Sunday, January 24, 2016

Is Michigan Governor Engaged in "Ethnic Cleansing"?

Genocide may be too stark a term to explain the Governor of Michigan, who knowingly allowed the predominantly black and poor residents of Flynt to be poisoned by lead-contaminated water. In a population of 100,000, no one yet knows how many children have suffered permanent, irreversible brain damage. Perhaps "ethnic cleansing" is more apt a description in this case.

Friday, January 22, 2016

GOP Intellectuals Mistook Trump Supporters for Conservatives

The editors of the conservative "National Review" just came out with an issue denouncing Trump's candidacy for the presidency. The conservative elite is skewering the New York billionaire for not being a "true" right-wing ideologue. How silly of them.

Of course, Trump is not a conservative. He is a white supremacist bigot. The fact that the GOP culivated this voter base and hid this constituency's true motives under the banner of conservatism was merely a ruse to attract independents to the Republican Party.

While I hate Trump's politics, I'm ecstatic that he is exposing the GOP for the raw sewage its civic platitudes have dissolved into. Using a racist and xenophobic voter base masquerading as deep-thinking, disciplined, small government  ideologues has now blown up in the Republican National Committee's faces. Whitewashing bigotry leaves an indelible stain that cannot be scrubbed away.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Biggest Gripe with Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic nomination, I will embrace his candidacy with all the energy and devotion I am capable of. But the primaries are a different matter.

 I love Bernie's positions on Wall Street, single payer healthcare and life in general. What I don't like is the arrogant petulance of too many of Bernie's supporters. If their man doesn't win the nomination, some say that they'll write his name in or encourage him to run as an Independent. That behavior would ensure that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, or some equally noxious GOP candidate wins the White House.

The if-Bernie-doesn't-win-the-nomination-we'll-stay-home crowd speaks from a place of white privilege. After all, the police are unlikely to shoot their kid for playing with a toy gun. Nobody's going to bang on their door in the dead of night and deport them back to the nightmare they fled from.

I'm not referring to all of Sander's supporters or even most. But the unspoken zeitgeist of their movement dangerously echoes that of Trump. "Give me what I want or I'll punish you by running as an Independent and thus ensuring your party's defeat".

Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Star Wars" Disjointed and Boring

To each his own. But I slept through half of the new "Star Wars" blockbuster. Or maybe that's the reason I must have missed the best part. Like many sequels this one lacked the creative artistry and emotional punch of the first one. Sitting in that movie theater, as the minutes elongated into hours, I felt that this movie had been turned out by a corporate committee, who made sure all the bases were covered, but one -- coherence. Also, apart from the female lead "Roy", the other characters were painfully unphotogenic and the relationships were trite. At least the special effects were "gee whiz" great.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Osama bin Laden Understood Trump's Supporters Better than We Do

Is Donald Trump a Fascist?
Yes, of course America is a democracy.  But a fascist strain, fuelled by xenophobia, bigotry and militarism, has always threaded its way through our politics. It was aided and abetted by the legacy of slavery and today rests within the GOP's right-wing base.  This is our shadow.  Enemies of the United States define us by it, while we pretend it doesn't exist.  Well, actually we did pretend until Donald Trump's run for the presidency has now flung it in our faces.   In that regard, he may even have done the country a favor, if we can see what is at stake more clearly now, given Trump's campaign promise to close our borders to all Muslims.

In orchestrating 9/11, Osama bin Laden wanted to expose that shadow of ours to the Islamic world. In short he outsmarted George Bush.  In retaliation for that terrorist attack, we marched into Baghdad,  and proceeded to kill 100,000 Iraqi civilians because we couldn't bother to differentiate the religious fanatics from their secular enemies.  In the process, we also create a failed state and the ISIS death cult.  Yes, bin Laden knew how the Bush Administration would react to a terrorist attack and that was his goal.  Fomenting chaos and bitter antagonism between the West and the Islamic world really was the point, the only point.  Al-Qaeda and the new kid on the block, ISIS, want for us to expel the Muslims from our midst in a blind rage, so that they'll become disillusioned and embittered with the West and join its holy war.  

 While this scenario leaves us little to be grateful for, at least our Commander in Chief is smart.  President Obama knows the game being played.  But he may not have the power to stop the fascist wing of American politics led by Donald Trump and embraced by all the GOP presidential candidates, from playing into terrorist hands.

