Saturday, January 29, 2011

America's Mummified Mideast Policy

    The uprising in Egypt is smashing to smithereens, America's carefully-crafted Middle East policy.  It has left President Barack Obama, who is an otherwise fine orator, tongue-tied.  The reason, no doubt, is shame.  America's Mideast policy has been based on support for Arab dictators, even while invading Iraq and Afghanistan, with the presumed goal of imposing democracy.  But what sense did that make?
Actually, it made perfect sense from the viewpoint of neo-conservatives, and others preoccupied with maintaining the security of Israel as a Jewish state.   The Bush and Obama Administration's problem with democracy in the Arab world, was that the U.S. could not manipulate and control the will of the masses.  But it could buy off their leaders.

  The imagery of rioting in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria has grabbed our attention, for the time being.  But the consequences of democratization sweeping across the Arab world will be hardest felt in Israel.  One doesn't need a crystal ball to see that the Jewish state will flounder under this tsunami of change, and be left with no other option than to join its Arab neighbors in becoming a democracy of all its people.

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