Monday, September 12, 2016

Will New Research Depict Neanderthals as Budding Geniuses?

Until recently, scientific journals and popular magazines alike depicted “Neanderthal Man” as a lumbering creature of robust bone structure but low intelligence.  However, this picture changed radically in 2010.  No new anthropological evidence was brought to the fore at that time.   Rather, geneticists discovered that Neanderthals had interbred with early Europeans.  

I can just imagine what the headlines would have looked like had the evidence shown instead that this proto-human species had mated with Africans rather than Europeans:   “New Genetic Evidence  Proves Cognitive Inferiority of Blacks on Account of Neanderthal Interbreeding."    So-called objective scientific knowledge is all too often determined by who is writing the textbooks, and who will be paying to read them.      

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