Sunday, March 4, 2012

According to FOX News: Obama MADE Limbaugh call Student a "Slut" & "Prostitute"

When the Rupert Murdoch scandal erupted in Britain, I wished and prayed that it would ensnare FOX News and bring them down.  That hasn't happened.  But the good news is that FOX may have decided to chop off its own head.  How else can one account for FOX News commentator, Eric Bolling's claim that Rush Limbaugh called Georgetown law student, Sandra Fluke, a "slut" and "prostitute," at the behest of . . . yes, believe it or not -- President Barack Obama himself (see here).   Bolling began by calling Sandra Fluke a "foot soldier" for President Obama. "Follow me here," he continued, "President Obama on the ropes with the economy, and specifically with women voters; Mrs. Fluke to create a controversy; and the Liberal Mainstream Media puppets play along as scripted."

 Bolling left the details sketchy as to how the president might have manipulated the conservative talk show host.  [Maybe Obama injected a mind control chemical into Limbaugh's illegal stash of oxycontin.] While Bolling's co-host, Bob Beckel, called the idea "ridiculous,"  Andrea Tantaros scoffed at "anyone who thinks this was accidental."  Bytheway, this is the same woman who defended the all-male congressional hearings on female contraception in mid-February.

  FOX News has good reason to play down the Limbaugh scandal because the blowback sprays it with a hard-to-deodorize stench as well. Many Americans had until now dismissed as conservative free speech the  shenanigans of this lying bully.  But if Limbaugh falls, the lies and courseness of FOX News will be scrutinized by a public that has lost its tolerance for moral ugliness masked as political discourse.

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