Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where was Mrs. Sandusky While Husband Molesting Young Boys at Couple's Home?

Accused Child Molester Jerry Sandusky & Wife
Where was Mrs. Sandusky for the last fifteen years, while  her husband molested young boys in the basement of their State College, Pennsylvania, home?   I don't mean to be unfair.   After nearly three decades of marriage, I know all too well the pitfalls in  assuming that a wife (or vice versa) is clued into the kinds of shenanigans a husband is bent on keeping from her.

But the situation of Dottie Gross Sandusky, the accused child molester's wife, beggar's belief.  The two  married in the mid-1960's.  Mrs. Sandusky worked side by side with her husband in the Second Mile Foundation, a charity he founded in 1977.  The organization is now under investigation for allegedly pimping young boys to wealthy sports boosters.

Tell-tale clues about her husband's unnatural affilations with young boys were everywhere.  Blog reporter Cynthia Dermody has convincingly laid out four of them.  Dottie Sandusky might even have engaged in witness tampering, in that she tried to contact one of the victims before his appearance before the grand jury, a fact detailed on page twenty-one of the grand jury report.  And what about their six adopted children.  How did they fair in all of this, or for that matter, what did they know?  As far as I'm concerned the whole damned Sandusky family needs to be investigated -- and quick.

I'm gratified that Matt Sandusky, the adopted son,  has found the courage to admit that he too was molested by his "Dad."  It could not have been an easy decision for this man to make.