Thursday, April 6, 2017

Nikki Haley's Fall from Governor to Donald Trump's Tramp

Haley Still Became Trump's UN Ambassador
Maybe I'm being sexist. After all,  if our United Nations Ambassador were a male, I wouldn't be using the word  "tramp".  But I also wouldn't be asking: "how can you as a mother even face your children over the breakfast table now that we've also seen the photos of Syrian babies killed in gas attacks you provoked?" The Syrian president launched the attack after Haley boldly announced last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority".  So he decided to test those boundaries with this  horrific Sarin gas attack on his own people.

Sensible folk, not blinded by forever lost coal-mining jobs or white nationalism, have known for sometime that Donald Trump is a narcissistic psychopath.  We've known that he lacks the cognitive skills to be president of the United States. But what was South Carolina Governor, Nikki Haley's excuse for joining his Administration?  She had until this point been a successful Indian-American Republican, who had refused to endorse him during the bruising presidential election fight.

And now, just two months into the man's presidency, look at this woman's fall from glory.  Since Trump refuses to accept the blame for anything, alot of it is now falling on Haley's head for this gas attack that killed scores of people, many of them women and young children, whose little bodies lay strewn along the streets in the Idlib Province of Northern Syria, with those still alive, foaming at the mouth from the toxic gas.   After all, she boldly announced at the U.N. just last week that "removing Assad was no longer a U.S. priority."  

 Thus far our President's reaction to the attack has been policy-less blubbering about those poor little innocent babies and Haley has made a 180 degree turn from last week and is now calling Assad "a war criminal" having just a few days before insisted that the U.S. would work with him.

Lady, I would find more professional dignity from pole dancing at a strip joint than representing Trump at the U.N. 
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