Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mothers, Sons & Newt Gingrich

  I am not a pacifist. Sometimes countries and people do need to go to war in order to defend themselves and uphold their principles.  However, I would lock my son in a closet before I'd let him give up his life in a meaningless war, initiated by politicians just trying to win elections.  Admittedly, since  my son is only nine years old, I might harbor overblown notions about what a mother can and can't do with an adult child.  But even so, I'd go to jail trying.

These thoughts came flooding into my mind this morning when I read about Newt Gingrich  antagonizing the Arab world by declaring that the Palestinians are "an invented people."   Perhaps he forgot that Americans are the quintessential "invented people."   In any case, he along with Mitt Romney,   Michele Bachmann, and Rick Perry have  pledged to carry out military strikes against suspected Iranian nuclear facilities, dismantle Palestinian aspirations for statehood, invade Pakistan, step up the war in Afghanistan.  Rick Santorum, not to be outclassed, says that the U.S. has a moral duty to battle China’s brand of ‘godless socialism.

Mothers, if this is not the future you want for your sons and daughters, seize your power before it's too late!

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