Sunday, February 2, 2014

Woody Allen, Pedophile Enablers and Divorce

Woody Allen Accused of Pedophilia 

As a mother, I do not use a legal standard (whether a person has been convicted of a felony) to determine who I will allow around my child, unsupervised.  And as a society, we should not use the lowest common denominator of sexual deviance that we will tolerate beyond which we toss a person in jail, as a means of determining the highest good for our children.  

From reading articles in Daily Beast  and other places defending Allen, I now understand how pedophilia flourishes in America.   The biggest problem is not the sexual molesters. They are apparently not in control of their sexual impulses.  It is rather those who build  an impenetrable wall around the business of pedophilia itself.  They have set in place a system that psychologically bludgeons children to death for coming forward.  But why?

Pedophile enablers are motivated by two factors.  Some are of course pedophiles themselves.  But most are decent individuals whom I suspect are terrified by and have seen how easily an adult's life can be destroyed by a vindictive spouse's false accusations of child molestation.  But there's a relatively simple solution to that problem.

Accusations of child molestation should be thrown out of divorce and child custody courts.  This is a criminal offense.  If a person believes that he or she has a wonderful or even so-so marriage, comes home one day to find the spouse molesting a child, that person should pull out their cell phone, and collect whatever other evidence is immediately available and then call 911.   Any spouse who would stay with a child molester for months or years, waiting for when they're in the right mood to file for divorce, and then make such accusations, is just as guilty as the perpetrator.  
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