Friday, January 31, 2014

Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony & Race

Amanda Knox
Amanda Knox is a psychopath.  I had originally devoured the storyline put out by the public relations firm hired by Amanda Knox's family and supporters.  Its message was that a sweet, young American white girl had been falsely prosecuted for murder in a little one-horse town in Italy, whose backwards law officials couldn't tell DNA from dog poop.  But that was until I heard about a young man named Patrick Lumumba.  No, he's not the African serving a thirty year term for the murder.   That man's name is Rudy Guede.  Lumumba is the other African male, the one whom Amanda Knox pinned the murder on.  This was not a case of mistaken identity.  Lumumba was Amanda's boss.  According to a 2009 article in the Telegraph:

"Miss Knox, who worked part-time as a waitress in Mr Lumumba's pub, pointed the blamed at him after police asked her to provide the names and telephone numbers of Miss Kercher's friends.
Scrolling through the contacts list on her mobile phone, she reached that of Mr Lumumba and allegedly started crying, telling a police officer: "It was him, it was him, he was crazy, he killed her."

 He was jailed for two weeks without evidence, his name associated with a grisly murder and his business in ruins.  But what DNA evidence did show was that Knox's blood had been found on a bathroom tap, mixed with the murder victim, Meredith Kercher's. In the apartment of Amanda's boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, police found a large kitchen knife, with Knox's DNA on the handle and four cells of Kercher's on the blade.  But this DNA evidence was finally thrown out on a technicality.
Casey Anthony

And that brings me to Casey Anthony, the white woman acquitted of murdering her two year old daughter.  She was not only the last one to see the child, but covered up the two year old's disappearance for more than a month.  Anthony later blamed the child's disappearance on a Hispanic woman, who turned out to be a figment of her imagination.  Both Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony were also women, who loved a good time (appreciably more than most of us). During Italian police questioning of her boyfriend for the murder, Amanda ran around the waiting room turning cartwheels.   The BBC also observed that:  
"A picture began to be painted of a "party girl" who abused drink and drugs and had an active sex life.
Tabloid interest intensified after it emerged that Knox had written a short story on a social networking site about a man who drugs and rapes a young girl.
In it, one character remarks: "A thing you have to know about chicks is that they don't know what they want."
This was not the daughter known to Knox's family - who term themselves "typically American".

In the Knox and Anthony murder trials,  both of the young women were exposed as pathological liars,but this fact had no bearing on the adjudication of their cases.   Establishing the truthfulness or lack thereof of the defendant has until now, been given the highest priority by attorneys in such cases.      

It may be politically incorrect for me to mention the race of these two women both of whom were initially acquitted of murder, although now Ms. Knox has finally been found guilty by an Italian court.  However, I'm beginning to suspect that it might have more relevance on Anthony's acquittal and the initial failure to convict Knox, than any of us would care to acknowledge.

What if roles had been reversed in the Italian case and the victim of murder had been Amanda Knox rather than Meredith Kercher, with the court having the same kind of DNA and  circumstantial evidence that was used in the Knox case.   That black woman would today be rotting in prison for the murder or worse.

And speaking of "what ifs," how about this one?  What if all the time, media attention and money spent on re-imaging Knox for American public consumption, had instead been used to pressure American courts into releasing from prison all the blacks and Latinos falsely convicted of crimes,  for which DNA evidence has confirmed their innocence.  Now that would be justice! 

Amanda Knox has finally been found guilty by a court of law and should be expedited posthaste.

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