Friday, August 26, 2011

FOX News Pays Ambitious Young Women for "Talking Dirty"

FOX News Commentators
Several years ago, cable television's endless recycling of video clips propelled conservative news commentator, Ann Coulter, to quasi-stardom. The dirtier she talked, spewing anti-Semitic, and racist garbage, the larger her audience of conservative white males grew. Coulter had opened a niche for attractive and ambitious young blonds in the cable news business and FOX News gave them a platform. The uglier and more bigoted their feminine whisperings on air, the more titillated became their repressed male audiences.  And thus emerged a new face of political journalism -- poli-porn.    

Then along came Sarah Palin, a striking brunette and former beauty queen. The tease-factor grew exponentially. Her incompetence didn't matter, so long as she could stand before crowds, well-coiffured and fashionable, softly spewing rage, and inciting crowds to put Democrats and President Barack Obama in their crosshairs.  In the June 2010 issue of Harper's Magazine, writer Jack Hitt asked the question: "Is Sarah Palin Porn?" He noted:
"Palin knows her fan base, and she knows what they want: a brief tour of Google reveals dozens of Photo-shopped Palin fantasy images - and it's clear that they're not posted by her enemies."
The former Alaska governor has opened a door for ambitious women like Minnesota Congresswoman, and Republican presidential candidate, Michele Bachmann, to strut her stuff. The only real criteria in this beauty pageant will be an appealing body, porcelain-white skin, and an aptitude for feigning southern-belle-like delicacy, while talking dirty.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Even a Whorehouse Madam Could Have Won Rape Conviction Against Lecherous Strauss-Kahn; So why Did New York DA Drop the Case?

I'm embarrassed to say that I had never before paid attention to how our courts prosecute rape cases. But I should have.   The fact that New York District Attorney, Cyrus Vance, dropped charges against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, accused of rape by hotel maid, Nafissatou Diallo, has set my b.s. meter wailing like a cyclone.  And I'm having trouble finding a button that will turn the damned thing off.

French journalist Tristane Banon
Accuses Strauss-Kahn of Rape 
DNA evidence confirmed that something of a sexual nature had occurred between Strauss-Kahn and the hotel maid, on May 14, 2011.  But maybe Strauss-Kahn's team of lawyers could have persuaded jurors that Mrs. Diallo, a frumpy, middle-aged widow,  was a prostitute, albeit a rather un-competitive  one.   Maybe these attorneys, who were hired by Mr. Strauss-Kahn's billionaire wife, could even have persuaded jurors that the maid had a shady past.  They certainly could have nailed her honesty, by providing evidence that the West African immigrant had lied on her income tax returns, and on an application for U.S. asylum. 

But with all that being said, what if a prosecutor, who actually cared about justice rather than merely the politics of his re-election,  had called Strauss-Kahn's goddaughter, Tristane Banon to testify?  Not only has the woman, who described Strauss-Kahn as a "rutting chimpanzee,"  filed rape charges, but she even confided the incident  to Strauss-Kahn's daughter and told her story on French television.  There is also the female economist at the International Monetary Fund, which Strauss-Kahn used to head, Piroska M. Nagy, who accused the man of using the power he had as her boss to coerce her into having an affair with him.

Bytheway, in speaking of "madams," it was recently reported that: 
"An infamous New York brothel madam claims IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn paid $2500 for prostitutes — and one of them complained he was too rough."
 In dropping the case, is District Attorney Cyrus Vance suggesting that all of these women were in collusion?     I'm not a lawyer, so maybe I'm missing something here.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Casey Anthony & DSK Rape Case Show U.S. Criminal Justice System Broken

The standard that Manhattan District Attorney, Cyrus Vance applied in dropping rape charges against wealthy French politician, Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK), was that a person who can be caught in any kind of lie, is too tainted to present such a case to a jury.   DSK's accuser, a hotel maid from Guinea, West Africa named Nafissatou Diallo, had apparently lied on an income tax return and on an application for political asylum.   Vance simply ignored DNA evidence showing that a sexual encounter had occurred in that hotel room and pretended that the efforts by Strauss-Kahn's legal team  to smear the character of the accuser   had no bearing on the case.

But why then, was Casey Anthony, the American woman acquitted in the murder of her two year old toddler, not "tainted" by all the lies she told to stymy the investigation into her daughter's death?   According to an ABC News Report:

Friday, August 19, 2011

FOX News' "Pretty Girl" Style of Political Journalism

As a feminist I laughed until my chair tipped over, when I read New York Congressman Charlie Rangel's response to guest host Laura Ingraham's badgering on Thursday's "O'Reilly Factor."   According to the,  Rangel quipped in frustration after Ingraham kept  interrupting his efforts to answer her questions by throwing more questions at him:

                 "'Bill O'Reilly told me he had a secret weapon.  I didn't know it was just a pretty girl that he would bring here."

                 'That's very condescending, sir!" Ingraham fired back. "These are serious questions."
                'You have asked me 50 questions," Rangel said. "I'm begging you. I'm begging you...just ask me one question at a time.'"

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Election of America's First Black President Fueled Birther & Tea Party Movements

Birthers at Tea Party Rally
In electoral politics, someone must lose, with supporters of that candidate left grumbling on the sidelines.  But the explosive energy that fueled first the Birthers and later the Tea Party Movements is a nuclear bomb blast beyond mere grumbling.  And thoughtful observers are left to ask why?  The noted Swiss psychiatrist, Carl Jung, would call the mainstreaming of what would otherwise have remained extemist fringe groups as the "shadow" of America's having elected its first African-American president.  The fact that Barack Obama won an electoral victory, could simply not erase the fears lurking in the souls of people, whose ancestors once defended white skin privilege with the Confederacy and when that failed, the Ku Klux Klan.  
However, it is not useful to label Birthers and Tea Partiers racists.  That is, their members neither value nor nurture the introspective tools required to look within, and thereby come to understand why the election of Barack Obama shook them to the core.   Perhaps a  more helpful way to understand their emergence in the context of American History would be the concept of "Nativism."  Not only was Barack Obama "black," but he also had a strange, Muslim-sounding last name.  Ergo he must have been born in Kenya, as birthers like Orly Taitz still insist.