Friday, December 4, 2015

San Bernardino Shooter was Radicalized by Wife

San Bernardino Shooter Radicalized by Wife
Entrenched stereotypes about Muslim women's lack of agency are hampering the FBI investigation into the San Bernardino attack.   The psychopath in this week's mass murder in which fourteen people in San Bernardino, California were killed and seventeen others wounded was Syed Rizwan Farook's wife, Tashfeen Malik.      The husband, on the other hand, was just a weak-minded (and probably passive aggressive man), drawn into her world of grievances and adventure by the lonely search for a sexual partner.

I won't speculate as to whether Ms. Malik was an operative of ISIS, but I will lay out what probably happened in this case.  Two years ago, Syed Farook decided to get married.   Lacking the requisite social skills needed to find what he hoped to be a virgin, on his own, he signed up with several Muslim dating sites.  Malik was laying in wait. 

The reason law enforcement officials are having trouble piecing this story together is because they're unable to fathom how a young woman would marry, get pregnant and leave a six month old child in order to die in a burst of gunfire.  But the reality is that she didn't intend to die. She merely underestimated the skill of her adversary in finding her.  Building a family was, or so she thought, the perfect cover for creating a Bonnie and Clyde-type existence, in which massacring people, then fading back into the landscape of a Muslim woman's veiled privacy, matched a warped, thrill-seeking personality.  

Perhaps the FBI should work more closely with the CIA, in order to grasp the true nature of radical Islam.  The spy agency could certainly educate American law enforcement officials to the fact that hundreds of young women with Tashfeen Malik's psychological profile have been flocking to radical groups. They are trying  to escape what they perceive to be the death-like boredom of traditional Muslim female life.  Not surprisingly, the lives of many of these young women end up badly.  Take for example the case of the two young Austrian Muslim women, who ran off to join ISIS. One was killed in fighting, while they other was beaten to death when she changed her mind and tried to escape the religious cartel's grip.     According to an article in The New York Times:
Many are single and young, typically in their teens or early 20s (the youngest known was 13). Their profiles differ in terms of socioeconomic background, ethnicity and nationality, but often they are more educated and studious than their male counterparts. Security officials now say they may present as much of a threat to the West as the men: Less likely to be killed and more likely to lose a spouse in combat, they may try to return home, indoctrinated and embittered.

UPDATE:  I just came across the following CNN report, confirming my suspicious.  It states that the wife, Tashfeen Malik, had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christian Terrorist Kills 3, Wounds 9 at Planned Parenthood Clinic

America has a terrorism problem and it has nothing to do with Muslim refugees. When Robert Lewis Dear was taken into custody after murdering a cop and 2 other people as well as wounding 9 others, he was yelling "no more baby parts" Wherever did this deranged man get the idea that Planned Parenthood did business in baby parts? Oh yes, FOX News, GOP efforts to defund PP, and let's not forget right-wing presidential candidate Carly Fiorini in addition to Christian anti-abortion groups have been plastering that falsehood all over the country. Or am I only supposed to identify the religious affiliation of Muslim psychos?

America has been downplaying the threat of religiously-motivated domestic terrorists for far too long. It really is time to start calling a spade a spade.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Saturday Night Live Would Have Pimped Hitler for the Ratings

Donald Trump  Campaigning on Neo-Fascism Platform
I will say this as gently as I can.  Having Donald Trump as a guest  on Saturday Night Live earlier this month was ugly, unfunny and wrong.  But it is just now that the magnitude of that program’s transgression, has struck me.   SNL executives convinced themselves that Trump has unpopular, even loathsome views.  But this is a democracy with an upcoming presidential election.  So why shouldn’t his voice, as the top GOP candidate be heard?

Many tendencies are represented in the American electorate.  There are voters who support lynchings. There are those who believe that their particular religious faith is the only truth that matters, and that all other religions should be outlawed.  Some groups would support the assassination of president Barack Obama because he’s not white.   Yes, in a democracy all points of view have a vote.  But ideologies that a majority of Americans find repugnant because they run counter to the values this nation stand for, are shoved to the fringes.  They lack a platform and thus legitimacy.

