Saturday, August 27, 2016

The REAL Reason the White Nationalist Alt-Right Leaves Room at the Top for Asians

White Nationalism Driven by Masculine Insecurities
Alt-Right leader Jared Taylor, who is also founder of the prominent white nationalist publication American Renaissance proclaims that his movement cannot be racist. After all, Taylor quips:
“Presumably a white supremacist is someone who wants to rule over people of other races. We have no such desire. Nor do people on the alt right think that whites are a superior race. In many respects Asians are more objectively superior to whites and certainly athletically blacks are probably superior to whites.”

 How very tolerant of them. Or is it?  If we take a deeper look at what's really going on, we'll find the even more sinister (albeit juvenile) force that drives this predominantly male movement -- masculine insecurities.   Throughout much of the 20th century, white nationalists characterized Asians as, well. . .  mongoloid idiots.  But something changed three decades ago.  The leaders of this movement began to elevate Asians to the top of the IQ/intelligence hierarchy alongside Whites.  They crowed: "Our movement can't be driven by racism, because we're putting Orientals at the top."  But why? I devoted a chapter to this phenomenon in my 2012 book: Straightening the Bell Curve; How Stereotypes About Black Masculinity Drive Research on Race and Intelligence.

A pernicious stereotype that Asian men have faced is that of being emasculated and feminized.  They were not perceived as rivals to white males in the sexual competition for women.  A 28 year old Samoan-Chinese American male once lamented:
It's annoying and energy-consuming to constantly speak up against stereotypes of black and Latino men as being sexually hungry, ravenous beasts (white men are scared of them); and of Asian men as being nerdy, asexual and gay (white men patronizing them)." (Jeff Yang, "The 1995 Natyional Asian American Sex Survey" A Magazine, August-September 1995, p.27). 

In this regard, white nationalist intellectual Jean-Philippe Rushton once opined:

Racial differences are found in sexual permissiveness, thinking about sex and even in levels of sex guilt. In one study, three generations of Japanese Americans and japanese students in Japan had less interest in sex than European students. (J. Philippe Rushton, Race, Evolution and Behavior, page 18).

But Professor Audrey Smedley of Virginia Commonwealth University countered Rushton's assertions by reminding him that the Chinese had the most reproductively successful population in the world. Prof. Smedley observed sardonically: "They got to number over a billion with small penises and presumably little interest in sex." (Audrey Smedley: "How Caucasoids got Such Big Crania")

In fact, it is the fear of African-American masculinity that drives so much white supremacist drivel as well as police shootings of unarmed black males.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Black Voter to Donald Trump: "Do You Honestly Want to Know What We have to Lose"?

Mr. Trump, let me tell you a secret.  The man who murdered Trayvon Martin, the police who are killing unarmed blacks and the juries that acquit them are Donald Trump supporters. That crowd is itching for opportunities to use their "Second Amendment rights" and their spanking-new AR-15s to put us  "uppity negroes" back in our place (welfare/sharecropping/slavery). They salivate to put my strong,  handsome fourteen year old son, whose health and athleticism they both envy to hell and fear,  in an early grave.  

Progressives express astonishment that white racists consistently vote  against their economic interests, supporting right-wing politicians, who only represent the 1%.   But what these Progressives fail to grasp is human nature itself.   For poor whites and those without college educations, their most valued possession is the social status conferred by "whiteness".  

If you don't believe me, judge for yourself.  Here is a cross-section of Donald Trump supporters speaking  the truth as they know it.   

Friday, August 19, 2016

U.S. Swimmers Should Present Their Gold Medals to Brazilian People with a Heart-felt Apology

I'm ashamed to admit it, but I was all too ready to believe four wholesome, American, Olympic gold-medal swimmers. They claimed that they had been robbed at gunpoint by men dressed as Brazilian policeman. After all, Brazil is. . . well. . . a bit of a mess.  And if America with all its advantages and wealth can have crooked cops, then why shouldn't Brazil have its share.  But then, of course, we all learned the truth. The swimmers' story was a lie.  Rather than being robbed at gunpoint, the ringleader, Ryan Lochte had in a drunken stupor kicked in the door to a gas station rest room, and urinated on the wall of the building.

