Friday, October 21, 2016

GOP Advocates English-Only Except When Marco Rubio is About to Lose in Florida

Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who is of Cuban descent, demanded that his Democratic rival, U.S. Representative Patrick Murphy conduct their next debate in Spanish.  Murphy declined, since he's not fluent in the language.  Rubio is now using this fact to attack his rival.

But hey, wait a minute.  Rubio has endorsed Donald Trump, who according to Politico, chided Jeb Bush last year for "speaking another language on the campaign trail."  

Trump declared: “This is a country where we speak English, not Spanish.”  The crowd at the Ronald Reagan presidential library roared their approval and Trump has maintained a staunch English-only stance throughout his campaign.  

So, where does that leave Rubio, a politician with the solidity of jello?  Fortunately, Murphy's campaign is in the ascendancy and is now tied with his GOP rival.  If you wish to contribute $3 to Murphy in order to help flip the Senate back to the Democrats, this is his website.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Evangelical Christians Who Preach Hatred & Bigotry are Actually Satanists and Maybe They Deserve Our Candor

I'm not a theological expert.  But every now and then the labels that help us make sense of the world get so twisted around, that people start calling "up" down and "rotten water-buffalo meat" prime rack of lamb.  Alas, this is not useful.

Have you ever paused to wonder who the Evangelical Christian followers of  Donald Trump pray to?

I have no interest in judging people. That's not my point.  But I do find it useful and necessary in the dangerous world in which we live, to see reality as clearly as I possibly can.  If someone blows up a building, killing innocent people, I call that person a terrorist, even if he calls himself a saint. If someone devotes him or herself to the Bible and derives from that exposure behavior steeped in hatefulness and bigotry, it would be safe to assume that I'm dealing with an Evangelical Satanist rather than a Christian.  And maybe we would all be better off knowing how our behavior is perceived by others and as a consequence expecting that we'll be labeled accordingly.

5 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Might be Behind Firebombing of GOP Headquarters

The bombing of the Republican headquarters in Orange County was a shocking act of  cowardice. And while I don't believe in baseless conspiracy theories, I do use the cognitive gifts that nature bestowed upon me for rational speculation in instances  that might involve the possibility of danger to myself and others. It is for this reason that I have suggested below why I believe this heinous act to have been a "false flag" operation perpetrated by Donald Trump supporters#1 Hillary Clinton has pulled ahead in North Carolina and is a shoo-in for this liberal college town. Her campaign would be hurt rather than benefit from this firebombing.

#2 Extremists inhabit the fringes of both political parties. Left-Wing nihilists are capable of violence but not with this modus operandi,  A nihilist sees the world in global terms and would not demand that his or her  enemies "get out of town". This phraseology would only emanate from a person or persons with local sensibilities.  This is why it is so reminiscent of KKK-type groups.

Woman Carved "B" on Face in Attempt to Implicate Black Obama Supporter 
#3 We saw a similar act in 2008 when a McCain supporter etched a backwards (mirror imaged) on her face and blamed the act on a black male Barack Obama supporter. 

#4 Donald Trump is facing a humiliating electoral defeat. He has been rabble rousing his supporters to acts of violence in order to mask the collapsing of his campaign.  A growing amount of Trump's angry rhetoric has been targeting the so-called Republican establishment.   

#5 FOX News reported that absentee ballots had been destroyed in the fire.  But why would completed ballots be sitting in Republican headquarters, since such a discovery would constitute illegal vote tampering?  But then I forgot -- this story was broadcast solely for the consumption of low-information voters, who were being persuaded that Trump would have been winning in North Carolina were it not for the burned ballots. 

Monday, October 10, 2016

This Election Has Exposed Us to the America Our Worst Enemies Perceived All Along

While I could not imagine anyone less qualified to lead America than Donald Trump, I do have to thank him for one thing.  He helped Americans see, perhaps for the first time, who we really are.  When the code-words and dog-whistles are stripped away, 40% of Americans would be perfectly happy living in a totalitarian, fascist, misogynistic, white supremacist police state.  Please take a moment to let the raw truth of that assertion sink, down, down, down into the depths of your soul.

