Friday, April 29, 2011

Did Western Anti-Semitism Poison Israel's Future?

U.S. locked its borders to Jews fleeing Nazis
 Our misunderstanding  of the true roots of the Arab-Israeli conflict will continue to make a solution to the conflict an impossible dream.  Why?  It is because we as Westerners are not yet ready to see that Anti-Semitism in the United States and Europe after World War II sealed Israel's fate.  Yes, it would become a Jewish state, but it would be one forever fearful and on guard against hostile Arab and Muslim neighbors, one of whom, Iran, may be fast developing a nuclear weapons' capability.

Scholars have long noted that the Anti-Semitism that was rampant in the U.S. before and during World War II declined precipitously after the war.  The polite reason given for this dramatic change in attitude suggests  that Americans were so horrified in learning of the Holocaust that they mended their Anti-Semitic ways.  It's a nice story, but there is no real evidence to back it up.  To the contrary, what we do know to be the case is that Anti-Semitism in the U.S. declined precipitously once Americans embraced Zionism.  But surely support for Zionism should be interpreted as support for Jews?  Not quite.  Americans supported Jewish aspirations so long as most Holocaust survivors were being shipped to a former British colony, populated by resentful and riotous Arabs.  In short, once American workers no longer feared labor markets being flooded by better educated, Jewish refugees, it was then and only then that Anti-Semitism in American society declined.

Anti-Semitism was so deeply embedded within American and European societies, that even after the Nazi Holocaust, the U.S. and its allies schemed to keep Jews out.  This was so even if it meant self-serving support for a Jewish state in the Middle East, in perpetual warfare with the Palestinians and its Arab neighbors.

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