Saturday, May 11, 2013

Lies Told by Castro's Daughter at Center of Sex Slave Kidnappings


Arlene Castro, daughter of Kidnapper
 Arlene Castro -- the daughter of the psychopath who kept three women as sex slaves for ten years appeared on "Good Morning America" several days ago. She begged forgiveness for her dad's monstrous deeds.  The tears rolling down the cheeks of the baby-faced, twenty-two year old,  nearly broke my heart.  But then I found out more about the role she played in the original investigation.  Arlene Castro's lies are at the core of this tragedy.  

In November 2004, Arlene's stepfather, Fernando Colon was indicted on 28 counts of rape, kidnapping and molestation, based on the daughter's testimony.  Colon declared his innocence, insisting that Arlene was being manipulated by her father, Ariel Castro, to make the accusations because of his hatred of Colon.   Because of this indictment, law enforcement officials focused on Colon as a probable suspect in the disappearance of Arlene's best friend, Gina DeJesus, and allowed Ariel Castro to slip through their dragnet.  

Shortly after DeJesus, disappeared, Arlene's dad began buying his daughter expensive gifts, including fashionable clothes, a Walkman and cellphone.    A private investigator named Chris Giannini also told The Los AngelesTimes that  Castro had called his ex-wife on Aug. 25, 2005, threatening to kill her if the daughter did not testify against Colon.  

Had the Cleveland police paid attention to Colon's accusations against Castro, then the dad would have been a prime suspect.  But since the police saw no reason for a fourteen year old to lie about being raped, Castro slid off their radar screen.  


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