Saturday, February 8, 2014

Does Anyone Care About the Safety of Woody Allen's Two Daughters?

Woody Allen, wife Soon-Yi & Daughters
Hypothetically, if Woody Allen were molesting his two daughters, what would happen?  The answer of course is nothing.  His wife Soon-Yi is cognitively disabled.  She did not understand the problem caused by Woody Allen when he took nude photos of her as a child, nor the fact that marrying him ripped their family apart. Before being adopted by Mia Farrow at the age of eight, Soon-Yi scavenged for food on the streets of Seoul, South Korea, her mother being a prostitute.  Some wounds never heal.

Woody Allen has gone to great lengths to hide Soon-Yi's mild retardation.  He hired a battery of tutors to get her through college and has refused to allow her to be interviewed except by loyal journalist friends.   Soon-Yi would not have been cognitively able to grasp child abuse had it happened to her as a child, and thus would certainly not be able to protect her two daughters from a sexual predator living in the same household.

It would be interesting to find out what behind-the-scenes efforts Woody Allen made to adopt two little girls, given  his questionable past.  So, I ask once again.  Does anybody care about the safety of Woody Allen's daughters?

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