Sunday, April 9, 2017

What Scheme is Secretary of State Tillerson Hatching with the Kremlin in Russia Tomorrow?

The Trump Administration narrative is that Russia is both enraged at the U.S. and shivering in its boots, since we lobbed 59 Tomahawk missiles on an empty airfield in Syria last week.  The story coming out of the White House further suggests that our Secretary of State is a man of courage, who is even willing to risk life and limb in the face of Russian hostility by traveling to Moscow to negotiate who knows what since he'll be travelling without the usual entourage of State Department staff and reporters.

But what's a person of normal intelligence and a functioning moral compass to read into the current situation?  The Kremlin hacked the presidential election, and pushed for the appointment of Secretary of State Tillerson,  first and foremost to get the sanctions lifted, which have had a devastating effect on the Russian economy. But as of yet, the White House has not been able to pursue that goal because of the FBI's investigation of Trump campaign collusion. However, a new opportunity has arisen. Last week's Sarin gas attack has allowed Trump to appear to distance himself from Putin, who supports Syrian President Assad.  The situation has even given Tillerson an excuse to get on a plane for Moscow.  If our Secretary of State returns this week with some version of a deal in which Assad is removed from Syria and Russia is rewarded for their efforts by the U.S. lifting of sanctions, then we'll at least know the truth.  Trump was in on the Sarin gas attack that killed the Syrian children, regardless how authentic his emotional display of shock and horror may have appeared..   

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