Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Talking Dirty" on FOX News

FOX News Commentators
In yesterday's blog I posed the following question:  "Why are today's most vocal bigots, white female politicians?"   I received a host of comments here, which helped me see the whole business in a larger perspective.  I agree with the comments of Marjmar here and Christy47 here.  The phenomenon of which I speak began on FOX News.  Several years ago, cable television's endless recycling of video clips propelled conservative news commentator, Ann Coulter, to quasi-stardom.  The dirtier she talked, spewing anti-Semitic, and racist garbage, the larger her audience of conservative white males grew.  Coulter had opened a niche for attractive and ambitious young blonds in the cable news business and FOX News gave them a platform.  The uglier and more bigoted their feminine whisperings on air, the more titillated became their repressed male audiences.    

Then along came Sarah Palin, a striking brunette and former beauty queen. The tease-factor grew exponentially.  Her incompetence didn't matter, so long as she could stand before crowds, well-coiffured and fashionable, softly spewing rage, and inciting crowds against Democrats, President Barack Obama, and their policies. In the June 2010 issue of Harper's Magazine, writer Jack Hitt asked the question: "Is Sarah Palin Porn?"  He noted:   
"Palin knows her fan base, and she knows what they want: a brief tour of Google reveals dozens of Photo-shopped Palin fantasy images - and it's clear that they're not posted by her enemies."
The former Alaska governor has opened a door for ambitious women like Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann to strut her stuff.  The only real criteria in this beauty pageant will be an appealing body, porcelain-white skin, and an aptitude for feigning southern-belle-like delicacy, while talking dirty.      

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