Brazil is a proud but struggling nation, faced with an overwhelming array of social problems.  Despite high levels of poverty and criminal violence it put on a spectacular Olympic display, for which Brazilians should take pride.  And then four American swimmers with gold medals dangling from their necks, wrecked almost everything.  Yes, the Olympics were amazing and wonderful. But the biggest story to come out of it was one of crime and corruption (thanks to the American swimmers). And this is after the country had expended a good fraction of its treasury to put on an appealing show for potential tourists.    

These young men owe the Brazilian people a genuine, truly heart-felt apology.  Whether they have the emotional maturity to do so, is questionable.  But at the very least, they should hold a press conference in which they turn over their gold medals to the Brazilian people and ask forgiveness. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Melania Trump's Redemption or Is Ms. Trump Being Held Hostage in "the" Donald's Basement?


Melania Trump has insisted that the media call her  "Ms" rather than "Mrs".  So where am I going with this? Donald Trump's wife has a mind of her own. The Trump campaign would rather that this candidate for first lady be seen as a gold digging ignoramus than who she really is -- a woman who chose at the defining moment of her life to embrace Michelle Obama . Maybe through our First Lady, Melania Trump has come to understand the true nature of beauty.

But the implications of what I'm saying is that Donald Trump could be holding her hostage in the basement of Mar-a-lago. It might be time for law enforcement to make a discrete visit to the Trump home for a "safety check" -- just in case.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Please Bernie -- Finding the Inner Strength to Concede is the Only Thing That Makes Democracy Work


Maybe I lived in Africa too long, while Bernie Sanders nestled in Vermont, concocting theories for how the world should work.  Whatever the case, the nearly insurmountable challenge to democracy in poor countries is the inability to get the loser in an election to concede.  America is not Angola, where war broke out in late 1975 after thwarted elections.  Twenty-five years later, the landscape lay strewn with a million corpses, including family members of mine and unexploded landmines.  Such things could not happen here because, well. . .,, we're western and rich.  But don't be deceived.  We are more fragile than we'd like to think. How else could a neo-fascist like Donald Trump become the sole nominee for president of the United States on the GOP ticket?

Of course, I'm not equating the democratic socialist ideals of Sanders with Trump. But what I am saying is this.  If Sanders wants to influence our nation's future direction, it is not just his policy prescriptions that have meaning.  It is also the subliminal messages he sends to his supporters. What kind of revolution has he been talking about?  Is it one based on electoral victory, or on seizing power "by any means necessary"?  If the former, he has not modelled the most civic-minded behavior, by refusing to bat down conspiracy theories, trying to flip delegates after losing by 3+ million votes to Hillary, and passive-aggressively signalling chaos at the July Democratic Convention.

Perhaps the Washington, d.c. primary and the fact that he is meeting this weekend with campaign officials will be Bernie's moment to regain moral leadership of the progressive movement.  But if he cannot find it within himself to seize the moment, and concede to Hillary Clinton with some modicum of grace, then Bernie Sanders will begin to sound like the ravings of a just another, third world, sore-losing, despot.   

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Why 85% of Black Female Voters Support Hillary Clinton (And Its Not for the Reasons You Think)

85% of Black Female Voters Support Hillary Clinton
African-American female voters are supporting Hillary Clinton at a rate of 85+%. We are neither the so-called "Establishment" nor are we being paid off by billionaire bankers to support Clinton. Sadly, Bernie Sanders is trying to turn back the clock on civil rights, while blathering about being a socialist, progressive, revolutionary. So, let me explain what "voter suppression" really is. It is Bernie trying to convince the superdelegates that he should be given the nomination based on the votes of "white" elitist caucus states, while the Southern primaries, where black voters helped to give Hillary sweeping victories, should be ignored.  Bernie's excuse is that he can convince the superdelegates that he would be a better general election candidate against Trump than Hillary. If the Governor of California and other Democratic officials really believed that, they would already have switched to Bernie.  They are politicians; their goal is to win elections.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Democrats Beware: Bernie Sanders Has No Intention of Endorsing Hillary Clinton

