Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zionists Blaming Arabs for Holocaust as Morally Bankrupt as Holocaust Deniers

The Nazi Germans
It sounded so preposterous that I took it for a macabre joke. Folks were saying that Zionists were now blaming Arabs for the Holocaust.   In the Arab-Israeli conflict, now that the Israelis no longer controlled the media narrative (because of the Internet) other means had to be found to fan the flames of hatred and rage for the Palestinians, who were fast losing what little land they had left to Jewish settlements.  That's when this new narrative began popping up all over the place, that Arabs were complicit in the Holocaust.

But how about the allies of Nazi Germany?  Their role has been eclipsed in the Zionist revision of Holocaust history in this new focus on the Arabs.  So what is the evidence?  These books bear titles like Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam (Dalin & Rothmann) and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini (Morse). The latest book in this genre of pseudo-history is a bestseller by Zionist author, Edwin Black, entitled: The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust.  The title itself exposes its not altogether subtle goal of pinning much of European anti-Semitism and the Holocaust on a Palestinian Arab nationalist and a Muslim religious leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem named Haj Amin al-Husseini. This man worked for Nazi Germany as a propagandist and a recruiter of  Bosnian Muslim volunteers for the Waffen SS and other units in the Balkans. But surely that is evidence. . . evidence of what? Let's put this man's involvement on the battlefield at the far margins of this war in perspective.

The Holocaust was carried out by German soldiers, officials, and civilians, from clerks and officials in the government to units of the army, the police, and the SS. In fact, Arab immigrants from North Africa were rounded up as well and killed in the gas chambers. The Nazis also sought to enlist the support of all the states they occupied in rounding up the undesirables for the gas chambers. This chart offers the actual figures for what countries bore responsibility for sending Jews to their deaths in the Holocaust.    

Country     Pre-war Jewish Population   Estimated Murdered
Austria 185,000                                    50,000
Belgium 66,000                                    25,000
Bohemia/Moravia 118,000                    78,000
Bulgaria 50,000                                             0
Denmark 8,000                                            60
Estonia 4,500                                        2,000
Finland 2,000                                               7
France 350,000                                       77,000
Germany 565,000                                     142,000
Greece 75,000                                       65,000
Hungary 825,000                                     550,000
Italy 44,500                                                 7,500
Latvia 91,500                                        70,000
Lithuania 168,000                                      140,000
Luxembourg 3,500                                  1,000
Netherlands 140,000                               100,000
Norway 1,700                                              762
Poland 3,300,000                            3,000,000
Romania 609,000                                       270,000
Slovakia 89,000                                         71,000
Soviet Union 3,020,000                    1,000,000
Yugoslavia 78,000                                 60,000
Total: 9,793,700                            5,709,329

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem's total was zero.  So if any group is to be hated and held morally responsible for the Holocaust, why search the margins of the Nazi German coalition for a culprit, when all the world knows what really happened.  The reason the Europeans were so readily forgiven is a matter of finances.  Israel desperately needed the reparations coming from Germany after the war to establish itself on a sound economic footing.  It's amazing how quickly the Zionists forgave the actual perpetrators of the Holocaust, and projected their rage onto the people that they are doing everything in their power to get rid of.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Guinea's Anti-Vaxxers Kill People; Ours Simply Let Other Peoples' Children Die of Easily Curable Diseases

Ebola Virus
Over the years, I have lived and traveled throughout much of the African continent.  In that time, I've experienced both wisdom, and superstition, seen acts of generosity alongside the atrocities of war.  The news that villagers in a remote region of the West African nation of Guinea had killed eight health care workers and journalists, left me shivering with rage. Given the scarcity of doctors in Africa and the urgency of controlling this Ebola epidemic, how was it possible that people could be that ignorant and clueless?

The answer came to me this morning in a painful spark of insight.  Guinea is a poor nation with a per capita income of $492 a year, one of the lowest literacy rates in the world, and with 60% of its children receiving no schooling whatsoever.   The United States, in comparison has a per capita income of  $54,980 a year, a high school graduation rate of 88.15. Fifty-eight percent of Americans have attended some college, and 31% have attained a bachelor's degree or higher.  What can we humans expect of a poor nation of semi-illiterate people, when the superpower in which we live is now suffering the worse measles and whooping cough epidemic in two decades. But it is the reason for this turn of events that is most telling. These highly educated parents, whose beliefs mirror that of the Guinean villagers, insist that the vaccines are the cause of disease.  Olga Khazan quips in a recent article in The Atlantic, entitled Wealthy L.A. Schools' Vaccination Rates Are as Low as South Sudan's

