Friday, November 24, 2017

Al Franken & Conyers Should Go When 53% of White Women Stop Supporting Donald Trump

Let me explain what “white skin privilege” means from my vantage as a black feminist.  It refers to having the space to cultivate “delicate sensibilities” in a world that demands focus.  I’m not referring here to upholding or failing to uphold ones values of fairness towards all human beings. What I am talking about is a repeat of what gave us Donald Trump in the first place.   Apart from anti-feminist white women, there were Progressives who felt that the female Democratic candidate wasn’t pure enough.

White women can weave in and out of reality in ways that people of color cannot.  Neither Al Franken nor Conyers are pedophiles.   When Trump resigns, they can resign. In the meantime, prioritize your battles. Otherwise you’ll get confused, worn out, and when you’re needed most, you’ll be vacationing in the Caribbean.

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