Monday, October 17, 2016

5 Reasons Why Trump Supporters Might be Behind Firebombing of GOP Headquarters

The bombing of the Republican headquarters in Orange County was a shocking act of  cowardice. And while I don't believe in baseless conspiracy theories, I do use the cognitive gifts that nature bestowed upon me for rational speculation in instances  that might involve the possibility of danger to myself and others. It is for this reason that I have suggested below why I believe this heinous act to have been a "false flag" operation perpetrated by Donald Trump supporters#1 Hillary Clinton has pulled ahead in North Carolina and is a shoo-in for this liberal college town. Her campaign would be hurt rather than benefit from this firebombing.

#2 Extremists inhabit the fringes of both political parties. Left-Wing nihilists are capable of violence but not with this modus operandi,  A nihilist sees the world in global terms and would not demand that his or her  enemies "get out of town". This phraseology would only emanate from a person or persons with local sensibilities.  This is why it is so reminiscent of KKK-type groups.

Woman Carved "B" on Face in Attempt to Implicate Black Obama Supporter 
#3 We saw a similar act in 2008 when a McCain supporter etched a backwards (mirror imaged) on her face and blamed the act on a black male Barack Obama supporter. 

#4 Donald Trump is facing a humiliating electoral defeat. He has been rabble rousing his supporters to acts of violence in order to mask the collapsing of his campaign.  A growing amount of Trump's angry rhetoric has been targeting the so-called Republican establishment.   

#5 FOX News reported that absentee ballots had been destroyed in the fire.  But why would completed ballots be sitting in Republican headquarters, since such a discovery would constitute illegal vote tampering?  But then I forgot -- this story was broadcast solely for the consumption of low-information voters, who were being persuaded that Trump would have been winning in North Carolina were it not for the burned ballots. 
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