Saturday, June 17, 2017

Near Sinking of Naval Destroyer by Container Ship Major Catastrophe for U.S. Navy

Damaged Naval Destroyer after Collision
I may not be a naval buff, but even I can see last night's accidental ramming of the U.S.S. Fitzgerald by a Philippine container ship as a catastrophe and public relations nightmare for the U.S. Navy.   The captain has been airlifted to a naval hospital and seven sailors are missing.  The merchant ship that nearly sunk the American vessel sustained only minor damage.
Container Ship Collided with Naval Destroyer

Just from my civilian's untrained view, how is the military going to justify having the American taxpayer hand over $1.5 billion a pop for building destroyers when they can be sunk by container ships?  I don't know how many warships our Navy has, but the last time I checked on Google there were about 16,900 bulk carriers plying the world's sea lanes.   

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