Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did Soldier who Killed 16 in Afghanistan Receive his Diploma from the Rush Limbaugh Show?

  Let me get this right.  Several American soldiers burned copies of the Qur'an on a military base, mistaking these sacred books for trash.  While Afghans rioted, most Americans dismissed this episode as an unfortunate accident.  It was not merely because the Obama Administration said so, but also because there was no apparent motive. It just didn't make sense.  Today we have a ghastly news account of a U.S. soldier shooting dead sixteen Afghan civilians, nine of them children, all of whom were sleeping in their beds. That didn't make sense either.   What if the perpetrator had not turned himself in?  Might the American public have ignored or dismissed Afghani insistence that this horror was not only intentional, but also the work of an American soldier?  Maybe. . . probably. . . ah. . .  yes.     This is where Rush Limbaugh comes in.

I lived in Asia several years ago and the only English-language station on the radio dial  was Armed Forces Radio.  I was homesick and had to listen to Rush Limbaugh's daily rants out of desperation to hear my beloved English being spoken. What did Rush talk about?  He offered the following comment in regard to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib:  "It was sort of like hazing a fraternity prank. Sort of like that kind of fun. . .I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?"  As for Guantanamo prison, he declared:

 "We need to shut down this Gitmo prison? Well, don't shut it down - we just need to start an advertising campaign. We need to call it, 'Gitmo, the Muslim resort.'"

I had returned to the U.S. in time to hear Limbaugh defend Joseph Kony, leader of a roving band of mass murderers called the  Lord's Resistance Army, after he learned that President Barack Obama was sending a hundred U.S. troops to Uganda to assist in capturing or killing the warlord.  An article appeared in Mother Jones entitled: Limbaugh Thinks Obama wants to Kill Christians.  Limbaugh refused to back down even when it became public knowledge that Kony was engaged in mass murder in Central Africa.

 The Rush Limbaugh Show is being broadcast to troops on bases all over the world.  However, America has too much at stake, to allow this seedy, ugly-spirited man to roll around in the minds of vulnerable young men. These soldiers are thousands of miles from home, getting shot at by an enemy indistinguishable from our Afghan allies, for a war whose rationale nobody even remembers any more. They need something better than  an education in anti-Muslim hatred.   Please sign the petition here to get Limbaugh removed from Armed Forces Radio.   Thank you.
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