Is Bernie Sanders suffering narcissistic rage?
Bernie Sanders is acting out a textbook case of "narcissistic rage". It emerges from a personality profile that is prone to outbursts of intense anger in the form of blaming.   Psychologia explains:
(They use) their energies to achieve feelings of self-importance by gaining affection and admiration from others. When this admiration is blocked, for example by questioning a decision made by the narcissist, narcissistic rage can set in. Symptoms of rage may be mild and non-violent such as displaying visible irritation, vocal disagreement with the situation or head-shaking. . . In general, a person that frequently displays narcissistic rage symptoms is often labeled as selfish, spoiled and a sore loser by their peers. 
The closer Sanders comes to the moment when electoral protocol dictates he endorse the winner of the Democratic nomination, the more wild-eyed, malicious and conspiratorial, he will become in his denunciations of those he believes have stood in his way. The list is getting longer by the day: Hillary Clinton, Democratic Party Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank, Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, the New York Times, black voters. . . 

Since no concessions on the part of the Democrats can quell the narcissistic injury Bernie feels on account of losing the nomination, they need to stop making them.  He is, in fact, baiting the Party in hopes that they'll kick him out so that he can run as an independent and create even more havoc. So, what can be done to stop him from wrecking the Democratic Party and ensuring the election of Donald Trump?  Just be prepared that in the coming weeks he will escalate his rage and ignore him.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Bernie-or-Busters are "White Power" Racists Parading as Progressives

How noble they make it sound, voting your conscience, not giving into the "lesser of two evils". But any person who contributes to Donald Trump winning the presidency, has no conscience.  That stands for Bernie Sanders supporters proclaiming that if their man isn't handed a Democratic nomination he did not earn, they'll sit out this election, vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party, or just hand their vote over to  Donald Trump outright. And that also goes for  airhead actresses like Susan Sarandon and Rosario Dawson.

Life is about the choices we make. And racial bigotry is in pretending that our decisions have no consequences  just because some of us may be insulated from them.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Bernie Sanders' Supporters too Uncontrollable for Clinton to Risk Naming Him her VP

The behavior of Bernie Sanders' supporters at the Nevada convention, was an eye-opener for me.  It is not because someone may or may not have launched a chair at the podium or the fact that death threats were lobbed at Democratic chair, Roberta Lange, her family and grandchildren.  It is rather the fact that losing presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, so easily persuaded his supporters, to declare that Nevada never happened.  Even more sinister is the Vermont Senator's campaign's meme that women, blacks, Latinos and anyone else who doesn't support Bernie are "the Establishment," motivated by illegal payoffs and are part of a dark, billionaire-Wall Street-Democratic Party conspiracy.  According to this narrative, this is the only reason he is losing by 3 million votes and 300 delegates.  In short, the more this campaign goes on, the more Sanders' entitled, white millennial supporters are giving  college educations -- where one presumably learns math and critical thinking skills --  a bad name.

So now, Bernie is hinting around that he'll stop organizing protests to disrupt the Democratic convention if Hillary names him her Vice-President. But if I were  Clinton, I'd exercise caution.  So  embittered has Sanders become at losing the nomination that he will continue dogwhistling disruption and chaos to his impressionable supporters, regardless of what soothing pronouncements he makes for public consumption.  Neither the Secret Service nor the entire United States Military, for that matter, are big enough to contain the explosive craziness of so-called Progressives, gullible enough to believe that Hillary Clinton is a bigger threat to America than Donald Trump.

