Saturday, February 22, 2014

Dylan-of-Arc Has Ignited a Revolution and Woody Allen's Defenders are Scared Sh*tless

Dylan Farrow & Woody Allen
Twenty-eight year old Dylan Farrow did not set out to incite a revolution or disarm the power brokers, who control how information is fed to Americans.   Her sole intention was to state her case with as much dignity as she could bring to a graphic account of being sexually molested at the age of seven. But with the  help of Bill Kristol she has accomplished that and more.

What had stumped me about the ensuing controversy was the level of venom that the mainstream media had spewed all over  Dylan and her mother, Mia Farrow.  Concerned members of the public sifted through years of court records now available on the Internet, interviews by Woody Allen and earlier news reports to expose the famous filmmaker's lies. But headlines in the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times, both newspapers that had refused to print Dylan's original letter, screamed that the real victim was Woody Allen, himself.  Major opinion pieces in newspapers across the country called the process by which the American public was rejecting the Establishment narrative of Woody's innocence, as the actions of a lynch mob, witch hunters, gossip-mongers and victims of mass hysteria.  

But what was the public's crime?  We were shaping our own opinions by going directly to legitimate sources of information, court records and databases, that could now for the first time, be accessed on the Internet.   If we were no longer devouring the corporate media's reframing of events, then their power to manipulate public opinion was fizzling out fast.  

It took me a while to figure out what was really going on.  But the shoddiness and lack of fact-checking for pro-Allen opinion pieces in the major media startled me.  They conveyed the same lies, in some cases verbatim, long after recovered court records had shown Woody Allen's statements to be false. We the public were chided for not suspending all our cognitive facilities or powers of discernment in order to await a court-sanctioned ruling as to whether or not Woody Allen is a person of good character.  This was, of course, the same court system that had just last year acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering the unarmed Trayvon Martin.

The arrogance and elitism of public figures like Barbara Walters, who called Allen "a loving and caring father" and Wallace Shawn, who compared the character of Woody Allen to Bishop Desmond Tutu and Franklin Delano Roosevelt,  left me speechless.  They could not be bothered to do any serious research.  So, instead they repeated ad nauseum the talking points distributed by Woody Allen's public relations firm.  

To Woody Allen and friends.  Be forewarned. This genii cannot be stuffed back in her lamp.    

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