Thursday, January 12, 2017

Join the Boycott of Kellyanne Conway Media Interviews

Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's "Propaganda Minister" 
I was inspired to action by a diary on DailyKos entitled:  No, Seth Meyers did not show us how to deal with Kelly Conway. Keeping her off TV is how to do that.  

So much is horribly wrong with the incoming Trump administration, that it is easy to sink into  paralysis rather than actualize our angst and shame at this fascist takeover of America.  However, we need to laser-focus our actions if opposition to this illegitimate Administration is to have any voice at all.

The noted Watergate investigative reporter, Carl Bernstein, was right about Trump mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway when he called her a propaganda minister.

The DailyKos diarist, betaclone noted:
 Even by cable news talking head standards [Kellyanne Conway] is shameless. There is not now nor will there ever be any true journalistic value in putting her on television. She exists as nothing but a megaphone for propaganda who will not respond to any journalistic norms or even direct questions. She seems to eschew the notion that she should answer ANY questions, even seemingly benign ones that pose no political threat to her boss. The message to television programmers could not be more simple: You are nothing but an outlet for the word salad I have prepared.

Leslie Salzillo had this to say:
It started with Anderson Cooper of CNN’s 360 calling out Kellyanne Conway Wednesday night as she tried once again to deflate and deny the truth. It’s her thing. But it’s been a trying time for Conway especially after the latest information regarding her boss’s Russian ties leaked out this week. The special  counselor to Donald Trump (who specializes on how to be a better liar) is quite good at her job. But her gig seems to be getting harder as the media’s intolerance for her bullshit grows.

It is not that Ms. Conway is worse than Donald Trump himself.  It is rather that this cruel woman is more vulnerable, thus a good place to start.

Check the TV schedule. If Kellyanne Conway is slated to appear, refuse to watch the program. (And send an email to the station explaining why).  When newscasters, late-night comedians and their advertisers get the message that a penalty will be applied to putting this woman on the air, they will stop inviting her.  It is not that you might miss even the tiniest sliver of genuine news in listening to her deflect.  After we retire Kellyanne, we make a shared decision regarding who next to target, and move on from there.  
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