for the relationship of these displaced people and their descendants to the Arabs, therein lies the Biblical test.  Any rational human being would resist being pushed out of an ancestral homeland by a group migrating from another continent, who insist that their Deity expressly gave the land to them, even though they've been living elsewhere for the past 2,000 years. The Arab-Israeli conflict is not a difficult story to tell. The complexity lies in the moral test laid out before them.  Can the Jews, who are in this situation, the interlopers, make peace with their Arab neighbors? Could any group of human beings, given a similar history do so?  After almost seven decades, the Israelis get a failing grade as the rage and animosity on both sides intensifies. 

Monday, December 26, 2016

If Terrorism Downed Russian Plane Bound for Syria,Would the Kremlin Admit It?

We don't know what caused yesterday's crash of a Russian military plane, carrying 92 passengers, including one of Russia's most beloved cultural icons --  the Alexandrov Ensemble choir.  All are believed to have perished.  While rescue boats scour the Black Sea for debris and human remains, the official Russian media insists that the plane crash could not have been an act of terrorism. However, the experts disagree.  The  debris field was large, suggesting an explosion. Whatever occurred, happened so quickly, that there were no cockpit communications of mechanical failure before the plane disappeared from radar screens. While the Kremlin has spoken of pilot error, it is less likely given the fact that the plane was being flown by an experienced pilot. And most suggestive of all, Putin had grounded the entire civilian fleet just hours before, because of intelligence warning of a possible terrorist attack.

But what difference does it make, anyway?  This was a human tragedy, whatever the cause.  However, it might turn out to be a political catastrophe for Putin as well, if terrorists did down the plane.  All of a sudden, that macho-man military adventure in Syria, which included the bombing of hospitals and schools in the taking of Aleppo will have, in less than a week, produced a rapidly inflating price tag.  In addition to the tragic loss for the Russian people of this famed choir, their ambassador to Turkey was gunned down by a terrorist just days before.

The Kremlin's ability to generate the kinds of fake news that contributed to Hillary Clinton's electoral loss, bears its own new price tag.  No one believes a word out of Putin's mouth, especially if it appears to cover up a monumental miscalculation on his part.    

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Obama Has 48-Hours to Save America from an IRREVERSIBLE Catastrophe: But Will He Have the "Cojones" to Act?

Will Trump's America Be a Fascist State?
Fascists can be voted in through democratic elections and they usually are.  But they cannot be voted out. They take over the mechanisms of state and twist them into instruments of repression and militarism.  The state comes to control every aspect of national life,while its leader is narcissistically glorified.  This is what Donald Trump intends to do, riding in on the coat tails of Russian leader, Vladimir Putin.

The GOP will not stop the dismantling of our liberal democracy.  While there will be a couple of vocal, Cold-War holdouts, and idle talk of investigations, it won't be enough to make a dent in the hero worship that a growing number of Republicans have reserved for Putin -- the White Russian rescuer on horseback.  After all, he helped them get back into power, which is all the GOP really cares about.

As for Democrats, some will whine while others normalize Trump's nihilist Cabinet  picks as being . . . well, not their cup of tea, but nothing worth causing any "unpleasantness" over.

And that brings me to President Barack Obama.  His election was one of the proudest moments of my life.  His courage and stoicism in the face of the vile treatment he received from members of the GOP inspired me to seek out my higher self.  But despite the fact that Obama saved the economy from collapse, gave millions of people healthcare, reduced unemployment to its lowest level in decades, none of that will count for posterity.  The Obama legacy will be built on a decision he makes in the next 48 hours.

Will he go before the American public and reveal the truth? In an article entitled:  Treasonous Mitch McConnell Refused To Oppose Russia Election Meddling For Trump, the site Politicus laid out the shocking evidence of the Senate Majority Leader's refusal to participate in a bilateral statement acknowledging Russian interference in the election.  And yet, the evidence is irrefutable that the Kremlin dumped embarrassing Democratic Committee emails onto the media, but held back the Republican National Committee's private correspondence.  So Trump won the electoral college by 80.000 votes, despite Clinton's 3 million vote lead.  But what might the Kremlin be holding over Trump and his minions to ensure that they do the Russian's bidding.

As soon as the President finishes a speech that will go down in history next to Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, he will need to pick up the phone and fire FBI director James Comey for treason.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Are Trump's Christian Supporters' Embracing the Nude Female Body?

First Lady Melania Trump
I remember the ugly attacks directed at Michelle Obama, who was called a "shameless hussy" for wearing  sleeveless designer dresses.  Her teenaged daughters were labeled barhopping call girls for wearing dungarees.

However, now we have a new first lady whose nude photos in which she is entangled in an embrace with another woman, border on the pornographic. Since America's mores have changed so dramatically  in the shift from First Lady Michelle Obama to Melania Trump, let's celebrate this new embrace of the female body. 

Why not have our new First Lady take off her clothes for the official White House photo. She might inspire other middle aged Christian ladies to embrace their bodies.

Besides, several designers are protesting the Trump presidency by refusing to clothe Mrs. Trump. No problem. Our new religious aesthetic says it's quite okay to prance around wearing no clothes at all (or maybe that's just for white women).

Oops! Some kind of filter is blocking the posting of Mrs. Trump's nude photos. But if you'd like to suggest a role model for your Evangelical Christian daughters, just click here.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Has Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin Infiltrated the FBI?