It's tempting to suggest . . .these are just concerned, well-meaning parents who, along with forbidding processed food and dragging their offspring to baby yoga, also avoid any medications that aren't strictly "natural." (Of course, vaccines are natural—they're derived from the naturally-occurring pathogen itself.) That kind of thinking ignores the way vaccines work, through herd immunity. A community can only be protected when 92 percent or more of a population is immunized, and many of L.A.'s elementary schools are dipping far below that number. These parents aren't just risking their own kids' health, they're risking everyone's. 
 Wealth enables these people to hire fringe pediatricians who will coddle their irrational beliefs. But it doesn't entitle them to threaten an entire city's children with terrifying, 19th-century diseases for no reason.
Wealthy, college-educated parents have been persuaded by a few popular gurus that vaccinations cause autism.  It is a stressful, challenging disorder for any parent to face.  But sometimes the level of parental denial can be blinding.  Those who blame their childrens' autism on vaccines, need only look at their own family tree.  They will invariably have forgotten the uncles, aunts, cousins who grew up long before vaccinations were available, who also displayed autistic symptoms. But this was also long before autism was recognized and diagnosed.  Perhaps it is more emotionally comforting to think that the pharmaceutical industry caused this dreadful disorder rather than one's own DNA.

In the meantime, both children and adults do die of measles and whooping cough. I was shocked to learn that the cause of a dear friend's death several years ago were complications from measles.  These diseases are not harmless, especially for those with underlying conditions, which sometimes are not even diagnosed until it is too late.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, this is how measles works:
      About one out of 10 children with measles also gets an ear infection, and up to one out of 20 gets pneumonia. About one out of 1,000 gets encephalitis [a swelling of the brain that can itself be fatal], and one or two out of 1,000 die. 
Measles Virus
We humans are given the cognitive skills to seek answers to nature's thorniest questions.  That may indeed be the existential role of brains hard-wired with the higher cognitive functions that instills curiosity in us and a yearning to explore the unknown.   But also intrinsic to human nature is a default setting that revels in ignorance, as a perceived antidote to fear.   If we want to figure out how it strips away all semblance of reason among remote villagers in Guinea, all we need do is see its emotional equivalent  at work in America.    

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Feminine Solution to the NFL's Adrian Peterson Public Relations Disaster

I've given the NFL situation some thought, and I'd like to offer a solid, well-anchored suggestion.  This is of course, if they genuinely wish to avoid the kinds of public relations disasters they now find themselves mired in. (Rumor has it that Adrian Peterson may be the tip of the iceberg.  But  that may be idle gossip).

My solution is both simple and inexpensive. I would assume that the NFL employs some screening process for its players aside from sheer aggression and brawn.  If that is indeed the case, then let me add one additional criterion to whatever athletic ones they already have in place. Count the babies and the mamas. So-called football stars having babies with five and ten different mothers is repugnant.  I understand that attitudes about marriage have changed over the years.  But any young man, too befuddled by the instructions on a condom packet, that he produces babies with more than one mama should be disqualified, pure and simple.  I may sound puritanical.  But I'm not that at all.  What I am, is sickened to the core by the thuggish, plantation-stud culture that the NFL seems to be cultivating.  And the notion that these young men are presented as role models for America's youth brings tears to my eyes.  Is this what 365,000 young Union soldiers lost their lives in the Civil War for? The only real difference between this plantation culture and the previous one is that the white bosses give these muscular, hard-working field hands better living quarters for 10 years. 

If you've never seen the civil war movie, Glory, before, starring Denzel Washington, Matthew Broderick and Morgan Freeman, maybe now is the time. It is sometimes good to be reminded of where we came from to help us re-chart our future.  

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NFL Adrian Peterson's Winning Record: 2 Abused Sons & 1 Dead in Less Than a Year

Adrian Peterson and son
I didn't realize until a few minutes ago that the Adrian Peterson in the news is the same one, whose two year old died last year after being beaten to death by a different mother's boyfriend. You may think it unfair of me to dump this child's death on the man's shoulders when he's already reeling from two child abuse accusations, involving different mothers in a week.

That first child would still be alive had Peterson impregnated the kind of woman he had some intention of marrying, rather than sleeping his way through a chorus line of girls, who were themselves in search of meal tickets.  So, that young woman's next boyfriend just so happened to be a violent convict.  Adrian Peterson seems to think and behave  like a slave stud on a 18th century plantation.  What a shameful spectacle of a black man.  Who knows.  Maybe that's all football has become --  a high class plantation, for muscular black studs with multi-million dollar bank accounts, billionaire white owners, and shacks and shacks of baby mamas with babies, both of which can substitute for football dummies and punching bags when needed.
Janay and Ray Rice

After what I've seen and heard this week from Ray Rice, his wife, Janay Palmer and now Adrian Peterson, and Roger Goodell, I don't ever want to watch another NFL game again.  And I mean ever.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Did Janay Palmer Set Back the Cause of Battered Women Everywhere?