A Simple Solution to Bernie Sanders' Bullying of the Democratic Party

Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Simple Solution to Bernie Sander's Bullying of the Democratic Party

I had wrung my hands raw and lost sleep over Bernie Sanders' extortion attempts to demolish the Democratic Party if he not be given the nomination. But then I happened upon an article about  Emmett Hansen, a superdelegate from the United States Virgin Islands. Hansen, who is the Democratic National Committeeman for the U.S. Virgin Islands has just flipped his support from Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. He expressed frustration at Bernie's lack of concrete proposals for getting his progressive agenda instituted.  

Unfortunately, there is no Secret Service protection for Democratic party officials and superdelegates who find themselves cross-wise of Bernie Sanders mafioso-style followers, But there is strength in numbers.  If even five or six of the now 38 superdelegates supporting Sanders switched to Clinton, even his cultish followers would realize that the notion of switching Hillary's delegates to him was dead.  These superdelegates know as well as I that  Bernie is not the progressive candidate he started out to be and his bitterness at being unable to handle the sting of losing could lead to a fascist, Donald Trump presidency. Bernie superdelegates, it's now or never.  Do the right thing.

  Bernie Sanders' Supporters too Uncontrollable for Clinton to Risk Naming Him her VP

Monday, May 9, 2016

Bernie Sander's "Progressive" White Power Movement

Bernie Sanders and Supporters
Hold on a minute, lady. Donald Trump is the politician running a white power movement. But, alas, so is Bernie Sanders. He is just positioned on the left rather than right side of the spectrum. It has taken me much of the primary election session to figure out the theme of this convoluted tale. But I now see what's going on with crystal clarity.

Bernie cannot win the Democratic nomination for the same reason that Donald Trump cannot win the general election. The demographics of American society have changed and there are simply no longer enough white males in the electorate. Yes, of course Trump and Sanders have differences. Trump is a bigot. Sanders and his supporters are not racists. Rather they are people feeling their white-skin privilege slipping away. And they just want it back. Yes, there are females as well as a smattering of blacks and Latinos among Bernie's supporters. But they are drawn by the packaging of what Bernie's selling, not the product itself.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Tennis Star Maria Sharapova Issues Nonsensical Excuse for Drug Use

Fallen Tennis Star Maria Sharapova
How could I not feel sorry for tennis star, Maria Sharapova, the five time Grand-Slam winner?  She explained last week that she had for ten years been taking a heart and pre-diabetes medication because of a family history of these diseases.  But she had missed the email from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), announcing that Meldonium was being banned as of January 1, 2016.  The drug has been identified as a performance enhancer because it increases the amount of oxygen taken into the body, helping athletes recover faster.

But then I learned the damning truth.   A 2015 Russian study found meldonium, also known as mildronate, in 17 percent of 4,316 urine samples tested from its athletes and those from Eastern Europe.  Do they also have the exact same family medical history as she?  It is manufactured by a Latvian pharmaceutical company for the treatment of circulatory issues and neurodegenerative disorders. But according to a report in USA Today:
The drug has also been used — mostly in Eastern Europe and Russia — by athletes because it is thought to boost the body’s oxygen uptake and aid endurance. 
   Besides, Ms. Sharapova had been sent five emails from the WADA on the subject.
Endorsements Make Sharapova Highest Paid Female Athlete

Maria Sharapova is the highest paid female athlete in the world. We can thank Serena Williams for the fact that the Russian, is, at least, not the best.  Having lived  in the United States since the age of 7, she could not even have gotten the drug through normal channels since it is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration for sale in the U.S.

Steve Simon, the head of the Women's Tennis Association called the disclosure of Sharapova's 10 year use of this performance enhancing drug, "an honest mistake." Condoned from the top, is it any wonder such sports are riddled with banned drug use? Maybe he should be fired too.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Trump Aide Assaulted Right-Wing Hispanic Reporter Who Self-Identifies as White

Breitbart Reporter Michelle Fields
Breitbart reporter, Michelle Fields, might never have noticed how vulgar and raw the Trump campaign had become for non-whites until she was targeted as one herself.   Maybe if she had donned a blond wig and lighter toned make-up, there might have been less confusion about the loyalties of this young woman of mixed Honduran ancestry.  But the  mistake was compounded when she posed a question to presidential candidate, Donald Trump, beginning with the words:  "affirmative action," which only compounded the aide's assumption about her non-white identity.