The Republican Party, that I once belonged to,  is disintegrating and their top candidate, Donald Trump, is a neo-fascist.  As Michael Tomasky at Daily Beast opined:
[Trump] may think a member of a racial minority being beat up and called a “n***r” by his racial-majority supporters at a rally, and his own joking about it, is just a little incident; something for which there’s no larger historical context.  . . .If they admit that Trump is a fascist, they’re calling one-third of their voters fascist. Will they do that? And this predicament raises the interesting question of how one-third of their voters came to admire a neo-fascist and open racist in the first place. Gee, it can’t have anything to do with the kind of rhetoric and “harmless jokes” about the current president and about the 47 percent that Republican leaders have winked at for seven years, can it?
 Just because a political figure has a constituency doesn’t mean that the person is ipso facto fit to be president of the United States.    Adolf Hitler was appealing to the German people because he articulated German exceptionalism, not genocide against the Jews.   Of course he suggested that they leave the country. What happened next was an inevitable development of the fascist undercurrents of Hitler's electoral victory. By the time anti-fascist Germans realized what was happening, they no longer had a voice.  And SNL executives, blinded by dollar signs and ratings, would have used the same rationale to humanize the Nazi leader him by putting him on their comedy program as well.    

People can vote for whomever they like. But SNL has just used its popular, comedy platform to give legitimacy to a man who advocates identification badges for Muslims, and has never refuted claims that the twice elected president of the United States is a Muslim imposter.     This is happening at a time when the Republican Party may be incapable of doing anything to halt its slide.  GOP politicians built up a base of racists, neo-fascists, and religious fanatics.  And now these folks are running the party. If enough black and other minority votes can be suppressed, which is the GOP’s current strategy, Trump could even win the presidency. Now, wouldn’t that be funny.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

ISIS May Be Doing U.S. a Favor

After giving this matter thought, I now see that ISIS may be (advertently) performing a unique and helpful service for our country. That is, they are a kind of anti-pied piper luring some homegrown psychopaths out of the U.S. to seek out blood drenched pastures elsewhere.  Rather than slam the door shut on Syrian refugees, it is these ISIS defectors who should be barred from returning to the U.S.

It is true that some of them may, as disillusioned defectors, have a role to play in dissuading others from being recruited into ISIS.  But they can do that from Internet cafes on the other side of the globe. These are the kinds of people that we should keep out, not Syrian widows and their children.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

When Calls for "Free Speech" Veil Racial Lack of Self-Awareness

Black Students Threatened by Racists at University of Missouri

When most whites are confronted with threats of violence, they call the police. This is not always a viable option for blacks.  Firstly, there are fears of racial profiling, which might result in being mistaken for the perpetrator and executed on the spot, with questions asked later. But secondly the latters' pleas for help may be met with intellectualized diatribes about the perpetrator's constitutional rights of free speech.

This is what has occurred at the University of Missouri, where it took a boycott by the football team to wake administrators up to the fact that frightening racial threats were being made against the black students.  So what is the difference between a threat against one's safety and free speech?  This is where intellectualized racism comes to play.  It is the targeted victims not the  bystanders pontificating about constitutional amendments, who must determine whether a threat has occurred. But what if the potential victims lack the political power to convince non-minorities that the survival of their persecuted race has always depended on their capacity to identify real dangers targetting them specifically?   

A white person with no experience of a family member having been lynched, or of racists carrying out seemingly irrational acts of violence, may not be capable of recognizing a genuine threat to the lives and wellbeing of minorities scarred by a two hundred year history of such victimization.

The former chancellor and president of the University of Missouri, who were forced to resign last week,  would never have had to plead with the academic community to be taken seriously if they felt verbally threatened with harm.  How ridiculously sad it  was that Mizzou administrators were too insensitive to comprehend the fact that a white supremacist's goals in regards to them, as perceived  fellow members of the master race, would be different from the blacks that the man was targeting to "take out".

How Should U.S. React to Paris Terrorist Attack?

CAREFULLY. The last time the U.S. responded to a major terrorist attack, it invaded Afghanistan, and then Iraq. It created turmoil so massive that ISIS emerged from the wreckage of a collapsed Iraq. Had intelligent U.S. leadership reigned, the White House would have instead criminalized 9/11 from the start. Instead,  the Bush Administration, spurred on by the neoconservatives, launched an attack against all of Islamic civilization. Had we been smart, we would instead have used   sympathy in the Muslim world for America after 9/11 to bring the perpetrators to justice.

My point here is that our response to the Paris massacre of 120 people must be smart. The perpetrators are provoking the West into rash actions that can be used to drum up support for their cause. As horrific as this attack was, it might be an act of desperation in the face of the perpetrators' losses and dwindling support. We do have the capacity to choose being strategic and therefore effective in our response rather than playing into their hands by acting irrationally out of fear.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Why Doesn't the Gun-Obsessed NRA Send Volunteers to Fight ISIS?