Ray Rice and wife Janay
Yes, the horrid video of this young woman being knocked out cold by her soon-to-be-husband, NFL player Ray Rice, is nightmarish.  The casual way the assault was treated by law enforcement and initially by the NFL management was disgraceful.  One would think that it would draw greater attention and possible understanding and support to the cause of battered women.  Maybe it does in some quarters, but not in the cubic centimeters of my brain devoted to such tragedies.

My first reaction was to rage against the Las Vegas hotel, the police, the prosecutors, the NFL.  What parallel universe was I inhabiting without knowing it?  What if I had gotten into a Las Vegas hotel elevator and some crazed maniac had knocked me out cold.  Was the protocol for the security merely to check to see whether I was alive, while the perp shrugged his shoulders and walked away.  Back to the case in point, how did Ray Rice know for certain that I wasn't dead, or permanently brain damaged?

When I listen to his many apologists, I wonder at what point in Aaron Hernandez's psychopathic fall from grace, they stopped apologizing for him??

And now I move on to Janay Palmer Rice. I shouldn't have watched the video. It keeps replaying itself in my head.  I understand the concept of "battered wife syndrome" but some illnesses look better when described on paper then when witnessed in real life. The woman's Instagram message blaming the public and the media for her misfortune but neither her psycho husband or her co-dependent self, taught me something.  I am not as compassionate as I would like to think that I am. Some illnesses are just too complicated and thus require too much time, resources and attention taken away from more solvable social problems.  In cases like that of Janay Palmer's, prosecutors say that the battered spouse often drops charges or refuses to bring them in the first place.  Believe me, I understand the deep emotional need we all feel as married women to weather the storms in our relationship, but not at the cost of our lives, of course.  So if the police are often times putting themselves in a deadly situation, prosecutors are wasting their time, anger management classes don't work, group and other therapy classes cannot get these women to leave the abusive husband, and so on, I would much rather see some of those resources go to early childhood education, or free music lessons for disadvantaged children.  By the time two people are of marriageable age, the psychoses causing these problems are far too deeply embedded for society to do much about them.  I'm not saying that their families, friends and loved ones should give up.  I'm merely saying, that the society as a whole should invest in music, or dance, or drama classes for disadvantaged children and other such programs, to help give them a sense of wholeness before it's too late. 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

NFL Wife Janay Palmer Watching Her Own Train Derail While Sitting in the Conductor's Seat

I just watched the video I told myself I wouldn't even take a peek at. Yes, it's the one where NFL player Ray Rice knocks his fiancee, Janay Palmer out cold, and then drags her limp body out of an elevator. No deep insights came to mind. But I did have one simple observation.   Madam Janay and her husband are both mentally ill, in different but complementary ways.  He's a psychopath and she's, well. . . a mess. Yes, I feel sorry for her. Well,  actually, not really.  There are so many  heart-wrenching things that happen in life over which no one has any control whatsoever. I save my grief for the victims of those situations. This young woman has choices.  To sit around waiting to get murdered by that thuggish husband of hers is a tragedy beyond words.  Yes, I know all the psycho-babble about "the reasons women stay with their abusers."  But Janay Palmer married the man who knocked her out the day after she regained consciousness.   The wording of her Instagram, the expression of anger at the media and the public for her husband's criminal assault on her, may, as has been commented upon elsewhere, reflect "battered wife syndrome."  But society cannot fix everyone's problems.  Sometimes we have to acknowledge, sadly, that train wrecks do happen regardless of how many safety features are instituted.  And she is sitting in the conductor's seat, looking out the window, enjoying the view, and seemingly oblivious to the fact that the trellis holding up the  bridge the train's about to chug onto got washed away in last night's storm.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

ISIS Doesn't Yet Realize Obama Isn't Empty-Headed George Bush

Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS)
President Obama will not be goaded into an ill-considered war, regardless of how many atrocities the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS) commits.  They're getting awfully frustrated about now.  Americans aren't suppose to act with strategic intelligence.  They're suppose to invade a hapless Middle East country every time some unhinged Muslim group harms innocent American civilians.  

I do sincerely wish all these war-mongering pundits would shut the hell up.  None of this would be happening had America's war-industrial complex's mouthpiece, George Bush, not convinced the American public that invading Iraq was the way to get at Osama bin Laden.  It never occurred to the man and his cronies that just sending in the Navy  seals to do the job would save the country trillions of dollars, thousands of American lives and further chaos in the Middle East.