Within seconds, Trump campaign manager,   Corey Lewandowski  grabbed her arm and shoved her down to the floor.   Even though Washington Post reporter Ben Terris witnessed the attack, Donald Trump insisted that the Breitbart reporter made up the incident for the sake of publicity.

But in fact, Michelle Fields, is a popular Breitbart reporter and news commentator at FOX, who has found a road to stardom with her right-wing views.  Social Security should be dismantled completely; Obama is a fraud;  people who appear to be Muslim should be profiled.  She was even featured on a popular site, Red Hot Conservative Chicks.

The altercation with Trump's aide was not the first time Michelle was sucked into a nasty incident involving her identify.    In the fall of 2013, the black conservative icon and former presidential candidate, Allan West, was accused of grabbing her breasts, referring to her as "A Jewish American Princess".

This nexus of incidents might become a teachable moment for Michelle, or maybe not.  But it would be worthwhile to note that fascists don't query their non lily-white  victims as to what ethnic identity they may have chosen for themselves.   

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Excuse Me, Bernie Bros But Black Voters Supporting Hillary are neither "the Establishment" nor their Lackeys

The midst of a highly contested presidential primary is not the most teachable moment. But some lessons can simply not await a more opportune time. Contrary to the growing chorus of comments by exasperated Bernie Sanders supporters, black voters are neither members of the Establishment nor their lackeys.    I was confused at first, when Sanders' advocates kept insisting that the only reason they were losing was because of "the Establishment".   A black vote differential in South Carolina of 50 points was blamed on "the Establishment" in the same breath as Hillary's lion share of superdelegates. Well, I could see some folks jumping to the latter conclusion, but the former was outrageous and insulting.  And then the realization struck me.  If poor blacks were clearly not the privileged class, then who else could they be but the Establishment's humble, unpaid servants.

I have in a previous post laid out 8 of the most obvious reasons why black voters are rejecting Sanders. But let me also add the following observation.  In American electoral politics, diverse demographics come together under the same party umbrella in order to win,  They are different groups of people, with different priorities, but who are able to show mutual respect or at the very least, silence, in the face of one another's preoccupations.  We are today witnessing the unraveling of the Republican Party because billionaire, reality-TV star, Donald Trump, has succeeded in wrenching the white supremacists and evangelicals from the corporatists, free traders and warmongerers.

There is no reason why black voters and white millennials cannot fight together for the same goal, which is to keep neo-fascists Trump and Ted Cruz out of the Oval office.  I have never heard black voters trashing Bernie Sanders.  He is seen by all as a decent, principled man with well-meaning intentions.  But in order for this coalition to work it demands mutual respect even if one group's choices are not readily grasped by the other.          

Friday, March 4, 2016

8 Reasons why Blacks Reject Bernie Sanders (And They're Not What You Might Think)

Bernie Sanders' Black Headache
No amount of targeted campaign advertising, 30 year old civil rights photos, or appearances by rapper Killer Mike, can fix Bernie Sanders' problem with the black electorate.  Here's why.

1.  Blacks distrust his core message.   The term  "income inequality" is a multi-terraced  minefield.  While young whites see themselves as being screwed by the so-called establishment,  from the vantage of most blacks these college students have led privileged lives, relative to disadvantaged minority groups in this country.   Bernie supporters grew up in middle class neighborhoods, benefited from the higher quality of education they obtained in well-financed, non-ghetto schools, and can look forward to inheriting their parents' middle class assets,  Blacks don't begrudge any of this.  But, they cannot help but notice the startling silence in the Bernie Sanders brigade as regards how the racial income gap will be bridged, while the Bernie folks are shaking down Wall Street for themselves.

