Thursday, November 3, 2016

FBI Sabotage of Clinton Campaign Revives Long Buried Suspicions of Agency Link to Martin Luther King Assassination Plot

The partisan behavior of the FBI is the most unsettling part of this election nightmare.   After all, Donald Trump is acting like the narcissistic, bigoted con artist that many of us knew him to be.
But the FBI is a different matter.   Director James Comey revitalized public attention on the lifeless  Hillary Clinton email-server issue, less than a week before this presidential election.  He has also refused to investigate Donald Trump's financial and other ties to Russian dictator, Vladimir Putin, while his agency continues its media dump of anti-Clinton files.   The FBI also insists on combing through the records of the Clinton Foundation, an organization known around the world for its charitable work.  But it ignores the Trump Foundation, which is little more than a tax dodge.     

Comey's inability to control his rogue agency has succeeded in reopening one of the ugliest wounds in our nation's history.   That is, many African-Americans continue to believe that then FBI Director, J. Edgar Hoover arranged the assassination of Martin Luther King.  The civil rights leader had apparently crossed an invisible line when he began mobilizing support against the war in Vietnam.  And Blacks are not the only ones who have harbored such suspicions.  In 2014, CNN  reported on secret FBI memos showing "an agency obsessed with 'neutraliz(ing)' MLK."  

Not only does Comey need to resign now, but President Obama needs to appoint a special prosecutor to launch the long delayed investigation of the agency that should have taken place after MLK's untimely death.   


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