But what is done is done.  President Obama is our Commander in Chief.  I trust his judgment, his integrity, and most of all his strategic intelligence.  Since I can't say the same for all the pundits who previously told us to invade Iraq and who are now sucking all the oxygen out of the airwaves with their diatribes against Obama, my advice to you is this.  Every time they open their weasly mouths just switch the channel to Sponge Bob Square Pants or some other celluloid  character that at least knows what it really is.  

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Chris McDaniel: The Psychopathology of a Racist

Chris McDaniel Refuses to Concede Loss to Cochran
As many of you know, Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel lost the Republican primary to Thad Cochran after a run-off in which Cochran campaigned among Black Democratic voters.  Since then McDaniel has given the nation the most theatrical sore-loser melt-down that I've ever had the misfortune to  witness. He refused to concede the election even though he lost by over 7,000 votes.  Instead he cried "voter fraud," and has gone around the state drumming up support among the kind of Mississippians who agree with his Stalinesque decree, that the state's GOP should be purged after the election.  

What stuck in his craw and that of his supporters was the fact that his GOP opponent appealed to black Democratic voters.  McDaniel labeled this outreach,  race-baiting, claiming that it had thrown back race relations in Mississippi by 50 years.  Well, that's when I got to thinking about McDaniel's mental state and that of his supporters.  

In the midst of  a tightly-contested political contest, what does a politician do when his opponent puts up ads or makes speeches among targeted groups spewing lies about his opponent?  What normal politicians do is put up ads and make speeches to said groups refuting the accusations and (possibly even spewing even more dastardly lies about the opponent).  The public weighs and sifts the evidence and votes for the candidate that best reflects its interests.  

But what did McDaniel do when Thad Cochran began drumming up support among Blacks.  Nothing.  What did he do when he was accused of being a racist.  Nothing.  What response did he make to specific accusations that he publicly blamed gun violence on hip hop, pondered when it was appropriate to call a woman "mamacita" and had a habit of associating with white supremacists and Neo-Confederates.   Not a word.

I'm grateful that the Mississippi Supreme Court refused to allow McDaniel to get his hands on the personal information of those Democratic voters, who clearly didn't vote for him in the GOP primary.  A man  travelling around the country rabble-rousing about voter fraud to potential lynch mobs, is a man who'd rather see Mississippi burned to the ground  than admit he lost an election.  That is the psychopathology of a racist.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lives of Black Voters in Mississippi Could Be in Danger (for Helping Thad Cochran Win over Chris McDaniel)

 Chris McDaniel Demands Personal Info on Black Voters
I've watched developments in Mississippi with growing horror.  No, I'm not using hyperbole. Sore loser Chris McDaniel seems to have snapped. The Neo-Confederate cannot handle the fact that he lost to his Republican opponent by a large margin of Black Democratic votes.  Yes, he was outmaneuvred with a tactic that the Ku klux Klan would have hung people from trees to ward off in previous times.  But this is no longer that America. Or that is my sincerest hope. Only now McDaniel has petitioned the courts for the personal information, including the birthdates of the Democratic (Black) voters who were legally eligible to vote in the Republican primary, because they hadn't voted in their own, since there was no real contest.

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood had already explained that each voter has a unique voter identification number that can be used to differentiate between people with similar names or family members, who share the same name. So why exactly must McDaniel have these voters' identifying information?   Remember that supporters of McDaniel broke into a nursing home to photograph his opponent's mentally disabled wife. One of the men involved subsequently committed suicide.  I do not believe that Chris McDaniel had anything to do with this tragic business. But this man appears to attract people with poor judgment or worse. Given Mississippi's sordid racial history, what might a few rogue actors among his already hyped up followers do with the personal information of these Black voters?

Some goons could threaten their livelihoods.  Or for that matter, they might threaten these peoples'  lives if they refused to perjure themselves in court by not going along with some tale concocted by the McDaniel campaign of phony irregularities.

The Voting Rights Act might be all that stands between Mississippi sliding into the Stalingrad River.

UPDATE: July 20, 2014

I am gratified to say that the Mississippi Supreme Court had the decency and good sense to deny the McDaniel request to provide voters' personal identification information to his staff.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As for Immigration, Let's Get One Thing Clear - America Is Not a Humanitarian Nation!

Iraqi Orphans Should Be Given Priority
The parents, whose children now sit in make-shift centers on our southern border, have gotten America all wrong. They've entrusted their kids to us apparently believing in all the propaganda.  But it's amazing how simple life is when you sweep away the lies. It's true that many of us are warm hearted towards our fellow humans and would do what we could to alleviate suffering to the best of our abilities and up to a point.  But America is a superpower. It invades countries under false pretenses, creates chaos and in Iraq alone is responsible for more than 200,000 deaths of women and children, let alone the 2,000+ casualties of our own sons and daughters.  And that was for lies anyone with good sense knew at the time were lies.  After all, the country was in a state of bloodlust after 9/11 and both parties in Congress with the exception of former Congressman Dennis Kucinich and then Senator Barack Obama, were too fearful of the Israeli lobby to vote otherwise. [The euphemism for such cowardice under foreign influence is the newfangled term "neo-conservatism."].

