Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weight-Loss Secrets I Learned from Japanese Women

The so-called experts scoff at desperate American women in search of a "magic weight loss pill," or some other simple solution to their weight problems.  But it's the experts who may be the fools and gullible ones. I spent a year in Japan, which gave me a new perspective on food.  How many experts and nutritionists in the United States tell overweight American women that there is no secret, no magic to weight loss. With a sarcastic sneer, that generally say something like:  "all you have to do is stop stuffing yourself, substitute lettuce salad for pepperoni pizza and take up jogging."  That is not really sound advice because most overweight women have such strong food cravings, that those dietary changes are not do-able.  Besides, substituting lettuce for pizza is not the real reason I couldn't find a dress size 12, and barely any size 10s in Japanese department stores, stocked with size 0's through 6's.  Do Japanese women have that much more willpower than we do?  Of course not.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where was Mrs. Sandusky While Husband Molesting Young Boys at Couple's Home?

Accused Child Molester Jerry Sandusky & Wife
Where was Mrs. Sandusky for the last fifteen years, while  her husband molested young boys in the basement of their State College, Pennsylvania, home?   I don't mean to be unfair.   After nearly three decades of marriage, I know all too well the pitfalls in  assuming that a wife (or vice versa) is clued into the kinds of shenanigans a husband is bent on keeping from her.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sandusky, Paterno, Penn State and Young Black Boys

The Sandusky scandal may be a teachable moment for child abuse aware groups anxious to educate the public on the importance of contacting the police immediately in suspicious situations. But let's make darned sure we learn the right lessons.  That is, if we think that this incident is only about child abuse in general, then we have truly missed the point.  At a more fundamental level, this scandal is  about the special vulnerability of young inner city black boys to sexual molestation.

New reports have now revealed that most, if not all, of the eight known victims of Sandusky's sexual predations were at-risk black boys.  And that brings me to my larger point.  Had the child that assistant coach Mike McQueary witnessed being molested had blond hair and blue eyes, the outcome would have been different regardless of the damage to Penn State's reputation.  The husky McQueary might even, in a fit of rage, have clobbered the man engaged in sodomizing a ten year old boy.  Why?  It is because the assistant coach would have seen in the victim an image of his own child, or nephew or neighbor. The same goes for Joe Paterno and Penn State officials.  Instead, they handled this case the way a man might if he walked in on a colleague having sex with a prostitute.

Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden came out with shocking new claims on WEEI's The Dennis and Callahan Show, namely that "Jerry Sandusky and Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors."  This rumor is presently being followed up by two investigative reporters and I will be paying attention to developments as well regarding the Second Mile Foundation.  Sandusky founded the organization in 1977, presumably to help at-risk boys.
Columnist Earl Ofari Hutchinson has written an insightful piece on the relevance of race to the Sandusky scandal.  He asserts:
. . . with the strong hints came the public finger point by a parent of one of the victims that they were in her words, " Blacks about 10-12 and had a tall slim muscular build." The Second Mile Foundation's founder and accused Jerry Sandusky openly bragged that it was in the business of helping "underprivileged" youth, always the polite code word for poor, at risk, young blacks and Hispanics, it's hardly a stretch to connect the dots to race.  Put bluntly, if Penn State officials kept their yaps shut for years in the face of open knowledge of and strong suspicions of the child rapes and the victims were young black males, than the last dot connected is the charge that black lives are routinely devalued when it comes to officials taking action to protect them. This charge has repeatedly been leveled in serial murders, inner city gang carnage, and against child service agencies that ignore or downplay repeated reports of abuse when the victims and the abused are black. That's only part of the problem. Race can't be separated from poverty or "underprivileged" in the parlance of Sandusky's The Second Mile Foundation.

Mr. Hutchinson continues by citing a study in the March issue of the Journal Pediatrics, "Racial Bias in Child Protection? A Comparison of Competing Explanations Using National Data." 

". . .poverty was a huge determinant not only of levels of abuse. The study predictably found that a disproportionate number of the reported child abuse cases in 2009 which spanned the gamut from neglect to child rape were African-American children. The study directly linked the abuse to poverty. Parents and caregivers that are desperate to provide their children with a pathway out of harm's way from any and every type of abuse that comes with poverty latch on to organizations that promise to provide resources, mentoring, nurturing, and a protective environment for at risk black children.  The Second Mile Foundation that so persuasively and passionately marketed itself under its accused founder Jerry Sandusky, and with the resources, clout and national name recognition of Penn State University's premier football majordomo Joe Paterno to boot, as just such an organization would be hungrily grabbed at as the ticket out of the ghetto for the kids. Given the name and the prestige of those behind this Foundation, why would anyone in their wildest nightmares ever think or suspect that colossal evil lurked underneath the façade of its alleged unadulterated philanthropic and do good aims?  In the days to come as more details unfold about how the Foundation under Sandusky used its good name to commit alleged serial heinous crimes, all with the tacit blessing of Paterno and university officials, the hard suspicions and hints that the target of the crimes were young black males may well be confirmed. If that's the case, then the deep soul search that university and others everywhere who turn a blind eye to child abuse must undergo will be rudely forced to confront one more horrifying possibility. And that's that race was one more reason for that blind eye."