A month or two ago I would have dismissed as preposterous any speculation that the Russians had cultivated an inside track within the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  But today, I'm not so sure.  Forget Boris-and-Natasha-type spies skulking around its hallowed halls.  Rather, I'm contemplating something more supple but with far greater effect, such as a distribution node for disinformation. Its immediate aim is to turn the election in Donald Trump's favor. It's long term goals relate to dismantling NATO, and subverting democratic governments in the West.

It has been less than 48 hours since the latest, possibly unauthorized, dump of anti-Clinton files from the FBI's Twitter account.  FBI Director James Comey might not be complicit.  In fact, it is possible that he sent the controversial letter to Congress, speculating on the possibility of more email problems with Hillary Clinton's server, as a way of forestalling leaks from his own agency.

Be-that-as-it-may,  Kurt Eichenwald of Newsweek has just written an explosive investigative piece, which is a must read.  He details for instance how Trump ignored top-secret FBI briefings in which the GOP presidential candidate was informed that hacking disclosures being fed to him, came directly from Moscow.  Our European allies are, as a consequence, terrified at the consequences for the West as a whole, of a Trump presidency.

So, here's the real problem as far as potential vulnerabilities within the FBI itself.  It can be difficult to draw the line between homegrown white ethno-nationalists as opposed to something foreign and far more sinister.  After all, Donald Trump's white male supporters make up a large segment of our nation's police forces and military.  But where our premier law enforcement agency, the FBI,  is concerned, we had damned better figure out where the boundaries lie.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

FBI Sabotage of Clinton Campaign Revives Long Buried Suspicions of Agency Link to Martin Luther King Assassination Plot

The partisan behavior of the FBI is the most unsettling part of this election nightmare.   After all, Donald Trump is acting like the narcissistic, bigoted con artist that many of us knew him to be.
But the FBI is a different matter.   Director James Comey revitalized public attention on the lifeless  Hillary Clinton email-server issue, less than a week before this presidential election.  He has also refused to investigate Donald Trump's financial and other ties to Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, while his agency continues its media dump of anti-Clinton files.   The FBI also insists on combing through the records of the Clinton Foundation, an organization known around the world for its charitable work.  But it ignores the Trump Foundation, which is little more than a tax dodge.     

Comey's inability to control his rogue agency has succeeded in reopening one of the ugliest wounds in our nation's history.   That is, many African-Americans continue to believe that then FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover arranged the assassination of Martin Luther King.  The civil rights leader had apparently crossed an invisible line when he began mobilizing support against the war in Vietnam.  And Blacks are not the only ones who have harbored such suspicions.  In 2014, CNN  reported on secret FBI memos showing "an agency obsessed with 'neutraliz(ing)' MLK."  

Not only does Comey need to resign now, but President Obama needs to appoint a special prosecutor to launch the long delayed investigation of the agency that should have taken place after MLK's untimely death.   



Tuesday, November 1, 2016

3 Clues New York Times Hiding FBI Evidence of Trump-Russia Tie

I don't know what game the New York Times is playing.  But America can simply not afford another Judith-Miller-moment.  In that instance, our nation's newspaper of record misled the public into supporting the disastrous war in Iraq.  ISIS, the  collapse of Syria, and its horrendous refugee crisis are just a few of that war's unintended consequences.

This time, however,  the New York Times published a shabbily-written piece, which attempted  to bury three breaking news reports detailing Donald Trump's unsavory connections with Russia. The NY Times article  quoted unnamed law enforcement officials, who insisted that none of their investigations had linked Mr. Trump to the Russian government.  According to these sources, even the hacking into Democratic emails, was merely aimed at  "disrupting the presidential election rather than electing Mr. Trump".  

The timing of the article came only a few hours after publication of the last of several investigative pieces, all of which presented compelling evidence tying the Trump campaign to the Russians.  One story in Slate identified a server hidden in Trump Tower, which secretly communicated with the oligarch-controlled Alfa Bank of Russia. Mother Jones reported the confession of a former spy, who identified Trump as an "asset" whom the Russian government had been grooming.  And Senator Harry Reid disclosed in a letter that the FBI was refusing to publicly acknowledge its discovery of  "close ties and coordination" between the Trump campaign and the government of dictator Vladimir Putin.

These stories added to what we already knew of Trump's longstanding ties to the Russians.  His former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, was paid several million dollars to help depose the legitimate president of Ukraine. Trump's military adviser, Michael Flynn, was known to have provided briefings to Russian agencies regarding U.S. actions in the Middle East and elsewhere.  Another of Trump's advisors, Carter Page, serves as the back channel to Russian billionaire oligarchs, who run the state owned oil company.

But why do I say that the New York Times is being disengenuous in its reporting about Trump's ties to the Russians?

1.  The NY Times article insisted, using unnamed sources, that the Russian hackers who attacked the Democratic Party servers, had no interest in swaying the U.S. election.  But why, then, didn't these hackers reveal any of the dirty linen flapping in the fouled air of Donald Trump's scandal-ridden campaign. 

2.  No comments allowed.   The NY Times draws readers to its articles by beefing up its comment pages.  However, no reader comments were allowed in this article to address its glaring inconsistencies.  

3.  Nowhere in the article was there mention of Marine Le Pen.  Who's she and what's her connection to Trump?   A diary in the  Dailykos explains the haunting parallels between Trump's Russia ties and the way the far-right Le Front Nationale in France led by Le Pen, has been cultivated by Putin and his financiers.  In exchange, Le Pen's party has embraced Putin, supports his annexation of Crimea as well as Russian efforts to dismantle NATO.