Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Gorsuch Having Trouble Hiding Religious Fanaticism

Donald Trump and Supreme Court Nominee Gorsuch
In the portion of the Senate confirmation hearing that I heard yesterday, Judge Gorsuch explained that the "deeply-held" religious beliefs of the Green family, who own the for profit Hobby Lobby corporation should supersede any religious beliefs held by the 13,000 employees,  to whom their health plan was denying contraceptives.  I'm not a lawyer. But the whole interchange was beginning to remind me of plantation slavery.   Of course we all know that if the Greens sold their company to the Khan family whose deeply held religious beliefs required that women wear the hijab, Judge Gorsuch would have a different but "deeply-held" opinion on the matter. This man is as fake as Donald Trump.  The only difference is that he expresses his phony constitutional originalism with the polish of a man having a higher IQ than our president.

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