In short, our enemies have  always known us better than we knew ourselves.  But don't get me wrong. I love America.  I love democracy.  But having elections, a presidency, Congress and Supreme Court doesn't mean that all Americans support or even understand the tenets of representative democracy. This fact should not surprise us in the least.  After all, how democratic was America under slavery, and its KKK aftermath?  It was Donald Trump's 40%, supporting militarism and know-nothingness that gave us the war in Iraq.  Its unintended consequences have practically devoured the world and created even greater hatred for the United States. Is it any wonder that our enemies aren't able to distinguish that 40% from the rest of the nation, when that is the only face of America they've ever experienced?  

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are USDA Salt Guidelines Killing Blacks?

The human body adapts slowly over time to the foodstuffs available in the environment.  Such is also the case with salt.  While coastal populations have always had excess to salt through sea brine, its availability to others has through history been defined by its geological availability and trade patterns.    

For instance, medical researchers have had difficulties understanding the high rates of salt-sensitive high blood-pressure in African-Americans.  This is because the assumption was that this population came from the coastal areas of West Africa. However, most African slaves shipped to the Americas  came from the decentralized societies, which were located sometimes a thousand miles or more inland of the coast.  These areas were geologically deficient in salt.  Over the course of millennia,  the bodies of these tropical farmers had adjusted to low-sodium levels by increasing the efficiency of their kidney functioning on lower salt levels.  Upon arriving in the Americas, awash with salt and a sodium-rich diet, this population group has  found such medical conditions as kidney disease and high-blood pressure skyrocket. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Chicago Tribune Has Just Filed (Moral) Bankruptcy for Endorsing Libertarian Gary Johnson

For the first time in its long and proud history, America is poised on the brink of becoming  a fascist, totalitarian, police state.  Despite the stakes, the Chicago Tribune's editorial board thinks it's time to "play cutesy" with its predominantly Republican readership by endorsing a candidate, who has no possibility of winning. But "at least he's not Hillary Clinton", is their whispered mantra.  Well now, as a historian, I will share with you a tidbit of hard-earned wisdom.  This decision will go down in history as the most stunning act of journalistic cowardice our nation has ever seen.

This election is no game for the millions of people threatened with deportation.  Nor is it a game for me, an African-American woman with a brilliant and handsome teenage son, who also has a bull's eye painted in invisible ink on his back.  Look around you at all the police shootings of unarmed blacks.  Our African-American president cannot stop this carnage because 99% of the police and their union bosses are Donald Trump supporters.   Should this man become president, the nation will look back with nostalgia to the days when only a couple such shootings happened per month.

Perhaps all of us should feel honored and excited at the fact that we are living at a defining moment in American history.  But all I feel is terror.   Every endorsement by a major newspaper will influence the decision of undecided voters.

Chicago Tribune editorial writers, I'm speaking to you.  There is still time to change your endorsement to Hillary Clinton. If you thought endorsing Johnson was some kind of a joke, well those of us most vulnerable to a Trump presidency aren't laughing.  And try as you might, you will never be able to wash the blood off your hands.

Blog readers,  please join me in contacting the Chicago Tribune’s editorial board. They need to know that they made a mistake, but there is still time to correct it.  This is their contact information:

The Chicago Tribune 435 N. Michigan Ave. Chicago, IL 606111-800-TRIBUNE (1-800-874-2863) 1-800-TRIBUNE (1-800-874-2863) Hearing impaired (TDD): 1-312-222-1922

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Monday, September 19, 2016

The REAL Reason Police Shoot Unarmed Blacks (And Why No One Wants to Talk About It)

Here we go again.  A new police tape has just been released showing Tulsa police gunning down an unarmed black man, whose car was stalled in the middle of the road.  So, let's take a deep breath, pucker up some courage and stop beating around the bush.  Ninety-nine percent of the police who shoot unarmed blacks are ........................................ yes, Donald Trump supporters. It's as simple and horrifying as that.  No, I haven't conducted a scientific poll, but I have used the most precious of human cognitive gifts -- pure, unadulterated commonsense.

