Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Did White Evangelicals Get Sucked into Trump's Amoral Tribalism?


So. . . what is amoral tribalism?  It is a moral system that defines what is right and wrong in terms of its utility to the tribe and vice versa.  The difference with the standards that many Americans would identify as being moral behavior can be seen in today's political landscape.  Most white Evangelical Christians are Trump supporters, who have until now propagated a moral system based on the Biblical authority of the Ten Commandments. But how then do they accept, tolerate and make excuses for what we are now being faced with as the Trump crime family reveals itself and its cronies. What we see unfolding is lying on a pathological level, stealing, treason, money laundering, sex trafficking and the various and sundry other vices that crime families and money laundering syndicates engage in.   The "fake news", "nothingburger" statements made by Republican Congressmen, the consummate amoral tribalists themselves, now sound ridiculous as ways of shielding the Trumps from their own trashy lives.

So, now back to the question of  how it is possible that white Evangelicals might support the Trumps.  The operative term in all of this is "tribalism".  The enemy is multiculturalism.  President Barack Obama was the Great Satan.  Immigrants are a malignant cancer.  Police shootings of unarmed blacks is what it has always been, a way to feel safe and in conttrol.  This particular demographic is especially vulnerable.  Believing that the planet is 5,000 years old places a ceiling on the opportunities to get a college education (even though many wouldn't want to) and it precludes the freedom of thought needed  to pursue careers in science and technology.   In actuality it is "white Evangelicals on Sunday" following their "white tribal leader on Monday through Saturday night".  
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