Saturday, August 1, 2015

It's Time to Ban GOP Voters from Juries Involving Minority Defendants and Police Brutality

The pretense is up. What is the likelihood that a white juror who believes the president of the United States is a Kenyan imposter has the reasoning ability to determine the innocence or guilt of a policeman accused of summarily executing an unarmed black?

 I grew up in a Republican family. But times have changed. The GOP has morphed into a white supremacist social movement as capable of respecting America's democratic ideals as its Mideast counterpart ISIS. While one GOP candidate is labeling all immigrants from Mexico, rapists and criminals, another one is advocating that we nuke Iran, while yet another insists that we call in the military to halt the pro-choice movement. The execution of unarmed blacks by psycho cops has either been ignored by the Republican candidates or shoved aside in jingoistic support for rogue executioners.

The GOP cannot have it both ways. It cannot expect to retain a legitimate role within a society based on the rule of law and democratic principles, while those aspiring for the presidency sound like the English-language propaganda arm of a crass Mideast regime.
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