I haven't a clue as to why anyone would get paid working in a State Department office with a sign on the door called "Human Rights."    I can think of several former White House officials who would be convicted of bonafided war crimes were it not for the fact that the U.S. is not a signatory to the World Court (no doubt for that reason). 

And this brings me to the distressing case of immigrant children lined up on the Mexican border.  As much of a hot button as the GOP and Dems try to make it, immigration is not a moral issue.  At any particular point in our history, we have the power to decide whether we need and wish to have more immigrants or we don't.  America's problem is that it lies to itself. The GOP says that it doesn't, while it does. The wealth of agro-business is built on cheap immigrant labor.  But then again, so for that matter are the careers of many Democratic professional women who as mothers hire cheap nannies and domestics to care for their children. But for Democrats just now to appeal to America's compassion strikes me as nonsensical.  

If we're all that emotionally worked up by the suffering of children, our first priority should be opening our borders to all the Iraqi and Afghani children both parties turned into orphans.  These other kids will just have to wait their turn.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Iggy Azalea: Please Pack Up Your Degrading Minstrel Show and Take it Back to Australia Where Folks Might Think You're Onto Something New

It's been a rough few months for sisters' struggling to hold onto to some shred of dignity.  First, Cliven Bundy announced that we'd be happier back on  slave plantations.   Then former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling made a slew of racist comments in public.

Driving down the highway this afternoon with my son, Iggy came on the radio. I loved the beat and said something about the sistah's gravely voice.  "Sorry," he informed me.  "Iggy Azalea is a white woman from Australia."  O-k-a-y.   My family is multi-racial and I don't peg women by the shade of make-up they wear.

But this Iggy business stuck in my craw.  I just couldn't at the time articulate why it had really upset me. Yes, musicians borrow one another's style, sing one another's songs, imitation being the highest form of flattery and all.  But this was something different. And it took a few hours before my jaded neurons made the connection. This wasn't Elvis Presley embracing Chuck Berry, and re-expressing him from the depths of the rock n' roller's soul.  No, this was Al Jolson, a black face minstrel show, cartoonish, caricaturing black vocal tones, music and intonation and doing it for precisely the same reasons.   Audiences ate it up then and eat it up now.    It's a form of racial cross-dressing that jolts audiences because of the sexual dichotomy between how white and black entertainers are seen. I have come across several insightful articles on the subject (here) and (here) One commenter on the Gawker site made the following comment:
(ModMudd):   You see an artful play performance. I see a white girl putting on a fake African American female sexuality and indentity and selling it for consumption. And she's handsomely rewarded for being able to project this identiy from the safety and acceptabilty of a white body. Because black feminine identity and sexuality is very profitable and attractive when disassociated with blackness.
There will be those youngsters who don't know what blackface is, who even insist that Iggy Azalea is doing black women a favor by caricaturing our style of expressiveness or maybe even helping to build a post-racial America.  Well, all I can say to them is that Cliven Bundy believes his goals are at least as noble.


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bobby Jindal & Nikki Haley - Is Renouncing Hinduism a Requirement for Indian-American Politicians in the GOP?

Indian-American Governors Jindal and Haley
The question I pose is a rhetorical one, since the answer is obviously "yes."  Both Louisiana Governor Piyush Jindal (Bobby to his constituents) and  South Carolina Governor Nimrata Nikki Randhawa Haley,  (Nikki to her supporters) renounced their birth religions and converted to Christianity.  But I wonder how that works.  How far must they run from their "demonic" pasts to suit their fundamentalist Christian audiences?  Do they have to denounce their Hindu parents and relatives?  Do they ever get nervous about slip ups? What happens when a Hindu relative or old family friend comes to visit. Are they shunted off to a private wing of the Governor's Mansion?  Or do these Governors have house rules posted inside the front door of their residences:  no guests allowed wearing saris, smelling of curry, or carrying elephant, monkey, many-armed divinity icons, and jewelry suggesting Hindu idolatry.  

As an African-American, it reminds me of a period in history that I would just as well forget, when some of my light-skinned relatives  "passed for white."  Of course it's not exactly the same thing.  Our Indian-American governors aren't exactly pretending that they're of European ancestry.   But let's be frank.  They are pretending. They are acting as though the ugly-spirited  bigotry of their supporters is not meant to push their buttons, to test their fortitude or ambitions or self-loathing.  How exhausting it must be to listen to their constituents spew hatred at  "those people" day in and day out.

