Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is Our Mideast Policy Trapped Behind a Veil?

No one could have predicted that Palestinian-American psychiatrist, Nidal Malik Hasan, would go on a deadly shooting rampage at Fort Hood.
But what could have been foreseen was that our refusal to face reality in the Middle East would spawn unintended and deadly consequences.
Instead of responding to each such tragedy, by debating which country in the Middle East we should invade next, the moment has come for the
United States to peep behind its own self-imposed veil.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Osama the Magician

The mastermind of the 9/11 attack may be the most savvy magician of all times. Or maybe the United States was just the most gullible audience he could find. Our military leaders believed that bin Laden’s greatest act of magician-ship was in evading capture. But hiding out in the mountainous caves of Afghanistan and Pakistan, or wherever he calls home, turned out to be the thinnest trick in his deadly repertoire. Sleight-of-hand and misdirection are this illusionist’s forte.