America may have a black president. But this incident at Penn State is one of the most racially demoralizing moments in recent memory. Our nation needs to confront this issue head on rather than allow it to get lost under the banner of "child abuse awareness."


Friday, November 11, 2011

Did District Attorney in Sandusky Sex Scandal Disappear After Air-tight 2nd Case Came to Light?

I'm tired of reading speculation (here and here) about why District Attorney, Ray Gricar failed to prosecute the case against child rapist Jerry Sandusky in 1998.  That thread of discussion misses the point.  Gricar's 2005  disappearance seems to have coincided with the emergence of a much stronger case against Sandusky.  For the first time, Gricar would have had  something nearly unheard of in a child molestation case -- a credible eyewitness.  Montour County D.A. Robert Buehner Jr, a friend of Gricar, explained  the District Attorney's reasoning in 1998, in an article entitled  D.A. Missing Declared Dead Who Likely Would Have Pursued Sandusky Prosecution:
Ray would have been "extremely cautious" based on a reasonable liklihood of conviction. "You don't want to go after someone high profile unless you have a compelling case," Buehner told the Patriot-News.
Finally, law enforcement officials have a clearer picture of what was at stake -- the reputation of a world-renowned coach intertwined with the reputation of one of the most powerful institutions in the State of Pennsylvania, and the hundreds of millions of dollars in football revenue, which could have been at risk should scandal overtake the University's football program.  In the most recent year for which data was available, Penn State generated $116.1 million in revenue from sports.

But will the justice system have the will to pursue the mysterious disappearance of Gricar to wherever it may lead?


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Administrators Need to Close Penn State for Two Week Cooling Off

Penn State administrators need to close the university down for a two week cooling off period.  Video clips  have gone viral of students seemingly rioting in support of a coach who lacked the moral fiber to stop the sexual predations of a pedophile.  In lacking the maturity to see what outsiders do, they are incinerating what's left of this noble academic institution's reputation..  

BREAKING: Police Investigating whether Sandusky 'Pimped Out' Young Children to "Rich Donors"

For those of you unable to imagine the Sandusky scandal sinking any deeper in moral rot, put on your gas masks and read the latest article in the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.   Rumors are gaining traction that Sandusky and  the Second Mile Foundation, a non-profit founded by the ex-coach in 1977 to help disadvantaged children, was pimping young boys to wealthy football donors.  The reporter who broke the story, Mark Madden gained credibility six months ago for courageously reporting a story that no one else in the local media would touch.  It was that Penn State officials had been aware of Jerry Sandusky's sex crimes for more than a decade and had allowed them to be swept under the rug in the late 1990s in exchange for his quiet resignation.

Bytheway, I made it to page five of the Grand Jury Report detailing the sexual molestation charges against Jerry Sandusky when I became physically ill and could not continue reading.


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Disturbing Twist in Sandusky Case; Mysterious Disappearance of District Attorney

An article published in the Wednesday, November 9th New York Times questions the mysterious disappearance in 2005 of Ray Gricar,  the district attorney assigned to the case of Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky.  Unfortunately, the story is buried on an inside page of the Sports Section.  Ken Belson reports:

  At about 11:30 a.m., [on April 15, 2005] he called his girlfriend, Patricia Fornicola, to say he was taking a drive on Route 192. About 12 hours later, she reported him missing.The next day, Gricar’s Mini Cooper was found in a parking lot in Lewisburg, about 50 miles from his home in Bellefonte. Gricar’s cellphone was in the car, but not his laptop, wallet or keys, which were never recovered. Months later, the laptop was found in the Susquehanna River without its hard drive, which was discovered later. It was too damaged to yield any information. . .So what happened? Friends and colleagues say Gricar was not the type to walk away. His bank accounts were not touched after he disappeared, he had no other sources of income and he had no major debts, said Robert Buehner Jr., a friend and the district attorney in Montour County. Though divorced twice, he seemed happy with his girlfriend and close with his daughter. Gricar had already announced that he was retiring at the end of his term.
“He was absolutely looking forward to his future,” Buehner said.  If Gricar committed suicide, Buehner added, he would have wanted the body to be found.
Gricar's reasoning in deciding not to prosecute the Sandusky case in 1998 will probably never be known.   But the even bigger question is whether the DA, at the time of his disappearance,  had gotten wind of a 2002 sexual molestation incident, which provided more solid evidence for prosecuting Sandusky.

I have never had a conspiratorial bent of mind.  But when Penn State officials show the level of moral corruption that would allow them to ignore the rape of a ten year old boy, in order to avoid adverse publicity for their sports program, I wouldn't put anything past these people. 

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BREAKING: Police Investigating whether Sandusky 'Pimped Out' Young Children to "Rich Donors"

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Why Penn State Officials Ignored Eyewitness Account of Sandusky's Rape of 10 Year Old Boy

I'm feeling nauseous.  There is a relevant piece of information that has been kept out of most media accounts of the unfolding Penn State scandal.  Without it, the refusal of university officials to report or even reprimand Jerry Sandusky for raping young boys between the ages of 7 and 12 is truly incomprehensible.  The missing fact is this.  The victims were black.  I had long thought  the nineteenth century notion that African-Americans were animals and their children mere possessions, with neither feelings, shame nor innocence had been swept away by the civil war.  But apparently I was wrong.