Governor Bobby Jindal has even ratcheted up the vitriol and in a recent speech called for insurrection in Washington, D.C.  This is shameful. But maybe it's the reason why the majority of Indian-Americans prefer to hold onto their self-respect and thus vote Democrat.

Friday, June 20, 2014

President Obama Please Send Unaccompanied Immigrant Kids Home Immediately

Sorry, folks. It is precisely because I do love kids that I have no sympathy whatsoever for this wave of unaccompanied minors being allowed to cross the border into the U.S.  I don't care what their immigration status is.  These kids need to be sent back to wherever they came from and immediately!  If they're American citizens, and their parents can't be bothered to bring them here, then they really don't belong in this country.
Immigrant Kids Must Be Sent Back Home

I'm a generous hearted person. But quite frankly I'm incensed.  My own country has become so unsafe that I cannot as a mother allow my child to walk three blocks to school without the real threat of being murdered  or snatched and imprisoned in someone's basement as a sex slave.  And yet people from El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua or wherever live in such an entitled fantasy world that they send their toddlers in pampers across the border unaccompanied.  This has really got to stop.

President Obama needs to work hard to pass a fair immigration bill for workers.  But he needs to nip this business of minors crossing the border in the bud immediately.  The American public should have no sympathy for this insanity.  America can't take care of the parentless kids it already has. We have too many in abusive foster homes, homeless or being pimped on street corners.    America is a remarkable country in many ways, with economic opportunities available to those who work hard. But it is not a safe, child friendly place even when kids have the protection of their parents  And the American public should not be held hostage to ensuring the safety of kids flooding across the border when we can't even ensure the safety of our own. 

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Which Militia did Parents of Oregon AR-15 Shooter Belong to?

Oregon Shooter Jared Padgett
We'll probably have to wait for the London newspapers to find out the answer to that question. The American media would rather not know. Reporting those kinds of details lose them audience segments. But one thing I do know is that 15 year old Jared Padgett lived in a household run by psychopaths.   What kind of emotionally healthy parents would have an AR-15 rifle lying around for their teenage son to pick up and murder a classmate with?  I don't want to hear excuses about the kid getting around security procedures.  The kind of people with those kinds of arsenals are paranoid survivalists, like the mother of Adam Lanza (the Newtown killer), awaiting the world economic collapse or the Apocalypse.  And they need to have their AR-15s loaded and ready for the rabble hordes who might try to break in and steal their carefully stored canned goods.    

Sporadic news reports suggests that this kid lived with his dad, after the parents' divorce.  Whoever was his legal guardian needs to be arrested for 2nd degree homicide or manslaughter at the very least.   I hope the trial will be carried out in an open court with plenty of news cameras so that all the other psychos with military weapons can see the consequences of paranoia and psychopathology played out in public. Yes the Padgett's son is also dead. May he rest in peace. But this couple or whichever one was amassing a military arsenal must be held responsibility for this avoidable tragedy.  

Monday, June 9, 2014

The Secret Strategy Behind the Las Vegas Shooters' 10 Minute Revolution

I was puzzled at first.  What kind of revolution begins with two cops getting shot point blank while they're eating lunch and ends ten minutes later with the shooters engaging in a suicide pact?

However drugged out the shooters might have been, they did have a relatively coherent strategy.  But Obama is outsmarting these idiots.  He refuses to be goaded.  This whole Bundy ranch business, the militias, the white supremacists, are doing everything they can to provoke the federal government into a violent response.  This is why the two shooters shouted that they were begetting the revolution started and killed the two cops in such a brutal, senseless manner. They believe that the Las Vegas police department will lash out and over-react just as Bundy's militia hoped and prayed for the same outcome with the feds.  If only they can get both federal and local law enforcement to respond like jack-boots, then this would spark the revolution by rallying their well-armed supporters.  In fact FOX News is now criticizing the President for not putting a stop to the anti-government fanaticism they in fact fanned by framing  Cliven Bundy as a great hero and patriot in the first place. 

Admittedly, it's a rather mangy bunch consisting of NRA-types, Tea Partyers, Posse Comitatus, Aryan Nation, Neo-Nazis, lunatics with gun permits, who've decided that anarchy is far better than having that black man in the White House.  And maybe their strategy could have worked.  But these erstwhile revolutionaries have suddenly forgotten the very thing they reminded the rest of us about on an hourly basis during the election campaigns.   Before going into national politics, Barack Obama was a community organizer.  He understands that consciousness raising works both ways.

President Obama is giving the American public a powerful consciousness-raising moment.    It is the public, not the Black president, who will have to rise up against this vermin.  And they will.