2. Sanders is unelectable.  The GOP has laid off attacking Sanders thus far in hopes of getting Democratic voters to give Bernie the nomination.  Then, they will rip the 74 year old democratic socialist, atheist to shreds.  It is only now that Sanders can be seen by his followers as pristine, honorable and pure because the kleig lights have not yet been shone on his flimsy record in Congress, support for the same anti-criminal justice bills that he blames Bill Clinton for passing, and youthful flirtation with Soviet-style communism and the Iranian revolution, which brought the Ayatollah Khomeini and other right-wing religious clerics to power.

3.  Bernie Sanders tried to undermine Barack Obama's presidency.  His behavior was unconscionable, as far as black Democrats were concerned.  Sanders believed that Obama should be given a Democratic opponent in the 2012 primary.

4.   Sanders' supporters are launching cyber attacks against blacks.  It is in retaliation for Bernie's 50 point loss to Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.  African-Americans are being depicted as uneducated, thoughtless, uncouth idiots (or worse), who don't know their own interests. These Bernie supporters believe that they do know what's best for blacks, which is to support their candidate.

5.  The "Bernie or Bust" movement is scary.  If Democrats don't give Bernie the nomination, a growing number of his supporters are signing pledges and making pronouncements that they will either sit home or vote for Donald Trump.

6.   Blacks know what to expect from the Clintons.  Bernie's supporters, on the other hand, are trying to turn two-party electoral politics into a monolithic movement. If it leads anywhere, it will be to a Donald Trump presidency, which is a terrifying prospect for minorities.

7.  Gun violence.   Sanders' voted against the Brady Bill, which mandated background checks for gun owners, and favored the granting of civil immunity to gun manufacturers. Black communities that have been ripped apart by gun violence and have reason to fear the growing boldness of white militias,  are desperate to see, at the very least, some commonsense gun-control measures.

8.  Reparations.  Blacks have never seriously advocated that they be paid reparations for slavery because it would be a waste of time, and a true lost cause.  But then Bernie Sanders came along campaigning on fixing "income inequality".  His policy wish list included a massive increase in taxes paid by billionaires, an expensive single payer health care system, free college tuition and several other radical measures that would never make it through Congress. At that point some blacks saw a golden opportunity.  If  Bernie was serious about repairing income inequality and continued to insist that any proposal he came up with could get passed by Congress, then the reparations advocates spoke up and said, why not put "reparations" on the list.   However, Bernie dismissed reparations as unrealistic, even though few outside his circle of true believers, could see any of his other legislative initiatives getting passed either.

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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Is Bernie Sanders an Unwitting Shill for Donald Trump?

Is Bernie Sanderes an Unwitting Shill for Donald Trump?
In 30 years of civil rights activism, during which time some folks lost their lives and organizations were built on the blood, sweat, pain and tears of thousands, the faded photo of a white guy turns up. His supporters use that one scrap of photo paper "to prove" the man's lifelong commitment to the black struggle. A cantankerous, old anti-Obama black intellectual, a black columnist and fledgling rap singer begin campaigning for this fellow, and newspaper headlines tout this as evidence that Bernie Sanders' is about to snatch the black vote from Hillary Clinton. I wouldn't much care, as the self-described democratic socialist is a likeable enough and well-meaning politician. But who will his supporters blame, when his presidential ambitions crumble under the weight of black voters' stinging rebuke in the upcoming Southern primaries?