The reason minorities believe the police act like fascists guarding a police state is because sadly, too many of the latter yearn for an authoritarian strongman to rule the nation.  They wish to dispense with the rule of law, send non-white immigrants back to where they came from, and annihilate young, enviably muscular black males to alleviate potential sperm competition.

Just as this election campaign has been an eye-opener for me, I hope that it has served the same purpose for you as well.  Forty percent of the American population supports a thrice-married, con man with ties to the Russian mob and a pathological-lying streak.  Because this demographic is composed primarily of non-college-educated white males, it just so happens to be the same group  from which America's police forces are drawn.  

In order for any problem to be solved, it has to be seen clearly, without emotional, political and other filtering devices.   If Trump becomes president, unarmed blacks will become target practice for police trainees.  There is no solution to that problem, other than to vote for Hillary Clinton.  But even if she wins, the other piece to this puzzle must be set into place.  America must fundamentally change its police recruitment practices, eschewing the Trump demographic in favor of minorities, females and college educated white males.     

The Smile of Lynching Postcard Woman Bears Striking Resemblance to that of Trump Manager Kellyanne Conway

Admittedly, the hair style and coloring of the two women might be different.  But the ugly stain on their souls is interchangeable.  What kind of mother might the postcard woman -- who casually grins in the presence of two dead men  dangling from tree branches --  have been?  While that person is no longer with us, we do have her doppelganger making the  rounds of tv talk shows on behalf of her employer, Donald Trump.  In these conversations, Kellyanne Conway loves to mention a devotion to her four children, and the role of teaching them moral values.  But she lies, cheats, promulgates hate and has prostituted herself before the media in an effort to put a racist and dangerous con man in the White House.  She is teaching her kids to accept as normal the same twisted lessons this postcard woman learned from her own Mother.

Or as Ben Cohen of the Daily Banter so wisely noted:
"Conway is an educated, upper middle class professional willingly taking part in a fascist political movement that poses a grave threat to the future of humanity. And worse, Conway is attempting to normalize it by adding her fake smile and soothing voice to the truly abhorrent."

Foreign Melania Trump Needs to Apologize for Her Shocking Role in Birther Movement

I had been more than willing to give Donald Trump's wife, Melania, the benefit of the doubt.  She cribbed a speech by First Lady Michelle Obama and gave it before the same adoring audience at the Republican National Convention, that just so happens to hate Mrs. Obama.  But this was before the following video resurfaced.  In an interview with Joy Behar, Mrs. Trump discloses her credentials as a certified, raving birther:

Melania Trump Talks Birtherism (click here) 

 The sense of (white-skin) privilege shown by Donald Trump's Slovenian (illegal immigrant?) wife, going on national television to denounce the legitimacy of our African-American president left me shivering in disbelief.   This witch owes both President and Mrs. Obama an apology, TODAY.

 And bytheway, Mrs. Trump has just hired a high-powered lawyer to defend her questionable immigration status in the U.S.   I suppose her speedy deportation could substitute for the "heart felt apology".

Monday, September 12, 2016

African-American Males, Dairy Calcium & Prostate Cancer

 A growing number of studies point to an over-consumption of dietary calcium as increasing the incidence of prostate cancer. African-American males are among those having the highest prostate cancer rates in the world.  During the vigorous bone growth period of adolescence, this group consumes less calcium, but absorbs and retains more of it than other populations, leading to higher bone density, and lower rates of fractures later in life. This is so even though blacks have traditionally consumed the least amount of milk and dairy because of lactase non-persistence (lactose intolerance). In short, nature has provided a highly efficient calcium retaining mechanism for lactase non-persistent groups, who also happen to constitute 70% of the global population. But what are the consequences for a minority group possessing biological mechanisms to ensure sufficiency in calcium as they become more acculturated into the American mainstream?  Nutritional experts inform them that they are calcium-deficient by  Food and Drug Administration standards and should therefore consume more dairy products, and ignore symptoms of lactose intolerance for the sake of their health. 

