Monday, September 19, 2016

The Smile of Lynching Postcard Woman Bears Striking Resemblance to that of Trump Manager Kellyanne Conway

Admittedly, the hair style and coloring of the two women might be different.  But the ugly stain on their souls is interchangeable.  What kind of mother might the postcard woman -- who casually grins in the presence of two dead men  dangling from tree branches --  have been?  While that person is no longer with us, we do have her doppelganger making the  rounds of tv talk shows on behalf of her employer, Donald Trump.  In these conversations, Kellyanne Conway loves to mention a devotion to her four children, and the role of teaching them moral values.  But she lies, cheats, promulgates hate and has prostituted herself before the media in an effort to put a racist and dangerous con man in the White House.  She is teaching her kids to accept as normal the same twisted lessons this postcard woman learned from her own Mother.

Or as Ben Cohen of the Daily Banter so wisely noted:
"Conway is an educated, upper middle class professional willingly taking part in a fascist political movement that poses a grave threat to the future of humanity. And worse, Conway is attempting to normalize it by adding her fake smile and soothing voice to the truly abhorrent."

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