Why Don't American Militias Volunteer to Fight ISIS?
Why doesn't the NRA  make itself useful for a change? If ISIS can recruit fighters to go to Syria and Iraq, why doesn't the NRA stop its useless chatter about protecting our democratic values from the presumed threat posed by our African-American president and send volunteers to fight in real battles?

How brave the NRA must feel, having its members march through Walmarts with loaded weapons. Admittedly, the only danger they face is from accidentally shooting one another.

The strategic complexity of the fight against ISIS is such that it would be inappropriate at this moment to send in the Marines.   But I see no reason why our gun-toting patriots in the NRA and Cliven Bundy's militia can't take their weapon-wielding patriotism to a real fight. Or is all this "open carry" business nothing more than a shield for cowardice.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The real reason Blue Collar White Demographic Suffering High Mortality

The data is disturbing. Nearly half a million middle-aged whites without a college education have died prematurely since a study began tracking such data in 1999. This is according to a recent article published in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

But take a moment and look at the voting behavior of a large segment of this demographic .  They believe that their success in life will come from following such political misfits as Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. The policy prescriptions, if you can call them that, of these GOP presidential candidates are to trash the nation's first managed care system providing health insurance to people like themselves, and focus their energies on  supporting the political and financial interests of their billionaire donors.

What ails this demographic is a lack of self-awareness bordering on the suicidal. Maybe these distressing statistics will be seen as a wake-up-call to recognize and begin using the political arena to articulate and rally around their actual interests rather than follow presidential candidates whose only political prescriptions are to shut down the government, dismantle Obamacare, or hold yet another hearing on Benghazi.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Are GOP Voters Attracted to Ben Carson's "Humility" or Just "His Shuffling"

Uncle Tom's Cabin
 GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson became a leader in the right-wing's campaign against so-called "political correctness" when, at what was billed as a  prayer breakfast, he called President Barack Obama (to his face) a psychopath.  Since then, the former neurosurgeon has compared Obamacare to slavery and continued to rise in GOP polls telling Muslims they cannot be president and whites that the confederate flag should be flown with pride.

While once an inspirational speaker, who offered encouragement to black youth to "reach for the stars" he has now become little more than an unpaid advertisement for Uncle Tom's Cabin.   The arrogance with which he displays his lack of understanding of politics, governance and for that matter science, might just be the kind of "God complex" sometimes associated with doctors in the more elite medical specialties.  Or, he might be what my Grandmama Ida might have called,  "just an old, educated fool".

 Whatever the case, I've had to laugh at the phoniness of Carson's right-wing supporters claiming that their support of this man has nothing to do with race.  It has everything to do with the fact that Ben Carson is a black apologist for their bigotry.  How else can you explain a presidential candidate, who rather than hide stories questioning his emotional stability, is instead castigating the media for questioning the violent, knife-slicing narrative he presents of his swashbuckling, ghetto youth.


 Dr. Ben Carson and the Holocaust

Does Dr. Ben Carson Have a Secret Life?

While Christians Criticize Muslims for not Denouncing Extremism, Pastors Are Deathly Silent over Bigotry displayed by GOP Presidential Candidates 

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Investigators Knew From Beginning But Covered Up Evidence that Fox Lake Cop Had Committed Suicide

Lieutenant Joseph Gliniewicz "Staged" His Own Suicide
How many scenarios can you think of in which 3 crooks shoot dead a policeman, drop the murder weapon three feet from the unmoving body, and flee?   Or, if the criminals were so mentally challenged as to incriminate themselves so easily, how was it possible that they could have ingeniously evaded capture in a manhunt that cost local taxpayers $300,000?

The September suicide of Fox Lake, Illinois police lieutenant Gliniewicz staged to "sort of" look like a murder only fooled the public because information about the crime scene was withheld by the police department.  The County Coroner, Thomas Rudd, even got into a shouting match with  Lake Fox's chief investigator, George Filenko, who accused the coroner of contaminating the investigation by releasing information suggesting that the crime might have been a suicide rather than a homicide.

 The police chief's insistence that Gliniewicz was murdered, set in motion an ugly narrative of right-wing media hosts and politicians blaming the "Black Lives Matter" group for contributing to the man's death on account of protesting police brutality.  So, what really happened?  Lt. Gliniewicz  killed himself, but had tossed his eye glasses on the ground, setting up the locale to look vaguely like a crime scene, in which he might have struggled with the assailants.  The motive appears to have been an investigation launched by the city manager, whom Gliniewicz had tried to put a hit on, as a means of stopping the investigation of financial improprieties. 