A Population Genetics (but not Racial) Argument for the Etiology of Salt-Sensitive Hypertension in African-Americans

African-Americans suffer one of the highest rates of hypertension in the world. Psychosocial stressors such as racial discrimination and financial strain have been identified by some researchers, while others have sought the answer in biological traits. This article targets  genetics as the primary factor for this condition, while at the same time repudiating antiquated “racial” classification schemes.  The ancestors of African-Americans came from West Africa.  However, it was not from the coast, awash in ocean salt, but rather from sodium-deficient regions as much as 1,000 miles inland.  This population group had lived for millennia in the sweltering heat of the tropics without the benefit of dietary salt to supplement their diets. They had, in essence, evolved “super-kidneys,” which were able to process the minimal levels of salt in the environment with greater efficiency than was the case with other populations, including members of their own ethnic groups, who lived in coastal regions. But an evolutionary advantage in the mineral-poor interior of West Africa has proven medically disastrous for the descendants of this population. American Blacks have today become acculturated into a food supply, whose salt saturation hovers close to toxic levels as far as their sodium-conserving  bodies are concerned.

Medical Professionals Shirk Responsibility for Obesity Epidemic

I was listening to an interview show on the radio this morning, where several medical professionals  condescendingly advised type II diabetics and people with obesity-related ailments to lose weight.  Hog swaggle!  The reason America is facing an obesity epidemic is because our medical paradigm is proving itself unable to grapple with the most serious health problem of our times.  The medical establishment weasles its way out of taking responsibility for the obesity problem  by humilating its victims for lacking sufficient "will power."

Overweight African-Americans May be Addicted to Opioids in Wheat-Gluten

One of the most puzzling public health issues of our times has been the skyrocketing obesity rate among African-Americans.   In tackling this issue as an applied historian, I have uncovered a clue, nestled beneath the topsoil of agricultural history.

Is the Dairy Industry (Inadvertently) Poisoning Black Children?

 I could never understand the National Dairy Council's ads targeting young blacks, when medical research has shown that at least eighty percent of African-Americans, are by age twelve, lactose-intolerant.  Of course, supermarkets now market lactose-free milk.  But hold on a second. . .   Lactose-intolerance is not a disease and should not be treated as one.  It is rather a human trait blacks share with  65% of the world's population.  People of Northern European ancestry and a few isolated enclaves elsewhere, have a high tolerance for lactose because a large proportion of their ancestors' food supply came from dairy farming.  West Africans on the other hand, had little exposure to dairy products because of the  susceptibility of cows to the ubiquitous tsetse fly.

Milk is America's "sacred cow."   But why should blacks, Asians too, for that matter, be targeted in dairy industry campaigns promoting the health benefits of a beverage that sends most non-Europeans groping for the bathroom door knob? 

Unfortunately, little if any research attention has been given to understanding the biological mechanisms at work on healthy adult populations, who do not traditionally drink milk.  For instance, West Africans from whom black Americans are descended, suffer  a whole host of medical problems.  But bad teeth, osteoporosis and other symptoms of calcium deficiency are not among them.  This is so even though their consumption of milk ends at age three, when the mother stops breastfeeding..

The National Dairy Council is not to blame for an insidious form of  racial blindness,which applies the nutritional needs of Northern Europeans to Africans and Asians.  The underlying assumption is that the biochemistry of whites represents a universal standard, and any deviation from it, must be pathologized.    Many of us African-American parents are wringing our hands with distress at the explosive epidemic of childhood obesity in our community.  But too few of us are asking questions and demanding to know whether the nutritional advice being fed to our children is contributing to rather than fixing our health problems.

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What Being Black Had to Do with a Misdiagnosed Case of Kidney Disease

Will New Research Depict Neanderthals as Budding Geniuses?

