Friday, June 18, 2010

Israel's Ultra-Orthodox Jews Rally Against School Integration Ruling (VIDEO)

I fear that the fissures in Israeli society are widening in ways that no diplomatic gravel can fill. The unwillingness of the Ashkenazi ultra-orthodox Jews to de-segregate the schools and allow the children of non-European orthodox Jews to attend, is merely a symptom. Sixty years of warfare has generated an unsustainable level of emotional exhaustion among Israelis. It expresses itself in rigidifying beliefs and attitudes within the Jewish state itself and a bunker mentality towards the rest of the world.

While we Americans like to take a progressive, can-do, every-pothole-is-fillable attitude towards the future, Israel's growing problems are quickly becoming insurmountable. The Jews are in an unwinnable demographic war with the Palestinians. When the Arabs become a majority in this Jewish state, as will happen several decades from now, will Israel jettison its "democracy" in order to remain Jewish? The Israeli government has been able to blockade Gaza, control entry, as well as water rights into the Palestinian territories and expand Jewish settlements there. That should offer all the proof a rational person might need to conclude that a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict will never work.

Sooner or later, the Jewish State will have to evolve into a democratic, secular, Post-Zionist nation. The U.S. can either shake our ally from its hysteria-inducing night terror, or sit back, ping-ponging diplomatic platitudes around, as we are doing now, until that society caves in on itself.
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