Lieutenant Gliniewicz is dead, so there's no need wasting more time and resources investigating him. However, the public is owed an explanation by the Fox Lake Police Department and Black Lives Matter is owed an apology by Ted Cruz, Megyn Kelly, Chris Christie and FOX News. . 

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Israeli PM Netanyahu Blames Palestinians for the Holocaust

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu Blames Holocaust on Arabs
I never would have believed it possible.  But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just “jumped the shark”.  According to an article published by the news service Reuters:
"Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provoked a Holocaust controversy on Wednesday, hours before a visit to Germany, by saying that the Muslim elder in Jerusalem during the 1940s convinced Adolf Hitler to exterminate the Jews."

To hear Netanyahu talk, it was the Arabs not the Nazis who instigated the Holocaust.   Maybe that narrative is helped by the fact that the reparations Germany has been paying have been essential in keeping Israel afloat economically.

But even so, what is the moral difference between people who deny the Holocaust ever happened, and those who purposefully blame it on the wrong people in order to justify the occupation of the Arab territories?

Netanyahu is actually just parroting the far-right Zionist revision of Holocaust history.  It appears in books that bear titles like Icon of Evil: Hitler's Mufti and the Rise of Radical Islam (Dalin & Rothmann) and The Nazi Connection to Islamic Terrorism: Adolf Hitler and Haj Amin Al-Husseini (Morse). The latest book in this genre of pseudo-history is a bestseller by Zionist author, Edwin Black, entitled: The Farhud: Roots of the Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust.  The title itself exposes its not altogether subtle goal of pinning much of European anti-Semitism and the Holocaust on a Palestinian Arab nationalist and a Muslim religious leader, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem named Haj Amin al-Husseini. This man worked for Nazi Germany as a propagandist and a recruiter of  Bosnian Muslim volunteers for the Waffen SS and other units in the Balkans. But surely that is evidence. . . evidence of what? Let's put this man's involvement on the battlefield at the far margins of this war in perspective.

The Holocaust was carried out by German soldiers, officials, and civilians, from clerks and officials in the government to units of the army, the police, and the SS. In fact, Arab immigrants from North Africa were rounded up as well and killed in the gas chambers. The Nazis also sought to enlist the support of all the states they occupied in rounding up the undesirables for the gas chambers. This chart offers the actual figures for what countries bore responsibility for sending Jews to their deaths in the Holocaust.

Country     Pre-war Jewish Population   Estimated Murdered
Austria 185,000                                    50,000
Belgium 66,000                                    25,000
Bohemia/Moravia 118,000                    78,000
Bulgaria 50,000                                             0
Denmark 8,000                                            60
Estonia 4,500                                        2,000
Finland 2,000                                               7
France 350,000                                       77,000
Germany 565,000                                     142,000
Greece 75,000                                       65,000
Hungary 825,000                                     550,000
Italy 44,500                                                 7,500
Latvia 91,500                                        70,000
Lithuania 168,000                                      140,000
Luxembourg 3,500                                  1,000
Netherlands 140,000                               100,000
Norway 1,700                                              762
Poland 3,300,000                            3,000,000
Romania 609,000                                       270,000
Slovakia 89,000                                         71,000
Soviet Union 3,020,000                    1,000,000
Yugoslavia 78,000                                 60,000
Total: 9,793,700                            5,709,329

"The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem's total was zero.  So if any group is to be hated and held morally responsible for the Holocaust, why search the margins of the Nazi German coalition for a culprit, when all the world knows what really happened.  The reason the Europeans were so readily forgiven is a matter of finances.  Israel desperately needed the reparations coming from Germany after the war to establish itself on a sound economic footing.  It's amazing how quickly the Zionists forgave the actual perpetrators of the Holocaust, and projected their rage onto the people that they are doing everything in their power to get rid of."

Friday, October 16, 2015

"Saturday Night Live" Stopped Being Funny When. . .

Donald Trump
America has to decide whether racism is a legitimate political platform or an ugly moral failing.  If the former, then Saturday Night Live (SNL) has done the right thing by inviting Donald Trump to be a guest on the show.  But if the latter is the case, then SNL should not only disinvite this presidential candidate embraced by a disintegrating GOP, but also apologize to the American public for this moral lapse.

There is nothing funny about a white billionaire who believes the President of the United States is a Muslim imposter.  Nor is it humorous to have a presidential candidate strutting around the country, calling Mexican immigrants rapists and murderers.  To try to make this man funny is to make his hateful views an acceptable twist in mainstream political discourse.   