Until recently, scientific journals and popular magazines alike depicted “Neanderthal Man” as a lumbering creature of robust bone structure but low intelligence.  However, this picture changed radically in 2010.  No new anthropological evidence was brought to the fore at that time.   Rather, geneticists discovered that Neanderthals had interbred with early Europeans.  

I can just imagine what the headlines would have looked like had the evidence shown instead that this proto-human species had mated with Africans rather than Europeans:   “New Genetic Evidence  Proves Cognitive Inferiority of Blacks on Account of Neanderthal Interbreeding."    So-called objective scientific knowledge is all too often determined by who is writing the textbooks, and who will be paying to read them.      

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Geneticists Dispute Archaeological Interpretations of Early Human Females

One of the most stunning archaeological finds ever made  is a figurine, discovered by Dr. Josef Szombathy in 1908. Called the "Venus of Willendorf," this statuette is believed to have been carved sometime between 24,000 to 22,000 BCE.  Since that time, dozens of Paleolithic figurines of females have been discovered as far afield as France, Siberia and Japan.

Archaeologists interpreted the decidedly un-European features of these female statuettes as being "exaggerations," which  follow Paleolithic artistic conventions.  One scholar remarked:  "The Venus is not a realistic portrait but rather an idealization of the female figure.  The same scholars interpreted the carving's tightly curled hair as "a type of headdress."

However, growing anthropological evidence points to the Khoisan people of southern Africa, as being the oldest branch of the human family.  And guess what?  Khoisan women even today exhibit the short, kinky hair, and fat accumulation around the buttocks known as steatopygia, that Western researchers used as evidence to insist that these statuettes were "artistic exaggerations."

Cystic Fibrosis Triggered by "Ethnic Inbreeding"

Nazi scientists got it wrong.  Aryan purity does not lead to a superior race. It leads to cystic fibrosis. Autosomal recessive diseases like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia and Tay-Sachs are caused by "ethnic inbreeding."

If You Want Super-Smart Kids, Marry a Pygmy

However, if you happen to be a pygmy, that is, one of the small-statured ethnicities of central Africa, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, then your best bet is probably to marry someone from Sweden or the Ukraine.  It confounds me that some researchers still talk of racial differences in intelligence.  They operate from the disproved premise that those with the highest levels of cognitive functioning will be those of inbred European ancestry.

Can Cystic Fibrosis, Tay-Sachs, Sickle-Cell Anemia be Prevented?

The medical establishment's response to inherited autosomal recessive disorders like sickle-cell anemia, tay-sachs, cystic fibrosis is, understandably, one of finding ways to relieve the suffering of the victims, or to possibly prevent them from being born in the first place.  Thus, the genetic testing of embryos, and fetuses is the preferred treatment.  However, these kinds of disorders are not at their core medical so much as they are a function of longstanding societal taboos.

Medical Biases that Sabotage the Health of Blacks & Latinos


My mother died of complications from breast cancer at the age of fifty-one.  The doctors did all that they could for her.  Well actually, they did all they could had she been of Northern European ancestry. Medical researchers are only now realizing that black women are less likely to get cancer than white women.  However,  when they do, that group is three times more likely to develop the aggressive, triple-negative form of breast cancer, which affects less than fifteen percent of white women.  Given the type of cancer, which may be exacerbated by traditional treatment protocols, and many black women’s lack of access to adequate medical care, it is no wonder that African-American women  suffer a breast cancer death rate (according to the Center for Disease Control), that is sixty percent higher than that of white women.  It may have been too late for Mama, but present-day cancer specialists are finally beginning to recognize ethnic differences in breast cancers and adapt treatment protocols accordingly.  If only ancestral factors were researched in other arenas of medicine and public health as well.

 Most premature deaths among blacks, Latinos and Native Americans are caused by complications from such lifestyle diseases as obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure.  But the medical community operates under the dictates of an unexamined paradigm, which I have come to call “Nordic universality.”