Monday, October 10, 2016

This Election Has Exposed Us to the America Our Worst Enemies Perceived All Along

While I could not imagine anyone less qualified to lead America than Donald Trump, I do have to thank him for one thing.  He helped Americans see, perhaps for the first time, who we really are.  When the code-words and dog-whistles are stripped away, 40% of Americans would be perfectly happy living in a totalitarian, fascist, misogynistic, white supremacist police state.  Please take a moment to let the raw truth of that assertion sink, down, down, down into the depths of your soul.

In short, our enemies have  always known us better than we knew ourselves.  But don't get me wrong. I love America.  I love democracy.  But having elections, a presidency, Congress and Supreme Court doesn't mean that all Americans support or even understand the tenets of representative democracy. This fact should not surprise us in the least.  After all, how democratic was America under slavery, and its KKK aftermath?  It was Donald Trump's 40%, supporting militarism and know-nothingness that gave us the war in Iraq.  Its unintended consequences have practically devoured the world and created even greater hatred for the United States. Is it any wonder that our enemies aren't able to distinguish that 40% from the rest of the nation, when that is the only face of America they've ever experienced?  

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