Friday, June 20, 2014

President Obama Please Send Unaccompanied Immigrant Kids Home Immediately

Sorry, folks. It is precisely because I do love kids that I have no sympathy whatsoever for this wave of unaccompanied minors being allowed to cross the border into the U.S.  I don't care what their immigration status is.  These kids need to be sent back to wherever they came from and immediately!  If they're American citizens, and their parents can't be bothered to bring them here, then they really don't belong in this country.
Immigrant Kids Must Be Sent Back Home

I'm a generous hearted person. But quite frankly I'm incensed.  My own country has become so unsafe that I cannot as a mother allow my child to walk three blocks to school without the real threat of being murdered  or snatched and imprisoned in someone's basement as a sex slave.  And yet people from El Salvador, Mexico and Nicaragua or wherever live in such an entitled fantasy world that they send their toddlers in pampers across the border unaccompanied.  This has really got to stop.

President Obama needs to work hard to pass a fair immigration bill for workers.  But he needs to nip this business of minors crossing the border in the bud immediately.  The American public should have no sympathy for this insanity.  America can't take care of the parentless kids it already has. We have too many in abusive foster homes, homeless or being pimped on street corners.    America is a remarkable country in many ways, with economic opportunities available to those who work hard. But it is not a safe, child friendly place even when kids have the protection of their parents  And the American public should not be held hostage to ensuring the safety of kids flooding across the border when we can't even ensure the safety of our own. 

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