And here's where Donald Trump takes a stage bow. A growing number of Bernie Sanders' supporters infer that they would rather help put Trump into the White House, than vote for "that corrupt, sleazeball", Hillary Clinton. Even if they haven't made such a public admission, the passive-aggressive inference they have made, is just as unsettling -- "Bernie's way or the highway". However, in my view, a 74 year old, socialist, atheist is not going to win the presidency. What Bernie's idealistic supporters don't yet get is the fact that the GOP is treating him with kid gloves, in hopes that he will indeed win the Democratic nomination. And then they will shred him into confetti.  A compelling piece came out in a recent addition of the Daily Banter, entitled: Bernie Sanders Isn't Going to be President -- The numbers say so, the history of the American electorate says so, and Nate Silver says so".  It noted:

Bernie would need to win in states where he doesn't stand a chance, like South Carolina and frankly a good portion of the rest of the South. He would need to not only capitalize on his oft-touted hold on the youth vote -- a demographic that quite simply has proven itself to be nowhere near as valuable in terms of mobilizing as older voters, unfortunately -- and his rabid social media following would have to translate into actual numbers. And Facebook and Twitter have a way of making volume (as in sound) be easily confusable with volume (as in size). . . . 
The fact is that in a survey released back in June, a candidate who calls him or herself a socialist would be least appealing to voters, behind even a Muslim, a gay person or an avowed atheist. And again, you're crazy if you think slapping "democratic" in front of the word "socialist" is going to somehow soften the blow with voters. Good or bad, misguided or not, America is a country of capitalists -- and a candidate calling himself a socialist doesn't stand a chance in hell.
  As divisive a candidate as Donald Trump may be for the GOP, there is but one scenario that could ensure him the White House. That would, of course, be Bernie Sanders' Democratic nomination for the presidency.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is Michigan Governor Engaged in "Ethnic Cleansing"?

Genocide may be too stark a term to explain the Governor of Michigan, who knowingly allowed the predominantly black and poor residents of Flynt to be poisoned by lead-contaminated water. In a population of 100,000, no one yet knows how many children have suffered permanent, irreversible brain damage. Perhaps "ethnic cleansing" is more apt a description in this case.

Friday, January 22, 2016

GOP Intellectuals Mistook Trump Supporters for Conservatives

The editors of the conservative "National Review" just came out with an issue denouncing Trump's candidacy for the presidency. The conservative elite is skewering the New York billionaire for not being a "true" right-wing ideologue. How silly of them.

Of course, Trump is not a conservative. He is a white supremacist bigot. The fact that the GOP culivated this voter base and hid this constituency's true motives under the banner of conservatism was merely a ruse to attract independents to the Republican Party.

While I hate Trump's politics, I'm ecstatic that he is exposing the GOP for the raw sewage its civic platitudes have dissolved into. Using a racist and xenophobic voter base masquerading as deep-thinking, disciplined, small government  ideologues has now blown up in the Republican National Committee's faces. Whitewashing bigotry leaves an indelible stain that cannot be scrubbed away.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Biggest Gripe with Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, I will embrace his candidacy with all the energy and devotion I am capable of. But the primaries are a different matter.

 I love Bernie's positions on Wall Street, single payer healthcare and life in general. What I don't like is the arrogant petulance of too many of Bernie's supporters. If their man doesn't win the nomination, some say that they'll write his name in or encourage him to run as an Independent. That behavior would ensure that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or some equally noxious GOP candidate wins the White House.

The if-Bernie-doesn't-win-the-nomination-we'll-stay-home crowd speaks from a place of white privilege. After all, the police are unlikely to shoot their kid for playing with a toy gun. Nobody's going to bang on their door in the dead of night and deport them back to the nightmare they fled from.

I'm not referring to all of Sander's supporters or even most. But the unspoken zeitgeist of their movement dangerously echoes that of Trump. "Give me what I want or I'll punish you by running as an Independent and thus ensuring your party's defeat".

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Star Wars" Disjointed and Boring

To each his own. But I slept through half of the new "Star Wars" blockbuster. Or maybe that's the reason I must have missed the best part. Like many sequels this one lacked the creative artistry and emotional punch of the first one. Sitting in that movie theater, as the minutes elongated into hours, I felt that this movie had been turned out by a corporate committee, who made sure all the bases were covered, but one -- coherence. Also, apart from the female lead "Roy", the other characters were painfully unphotogenic and the relationships were trite. At least the special effects were "gee whiz" great.