Thursday, December 29, 2016

Congressional Dems Exposed for Being as Morally Compromised as Trump's GOP

 It may have been an unintended consequence, but Congressional Dems have just exposed themselves like any run-of-the-mill (but cloaked in a Calvin Klein trench coat), flasher might.  When it comes to political pet peeves, Democrats' unconditional support for Israel's descent into fascism, is as ugly, brutal, irrational and amoral as their Trump-led GOP fixation with abortion, Obamacare,  Muslims and illegal immigrants. Ouch!

In struggling to come to grips with Hillary's electoral defeat, maybe I should draw some relief from the Democrats in Congress.  They are howling like hyenas over President Obama's failure to veto the UN censure of Jewish settlements and Secretary of State John Kerry's frank admission that the settlement issue is the most serious barrier to achieving a Two-State Solution in Israel.  For all their legislative compassion at home, Dems in Congress can be just as ruthless and racist in foreign crises as Donald Trump's Republican Party. What a gut-wrenching (but spiritually clarifying) insight. 
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