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White Supremacists and Neo-Nazis Behind Open Carry Laws

Let's be clear about the matter.   Anyone, politician or otherwise, who supports "Open Carry Laws" is a member of the White Supremacist/Neo-Nazi Movement.  But. .. but. . . but. . .  No ifs, ands or buts. It really is that simple.

Two "Open Carry" members walked into a  Cici's pizzeria, ambled over to the two cops having lunch, raised their pistols and fired at them point blank.  The "Open Carry" advocates then marched into Walmarts, killed a shopper then committed ritual suicide.  

But how can I be so sure about the affiliation of these people and their supporters?  Even before I learned that the couple did in fact belong to a white supremacist group and had swastikas painted on their walls, there was something else I knew.  The freedom to "open carry" is not extended to blacks.   

The Trayvon Martin case was not a tragic fluke. It was a set-up for this whole filthy mess.  An unarmed black, walking home from a convenience store was shot and killed with impunity.  There were no blacks on the jury (the one dark-complexioned juror was a Hispanic maid fearful of losing her job). Yes, the Trayvon Martin was a warning to any and all African-Americans.  "You don't even need to have a weapon for us to kill you in cold blood."  So if the mere fact of being black is provocation enough, what message does that give any naive black soul who might think that the "open carry" laws are meant for everyone?

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Taliban and the NRA

Bowe Bergdahl - Ballet Dancer
For five years the Taliban kept their American prisoner alive.  However petulantly conservatives call for the man's head as a traitor, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl couldn't have been of much help to the Afghans, given the fact that he was a lowly private in the Army at the time of his capture and a ballet dancer in real life.  During the period of his captivity, casualties mounted on both sides.  One of his captor's sons was killed by a CIA missile drone strike. That man and those around him couldn't have felt kindly towards the American prisoner. On two occasions when the prisoner tried to escape, he was tortured and locked in a cage.  And yet, at least by their standards, the Taliban believed they were taking adequate care of their prisoner, following the dictates of the Geneva Convention, finding fresh fruit for the American when all they had to eat was dried goat's meat.

Now let's turn to the National Rifle Association.  That organization has seen to it that assault rifles, other lethal weapons and limitless ammunition would be sold to every raving lunatic, who entered an American gun store.   The NRA has also made sure that Congress would not fund any research on gun violence.  After the shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, columnist Mike Lupica wrote:

 We see once again with more dead students, this time at the University of California, Santa Barbara, that gun violence in America is an epidemic. This is a fact of life seen everywhere except the National Rifle Association, the most dangerous lobby in this country or any country, and by the elected officials who regularly pimp themselves out to it.
We are talking here about all those in the Senate and in the Congress who represent gun companies even more fiercely than they do their states or their districts, those who hide behind the Second Amendment, something conceived and written for a world of muskets, the way cockroaches hide in similar dark places.

These are people who do not only fight what they call “gun grabbers.” They also fight any legitimate research into the whole complicated subject of gun violence by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which is only allowed to spend around $100,000 a year because the NRA and its tame politicians act as if education is some kind of threat to our basic freedoms, instead of a way to understand the connection between the insane number of guns in this country and the people who keep dying as a result of them.

The United States government has spent trillions of dollars to get rid of the Taliban.  In the past five years we can attribute 0 attacks to the Taliban on American soil.   But at least 200  mass killings -- defined by the FBI as four or more victims, not including the killer -- have occurred across the U.S. at the rate of about one every two weeks since 2006.

Who knows? Maybe the Afghans are secretly funding the NRA to make sure that we Americans kill our own selves off.   


Monday, June 2, 2014

GOP Lynch Mob Stoking Public Hysteria over Prisoner Exchange

Bowe Bergahl Held by Taliban 5 Years
Would the GOP have felt better had the Taliban sent Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's head to us in a cardboard box, or just left his body dangling from a tree somewhere in Afghanistan?  No.  They would have blamed President Obama in even more strident tones than what they're using now for having allowed such an atrocity to happen to a soldier who gave his life for his country blah...blah...blah.  They've already blamed the President for fanning racism because if he were white, the subject wouldn't come up so much. 

The President of the United States, as our Commander-in-Chief , has the constitutional authority to make prisoner exchanges. The last I heard, Israel exchanged 1,000 Palestinian militants for 1 Israeli private.  But, I guess for the GOP, poisoning the homecoming and wrecking the life of a young soldier who's been held prisoner by the Taliban for 5 years is a minimal price to pay if it might contribute to sullying the President's standing. Why not welcome the young man home. There will be plenty of time to find out whether he defected or was kidnapped or was wandering around with PTSD.  He's American. He broke down and cried when he learned he had been rescued by Special Forces. And he is back home in the bosom of his family possibly with valuable information about the workings of the Taliban.

