Monday, August 14, 2017

Now that Trump's Support Base Has Shrunk to White Evangelicals and Neo-Nazis

Neo-Nazis in Charlottesville, VA
Now that President Donald Trump's support base has shrunk to white evangelicals and neo-Nazis, it's inevitable that some Americans will conflate the two constituencies.  In this way, the president will bankrupt the moral authority of white evangelical Christians as surely as he has bankrupted his businesses.   It will take some time for the full impact of this collapse to be felt within that community. But that trajectory is inevitable.  

With 90% of white Christian evangelicals having embraced Trump's presidency, their moral leadership of the cultural wars  will soon diminish to little more than an irritating buzz in the nation's outer ear.  In this fast-paced society of ours, people can become easily confused. Why should they take the advice of flag-waving neo-Nazis as to when life begins, or who should be allowed to marry whom, or who for that matter should be allowed to use which bathrooms?   Evangelicals, if they look hard enough, might find a lesson or two in the Bible about the rewards of tying one's fortunes to a thrice-married, casino-owning, pussy-grabber.  
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