Monday, October 17, 2016

Evangelical Christians Who Preach Hatred & Bigotry are Actually Satanists and Maybe They Deserve Our Candor

I'm not a theological expert.  But every now and then the labels that help us make sense of the world get so twisted around, that people start calling "up" down and "rotten water-buffalo meat" prime rack of lamb.  Alas, this is not useful.

Have you ever paused to wonder who the Evangelical Christian followers of  Donald Trump pray to?

I have no interest in judging people. That's not my point.  But I do find it useful and necessary in the dangerous world in which we live, to see reality as clearly as I possibly can.  If someone blows up a building, killing innocent people, I call that person a terrorist, even if he calls himself a saint. If someone devotes him or herself to the Bible and derives from that exposure behavior steeped in hatefulness and bigotry, it would be safe to assume that I'm dealing with an Evangelical Satanist rather than a Christian.  And maybe we would all be better off knowing how our behavior is perceived by others and as a consequence expecting that we'll be labeled accordingly.

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