Monday, November 21, 2016

Are Trump's Christian Supporters' Embracing the Nude Female Body?

First Lady Melania Trump
I remember the ugly attacks directed at Michelle Obama, who was called a "shameless hussy" for wearing  sleeveless designer dresses.  Her teenaged daughters were labeled barhopping call girls for wearing dungarees.

However, now we have a new first lady whose nude photos in which she is entangled in an embrace with another woman, border on the pornographic. Since America's mores have changed so dramatically  in the shift from First Lady Michelle Obama to Melania Trump, let's celebrate this new embrace of the female body. 

Why not have our new First Lady take off her clothes for the official White House photo. She might inspire other middle aged Christian ladies to embrace their bodies.

Besides, several designers are protesting the Trump presidency by refusing to clothe Mrs. Trump. No problem. Our new religious aesthetic says it's quite okay to prance around wearing no clothes at all (or maybe that's just for white women).

Oops! Some kind of filter is blocking the posting of Mrs. Trump's nude photos. But if you'd like to suggest a role model for your Evangelical Christian daughters, just click here.


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