The real problem is that the GOP is imploding before our very eyes, becoming uglier, more grotesque by the day.  But that's no cause for Republicans and  FOX News to begin sounding as unhinged as the  late Mr. Retribution from Santa Barbara, California.  At first I was puzzled as to why so bizarre an analogy would even come to mind. And then the connection struck me.  It's about entitlement.  If I can't have it no one can.  If I can't have power, I'll shut the government down. I'll shred the nation's credit rating. I'll see to it that none of the uninsured has medical insurance.  I'll get that black bastard out of the White House if it's the last thing I do.

But be forewarned. Narratives woven around a grandiose sense of entitlement always end tragically.  

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Society Cannot Create Misogynists Without the Help of Abusive Mothers

Elliot Rodger and Family
Some of life's problems are not about to be solved. It is not because they are not being talked about.  It is rather because all the discussion takes place in a fairytale universe as real as the one Superman and Lois Lane inhabit.  Yes I'm talking about "misogyny" and what at first appeared to be an opportunity for a genuine  national conversation  after the Elliot Rodger mass murder.   But that moment has been lost amidst feminist handwringing and proclamations that we women must unite to excise this cancer from the American soul.   I also see myself as a feminist. But I say none of this talk makes sense.

Misogyny is certainly a reflection of societal values.  But the kind that sits in a BMW vowing to kill every blond female in sight is the kind of narcissistic implosion that can only come from one place -- home.    Elliot Rodger's parents created a monster.  They didn't do it on purpose. They obviously had their own unresolved emotional issues.  But the more I think about it the angrier I get.  It should have been obvious to the public that something was haywire when we learned how the mother interacted with her son.  When she was worried about threatening videos, she didn't make the hour's drive to Isla Vista to check on her son herself.  Instead she called a therapist, who called the police to make a health check.  This was apparently the woman's modus operandi in raising the kid.  She and her husband spent Elliot's childhood "psychiatrist shopping."  They were looking for someone who would give them a diagnosis that did not make them culpable for his bizarre behavior.  This kid was as autistic as Oprah.  He suffered from Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which unlike disorders on the autism spectrum like Aspergers is not something a child is born with.  Undoubtedly the mother was dealing as well with an ass of a husband, who ran off when the psychopath they were creating became too much, found himself another wife and truly believed he had wiped his hands of the whole traumatic mess.  Well Elliot saw that such would not be the case.

But let's get back to my original point.  Whatever sexist, misogynistic nonsense goes on in society, a loving and emotionally healthy home life is what insulates children from those raw, outside messages.  If as mothers we wish to instill sensitive, feminist-affirming values in our sons, then we need to spend at least as much time nurturing our children as we do shouting anti-misogynist slogans in public. We don't even need to sit kids down and give them lessons in how to treat women. This they will absorb in a million unspoken ways through how we treat them as powerless, emotionally dependent little boys.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Mothers: Why Aren't Your Daughters Enrolled in Self-Defense Classes?

This Elliot Rodger mass murder with the Retribution message of hatred to women has really shaken me to my core.  Had someone answered the door to the sorority house in Isla Vista, he would have murdered every girl in the building as well as those he gunned down on the street.. In any case, I was reading the comments section of one article, where a mother proclaimed that she "was thinking of putting her daughter in a self-defense class." Wait a minute. . . thinking. . . why thinking?  And that's when a roiling in the pit of my stomach gripped me Suddenly I remembered the three women in Ariel Castro's basement and Elizabeth Smart and the two teens in the house chained to the walls.

I feel heartbreaking compassion for all of the victims of sexual slavery, abuse and violence.  But ladies, it really is time for us to de-victimize ourselves. I'm not an aggressive person.  But rather than sit around bemoaning all the misogynists in the world, women really do need to learn self-protection and it needs to start in kindergarten, in age appropriate ways. But please let me clarify. There's nothing anyone could have done against a gun-crazed lunatic. But there are so many other situations where women feel defeated because they do not realize that an attacker who is bigger and stronger can be overcome.   I'm not talking about becoming hardened or cynical  or cold.  The world is not evil.  It just is.  If we want to engage with life we must get out in it. Yes, there's misogyny. Maybe we can raise our sons with a greater sensitivity to gender equality or maybe the patriarchal culture will undo our best efforts.  Whatever the case, if we desire to function in the world, we really can't spend too much time whining about the way it is.  We simply need to see that our daughters are prepared for the real thing rather than some feminist fantasy, which may or may not ever come to pass.

We shouldn't be thinking about signing our daughters up for self-defense classes, we should be signing up with them.  (And just in case you're interested, I know a superb kenpo karate instructor in Denton, TX who also heads the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame - click here).  .