Thursday, February 6, 2014

How Woody Allen's Defenders Enable Culture of Pedophilia

Woody Allen Accused of Molesting Daughter
Pedophilia thrives because our flawed legal system is not equipped to punish the perpetrators when they are rich and powerful.  All of Woody Allen's defenders to date have used the fact that he was not convicted of a crime. But the only people ever convicted of crimes in our society with rare exceptions are minorities and poor people. Because our court system is not set up to root out wealthy child molesters, those who defend Allen, based on the lack of a criminal record, are either fools or conscious enablers of pedophilia.

I find it especially interesting that Allen's defenders use moral standards to denounce Dylan and her mother, Mia Farrow, as liars, manipulative whores, or just plain crazy women. But they refuse to examine Allen's behavior in moral terms because of what it reveals. This is a man who took nude pictures of the mentally-retarded older daughter, then married her and stated in public interviews that he fantasized about having orgies with twelve year olds.  Those behaviors might suggest an arrogant pedophile hiding in plain sight.  Poor people have had their children taken away from them on far vaguer suspicions.  Yet none of Allen's defenders have even suggested that Child Protective services be sent to interview his twelve year old adopted daughters, just in case. . .   Barbara Walters, don't you even care?

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