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Conversations with Philosopher & Kenpo Master ( Sifu) Alvin Mack: On Self-Defense, Bullying & Being a Single Black Male

Sifu Alvin Mac,
Kenpo Master & Philosopher
Last month I had the pleasure of spending an hour with one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Dr. Alvin Mack, known by martial arts students around the world as "Sifu" (the Chinese honorific for Teacher), reflected on a host of timely subjects. What role if any can the martial arts play in empowering the victims of bullying or of battered spouse syndrome? What is intimacy, the true Biblical meaning of “helpmate,” what it means to be a single black male, the technical differences between kempo and kenpo karate, tapping into the greatness hidden within all of us, and much more.
Sifu Mack is a world-renowned master of kenpo karate and a 7th degree black belt. As an actor he has worked as an extra in such films as Blade & Blade II, Necessary Roughness, True Friends, Pearl Harbor, and Shaft. Dr. Mack has also appeared in the TV series Walker Texas Ranger (1990-2001), Sons of Thunder, and The president's Man, as a featured extra for stunts. He has coached the US National Team in international competition and been inducted into the U.S.A. Martial Arts "Hall of Fame," “The Hall of Heroes” in Los Angeles and the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

Sifu Mack founded the Universal Martial Arts Academy & Training Center (UMAATC) based in Denton, Texas, after retiring from law enforcement. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving At-Risk Youth and Battered Women. In 1998, Mr. Mack’s son, who as a junior and high school student had worked alongside his father as a martial arts instructor, was shot and killed while attempting to help a shopping mall security guard who was being attacked by gang members. This tragedy as well as others witnessed during his 19 years in law enforcement strengthened Sifu Mack's commitment to devoting his life to the UMAATC.  
Over the course of the next month, I look forward to sharing these precious conversations with you all. 
This week’s podcast:

School yard bullies grow up to be spouse batterers.

On Being a Single Black Male

On Kempo, Kenpo & Kung Fu

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