The United States has a "dixiecrat" problem, which is a sordid, lingering consequence of slavery.  It is a solid bloc of Southerners who call themselves conservatives and even evangelical Christians.  But they are in fact bigots, who switched political allegiances from Democratic to Republican, enraged with civil rights legislation, and hoping to bolster Richard Nixon's presidential campaign.   Under the awning of the Tea Party they are destroying the Republican Party, and have already incapacitated the GOP-controlled House of Representatives. Dixiecrats don't accept democracy, when the outcome of elections is an African-American president.  Their members of Congress, from gerrymandered districts, made it clear that they would rather tear the nation apart than allow the black man in the White House to succeed.  

The Dixiecrat's two presidential candidates are Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson, who vie with one another to make the most incendiary quips for the sake of generating free media attention.  Dr. Carson is a retired black neurosurgeon, whose God-complex has put him on a pedestal so high that even lunatic-fringe pronouncements are taken by his supporters as wisdom.  The irony of course is that while denouncing President Obama as a psychopath and other blacks as losers, this man's only claim to fame as a popular choice of Dixiecrats is the color of his skin. His self-hatred is a delicious feast for white racists, because they believe their support of him will shield them from being attacked as racists. Good luck on that one.

Neither of these men is funny.  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson and the Holocaust

Dr. Ben Carson Criticizes Holocaust Victims 
GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson just made the jaw dropping comment that the Holocaust wouldn't have happened if only German Jews had refused to relinquish their guns. But to be blunt about the issue, Dr. Carson's comprehension of World War II is .  . . well . . . "ass backwards".  In his disordered mind, he is the hero, the prince of light battling the forces of evil. But given the level of his bigotry, narcissism, obsession with weapons and militarism the man personifies the essence of the Nazi cause, not vice versa. In short, Carson doesn't realize that the values he espouse, were they within the context of World War II, would make him an ally of Adolph Hitler. The Nazi leader would be thrilled to have a self-hating black man as a puppy dog mascot, spewing racism and anti-Semitism too raw even for Hitler to utter. In short, Carson would serve the same role for the Nazi Germans that he serves today, monkeyshining for right wing  votes.  The western democracies defeated the fascists in World War II. If need be, they will do it again, even if it means launching the U.S. Military to protect American citizens against the Cliven Bundy-like, gun-toting militias that Ben Carson represents. They, not our democratically-elected government, personify the evils of tyranny.


Are GOP Voters Attracted to Dr. Ben Carson's Humility or Just His "Shuffling"?

Does Dr. Ben Carson Have a Secret Life?

While Christians Criticize Muslims for not Denouncing Extremism, Pastors Are Deathly Silent over Bigotry displayed by GOP Presidential Candidates 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Why Didn't Crew of Ship Heading into Hurricane Mutiny?

Yes, accidents happen. We humans have far less control over our fates than we would ever admit aloud. But now that we are left to mourn the sinking of the container ship, El Faro, I have only one question to ask. Why didn't the more sensible members of the crew mutiny? One of the last known communications from the doomed ship was an email sent by a crew member to her mother:  "There's a hurricane out there and we're heading straight into it."

No crew members have yet been found. Maybe someone in the maritime profession could explain how an accident of this magnitude could happen with the sophisticated weather forecasting that we have today. Why didn't that crew lock the confused captain in the brig and head out of harm's way?  Of course, we'll never know the answer. 

How Would Sheriff in Oregon Shooting Feel If Public Listened to Those Claiming it Never Happened?

Oregon Sheriff John Hanlin
There are 2 lessons we should be grappling with in the wake of this last shooting. which left 10 dead including the shooter who committed suicide. The first, of course, is that the easy availability of a military arsenal will always lead to the most unstable among us murdering  innocent people en masse. But unlike previous mass shootings, the tragedy that occurred on the Umpqua College campus in Roseburg, Oregon has an additional, heartrending lesson for the rest of us. Sheriff John Hanlin  had himself gone on the Internet and posted a conspiracy video, claiming the Sandy Hook shooting never happened. According to the Sheriff''s interpretation of those events, the parents of the dead children were making up this tragedy to impose gun control on the American public. Imagine an even deeper pain that town must endure from knowing that their grief was dismissed as the work of paid actors.

Even though Sheriff Hanlin is in the midst of grieving a loss, he owes the town of Sandy Hook and all of us who were hurt by the callousness of that  conspiracy mongering, a personal apology. Actually, he also needs to do something more. That is, he must publicly expose that kind of twisted conspiratorial thinking or step down from his job.